7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream & Call


7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream & Call

7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream & Call

If you’re​ losing sleep at night because you want to succeed so bad it hurts, you’re going to want to pay close attention.

Success in LIFE comes down to a few simple principles, and here’s where it gets interesting.

Once you start to implement these on a daily and weekly basis the system works almost like magic.

Now I know what you’re thinking… there has to be some secret formula.

The truth is there isn’t.

I’m living, breathing proof you can literally start with $40 in your pocket and still succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

See, I was just like you…

Right before I stumbled on Dan Peña and QLA I was operating my own business (miserably) and dreaming about my big break.

Honestly, looking back, that day was never going to come.

Here’s why…
First I Had To Learn The Real Secret From Dan Otherwise My Business Was Doomed…

Let me share a little story to explain better.

At the time, I was shacked up in a run-down rented home in New York trying to stitch together enough clients to make a go of my own business after quitting a fast track corporate career.

I was knee-deep in one of my first deals and I ran out of cash…

When I mean “out of cash” I mean I only had a measly $40.12 to my name and part of that came from my couch.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

But I’m​ standing before you victorious.

Even though I had to learn the hard way how to make QLA work, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

You can shortcut the process by learning from my mistakes.

Before moving forward let me ask you a quick question…

Wouldn’t you rather work side-by-side with someone who’s been where you want to be?

Of course, you would!

During those struggling years I figured out a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

For example…

I learned exactly how to find and get capital when everyone (even my business partner ) is screaming it can’t be done. This is why Dan tells his seminar attendees, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

I also learned how to overcome extreme internal conflict and how to control your emotions so you don’t make bad decisions based on fear.

When I had less than fifty bucks to my name, I had a family to support, and I wasn’t about to let them down. So I became High-Performance and you can too.
I’ve Got A Few Tricks To Help You
Flip This On And Off!

At this point, if you’re thinking Dan went easy on me when I was neck deep in my first deal and running out of cash, you’d be dead wrong.

After I turned around my tax business and started harpooning those Fortune 500 whales Dan Peña took me on as his… HITMAN.

He would send me into a venture to make the “tough decisions” and drag QLA victims out of harm’s way.

I didn’t always save them but what I discovered along the way can take you… a complete noob… to an acquisition superstar in a fraction of the time.

Think how much easier your journey could be if you’re able to sidestep many of the most common roadblocks​.

Before I get into all that, let me first introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Bruce Whipple…

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with Dan Peña and we’ve worked on over 20 deals.

Nowadays, I mentor entrepreneurs, like you, interested in growing your wealth through “mom and pop” acquisitions.

In fact, since 1993, I’ve personally been responsible for creating more than $2 Billion in cumulative wealth.

That wasn’t by accident.

Before my mother died she taught me several important life lessons.

She instilled in me a never-back-down grit.

Although she was loving and caring, she didn’t allow whining in our house.

Shortly after she passed, I enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston.

I’d love to say I graduated, top of the class, but I flunked out… and lost my brother, all at the same time.

Stunned by that relentless beating, I felt lost, maybe like you’re feeling right now.

That’s when I asked myself the one question that forever changed my life…
“Am I Going to Regret Not Having A College Degree For The Rest Of My Life?”

The answer was NO.

I went back to Boston, determined to graduate with an engineering degree… and I did.

I leveraged that experience and became an entrepreneur, where I experienced my first “big win.”

We went from a tiny company to representing many Fortune 500 clients.

Here’s IBM…

Even though my property tax business was attracting flashy Fortune 500 clients, I was far from achieving my dreams.

I was hungry to grow my business exponentially, but I was running out of ideas.

So out of desperation, I bought a seminar ticket I couldn’t afford.

Get immediately download 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream & Call

The day I met Dan Peña my life changed forever.

We went on to work on over 20 deals and become good friends.

In fact, I am honored to be on Dan’s “Hall of Fame.” (no easy task, I can assure you of that!)
Dan Peña Talking About Working With Me
My Spot On Dan Peña’s Hall Of Fame

At this point, you might be asking yourself…
“Why Are You Willing To Help Me, Bruce?”

That’s a good question and the answer is…

I am grateful for all my success. I’m at a point in my life where I want to give back.

See, I love working with budding entrepreneurs, like you, smash through mental barriers and turn your venture into a wild success.

