Andrija Prelec – The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass


Andrija Prelec – The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass

Andrija Prelec - The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass

Unlock the power of colors to create stunning and impactful designs

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to the most obvious element of UI design — color. Take your designs from average to exceptional by enrolling in this engaging, practical, and all-inclusive video course.

Say goodbye to inadequate understanding and skills and boost your career progress with end-to-end design education.



Are your mediocre color skills hurting your career?

Are you struggling with choosing colors? Can you create UI color palettes easily? Do you know how to create balanced and cohesive designs?

Do you know how many tints, tones, and shades you need for a design? Do you know how to modify colors to create them?

Do you understand how color systems work? How and why do color properties relate to each other? Do you know how to use that to your advantage?

Do you know how to apply colors intentionally, deliberately, strategically, and consistently?

It’s easy to use colors, but it’s very hard to fine-tune things into being ✨just right✨.


Is this you? 😱

  • Strugglingto create stunning but usable UI color palettes
  • Unsurehow to properly adjust colors for necessary tones, tints, and shades
  • Don’t know how to improve visual hierarchy with colors
  • Don’t know how to adjustcolors for dark UI designs
  • Struggling to meet accessibility standards
  • Often ending up with clashing colors
  • Don’t know how to use color with purpose and intent without visually overwhelming the users
  • Feeling discouragedabout your visual design skills
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Learning from materials that miss depth, aren’t practical, and focus too much on graphic design tips

This should be you! 🤩

  • Fully understanding color psychology and knowing how to create impactwith color
  • Understanding color systems and how to use them appropriately
  • Understanding color properties and their relationship and using them to your advantage
  • Knowing how to work with and how to treat structural and semantic colors
  • Knowing how to work with challenging colors and pairings
  • Designing dark UIwith confidence and ease
  • Understanding the rules but breaking them meaningfully, like a pro
  • Knowing how to adapt to any kind of UI design project
  • Getting complimentsfrom teammates and clients
  • Feeling empoweredabout your visual design skills
  • Teaching others how to improve their color skills



The Ultimate UI
Colors Masterclass

We’re proud to present the most comprehensive course on the theory and practical, real-life application of color in UI design. If you’re a beginner, this course will propel you from ground zero to astounding sky-highs, unlocking unprecedented potential.

If you’re already pretty decent with UI design and colors, prepare to be amazed as this course unveils structured, smart, logical strategies for working with color that will elevate your skills to a senior level, helping you produce exceptional UI designs.

This is a golden opportunity to outshine competitor designers in one of the most noticeable aspects of design — color.



Theory, practical demos, assignments, cheat sheets — a wealth of design essentials for creating stunning UI designs


Follow along and build enviable color skills


Unlock the mindset of a senior designer with 10+ years of experience


Validate your expertise through knowledge-boosting quizzes


Practice with insightful assignments to amplify color skill development


Position yourself as a UI design pro with a credible certificate


Sharpen your skills by revisiting lessons and getting access to all future updates


Encouraging, diverse, humble, and friendly design community


Handy reminders, cheat sheets, and design starting points


Premium e-books with resources, color glossary, and premade UI color palettes


Say goodbye to…

…scattered resources 😖

This UI Colors Masterclass provides everything you need to master colors and become a true design professional

…imposter syndrome 🫣

Gain confidence in your design decisions and colors skills after learning by doing from a professional designer and mentor

…impractical information 🤯

Foundations are a must, but you won’t be left with just theory – we put a huge accent on practical tips and UI color skills


Hello, color mastery!

Are you ready to become irreversibly better in all aspects of your design career? Are you ready to invoke envy from other designers?

Yes, you are. That’s why you’re here. Let’s get you started! 💪

Massive shortcut

improve quicker, surpass colleagues

Higher rates

charge more by designing better in less time

Enviable skills

build a reputation and upgrade your design career

Improved confidence

approach any kind of UI project with a proven system

Pure efficiency

smart, optimized, and tested approach to UI colors

Time-saving resources

advantageous bonuses, PDFs, and cheat sheets



Take a peek at the detailed list of topics included in The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass

Module 1



Working with Color

Color Mastery

Final Thoughts



Why enroll in this exact UI colors video course?

Why is The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass the best among the abundant UI color resources available?

Based on 10+ years of practical industry experience, years of teaching and mentoring experience, and extensive research, this masterclass combines deep insights and practical knowledge.

If you’re tired of low-quality resources that teach colors more in the context of graphic design than UI design, frustrated by disorganized information, a lack of useful and practical insights, poor teaching techniques, outdated content, and a lack of support and accountability, then you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike any other UI resource, The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass takes an all-encompassing approach, providing extensive theoretical knowledge, practical demo videos, assignments, and premium bonus resources. From foundational concepts to practical tips and best practices that take years to master, it covers everything you need.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and practical learning experience that addresses all your concerns. This video course is an efficient and proven shortcut to mastering UI colors.

Elevate your design quality. Advance your career immensely and – ultimately – earn more as an irreplaceable UX/UI designer.

Let The Ultimate UI Colors Masterclass exceed your expectations of online design education.

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