The truth is growing a business is simple, and the methods are teachable if you’ve been there, and done that, before.

Simple is not the same as easy though. Success requires hard work but the system works if you work it!

So I’m passing the torch.

I want to do everything in my power to help make your dreams come true.

Let’s dive in with…
I want to do everything in my power to help make your financial dreams come true.

In fact, look at the feedback I’ve been getting so far…
… My Confidence Is Up

At first, I thought I was on the right path with just a high-performance mindset.

I decided to look for deals and financing, on my own, before forming a board of directors or contacting legal professionals.

I became frustrated because it wasn’t working.

Now I understand I must follow the steps in the exact order to be successful.

The PDF downloads helped me get start contacting board members on LinkedIn etc.

My confidence level has improved because I can approach board members, legal professionals, and acquisition candidates.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to purchase a business.

Dr. Nadia Smith Ph.D.

… My Friends Thought I Was Crazy!

I bought this extremely underpriced course because you promised to read and reply to every email, personally.

So, I emailed you and, lo and behold, you answered.

We started talking about my business and I was so happy you answered my questions.

Like most people, I started talking to my “Friends,” most said I’m crazy.

So, I decided to take action. After putting my vision together, I finally contacted a well-known person in my industry. He’s written four books, sold a company for 600MM dollars, served on 15 Boards and is now retired. I found his number online, and now he’s agreed to be my Chairman.

That’s it! It was so much easier than I thought. I want to thank you for answering all my questions!

My advice… 1. Ask Mr. Whipple lots of questions! 2. Follow the process! 3. Take Action… Take Action… Take Action…


As you can see, from the moment you jump on board, I’m fully committed to your success.

To help put you in the winner’s circle faster, let’s dive in with…
The Top 3 “Mind Hacks” Stopping
You From Taking Action…

Mental Block #1: Fear of Failure –  The truth is most entrepreneurs have a fear of failure; but why? Most successes “fail their way to success.”

In fact, Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb is a great example.

He had thousands of failed experiments before he got it right, and I’m going to help you cut down on your failures.

One trick that saved the day more than once, especially when the chips are down is telling myself…

“Never Ask, Never Get!”

Think about that.

The research shows that 92% of sales people give up after four “no’s”, and only 8% cent of sales people ask for the order a fifth time which is where 80% of sales occur.

It takes at least five continuous follow-up efforts to get a “yes”…


What you’re about to discover will allow you to keep coming back even when you’ve been kicked to the ground with a long chain of rejections.

The next obstacle is a biggie and prevents many hungry entrepreneurs from ever getting close to their goals.

Let’s explore…

Mental Block #2: Lack of Capital –  If you keep telling yourself, “I don’t have the money, how can I acquire or grow a business?”

Stop, right now!

The truth is, the world has never been more flush with cash. Look around you…

You can’t open any business magazine without finding at least one lending institution begging for clients. I’ve also never seen so many sources of capital.

Here’s the secret…

Once you find the right deal, banks will beg you to take their money.

Where most people screw this up is they try to finance any funky, rufus deal that comes down the pike.


You want to walk into the bank with a deal so hot, the bank manager is willing to clear his calendar to make time just for you.

In a moment, I’ll show you where these deals are hiding and how you can take full advantage of them.

Get immediately download 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream & Call

But first, I still have one more area I want to cover…

Mental Block #3: How do I pick a market?

There are a lot of good businesses and industries to acquire and a lot that aren’t good.

The advice of “Investigate before you invest” is wise advice I got from Dan.

The big criteria are:

Good profit margins (30-40%) as you want room for error when you start.
A “mom & pop” business where you can add value.
A motivated seller!

After you have been through the nine videos in this course we’ll do a one hour call to get you jump started and talk through how to find your market.
What does this mean for you?

Normally I don’t like to share my insider secret if we don’t work one-on-one. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and just handing it over to any Joe on the street doesn’t appeal to me.

But I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what it’s like when money is tight. I understand you might not be able to afford my full monthly coaching fee of $3,000, right now.

That’s why I’ve created the special online coaching program, I’m about to show you.

See, I still want you to achieve your dreams and this is the best way I can help you get started.

So fasten your seatbelt.

Get ready to learn how to…

Find and assemble your “Dream Team” and kick open the door of opportunity. Remember, perception is reality…
Convince and hire your transaction accountants and lawyers to work on a success-oriented fee basis…
Find, contact, and close acquisition candidates, even when they don’t want to sell…
Manage multiple acquisitions so you can go from broke to wildly successful, FAST…
Line your pockets with cash by preparing and selling your enterprise or by taking it public…

After several weeks of long nights, it’s finally ready!

Welcome to…
“The 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream”
Each video includes a  PDF with resources and an Action Plan!
Topics Covered In The 9 Video Course

If you’ve been struggling with how to get started… how to pick a market… where to find capital… how to assemble a “dream team”… or what to do next.

I promise this video course will be the one thing you’ve been looking for.

You’ll be able to follow along with me at your own pace and learn how the rough and tumble world of acquisition works.

This can save you many sleepless nights.
Here is what’s inside “The 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream”

Introduction – I’ve included a Fast Action Getting Started Guide… I’ve taken out all the guesswork… Now you’ll know exactly where to start so you can find your acquisition quicker than you imagined possible.

Step 1 – Mindset – How to really believe “I’ve got this!” Learn the techniques to close your mind to negative thinking and staying focused on the outcome you want.

Step 2 – Motivation – The lesson I learned from a Navy SEAL to not freak out but take action! You can and will learn the techniques to get and stay motivated.

Step 3 – Board of Directors -How to build your “Dream Team” in half the time so banks are begging to give you money. I show you how to find, interview, and carefully vet each candidate so when it comes time to make your first acquisition you have credibility and are looked at as a “player”.

Step 4 – Hiring Legal & Accounting Firms – How to hire the best even when you think you can’t!  When you learn how to  “interview” these essential members of your team and have them work on success oriented deferred fees…IT’S A GAME CHANGER!

Step 5 – Finding a Deal – The secret to buying a business which isn’t for sale! Forget “Business Brokers”. The real secret is to learn how to approach businesses that aren’t for sale. You’ll be amazed at how one technique will change how you’re treated in approaching them.

Step 6 – Financing Your Deal – Dan’s QLA methods are perfect for people who don’t have ready cash. There has never been a time with more finance sources. My Where To Find Funding For Your Deal report is included and has 22 sources of capital.

Step 7 – Running Your Business – Once you’ve acquired a business how to keep it! Learn the management techniques to effectively and successfully grow your acquisition and have it be a testimonial for you next deal.

Conclusion & Next Action – Each of the videos has a PDF download with templates, tips, key takeaways and suggestions on how to take action ASAHP!

Before I talk about how much this is going to cost you, there’s one more thing I want to show you…

I wanted to make absolutely sure you have everything you’ll need to succeed so after some careful thought I thought one of the best ways to help you put everything I’ve mentioned so far into action was to jump on the phone with you, personally…
Special “Action-Taker” Bonus ($300 value)

Once you raise your hand and let me know you’re serious and have gone through all the videos, you and I will jump on Zoom video call where we’ll hash out any of your sticking points.

For example, I’ve helped other people overcome…

Their fear of failure and understanding, and get comfortable with, expanding their “comfort zone”.
How and where to find funding for their deals.
The guidelines to follow and “red flags” to look out for in picking a market.

On this call, we’ll review your industry to make sure it works. And go through each of the 7 steps and you’ll walk away with an action plan for each step.

With your action plan, you can immediately start implementing the 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream process.
So how much is all this going to cost?

Let’s do a quick recap to cover everything you’re getting…

Direct access to all 9 videos inside my “The 7 Steps To Buying A Profitable Revenue Stream” course, so you can discover for yourself how fast this simple process can take you from broke to business owner… to a bank account full of cash…

Plus you’re also getting for FREE a 30 minute one-on-one with me, Dan’s HITMAN, to discuss and prepare your acquisition “war plan.” We’ll also confront your unanswered questions so you can hit the ground running.

I originally planned to offer this acquisition video training program for $2,000, which is peanuts when you consider how much you can potentially make from your first deal. (Remember Dan Peña, did $50 million dollars in business his first year in business.)

But I realize money can be tight when you’re just getting started, so as a friendly way to help you get your venture off the ground, I’ve slashed that price to the bone.

You can have everything I’ve talked about including the FREE bonus call with me for only $497 or 3 payments of just $197.


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