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Anik Singal – YouTube Academy

Anik Singal – YouTube Academy

Master The 4 Step Blueprint To Getting Unlimited Traffic, Leads & Sales From YouTube Advertising…
How We Got 69,610 Leads From YouTube Advertising While Mastering This Simple System…
We use a very specific 4-step system to run our YouTube Ads. The best thing is that we’ve simplified it all down. The major components are:

The Channel – Takes just minutes to set-up.
The Video Ad – 3 types of ads – even outsourcing is possible!
Targeting – We mostly use 3 simple ways of targeting…
Landing Pages – For the most part, we like to collect leads…
YouTube is still a HUGE landscape with very little competition. That’s why we’re releasing this course and want you to join us. As a matter of fact, we’ve made it very simple and broken the entire course down into quick parts…

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Here’s What You Get When You
Join YouTube Academy…
Become a YouTube Academy member and master how to drive traffic, leads and sales – all through a platform that many are ignoring!

#1 – Training & System – Tested, Proven & Step By Step System ($997 Value)

#2 – Tools Walkthrough – Master All Our Best Tools – LIVE Demos! ($797 Value)

#3 – Industry Recognized Certification for YouTube Advertising ($1,997 Value)

FREE BONUS #1: YouTube Ads – Without Being on Camera (Value: $497)
FREE BONUS #2: YouTube Ads SCRIPTS (Value: $497)
FREE BONUS #3: YouTube Ads MONETIZATION Without Products (Value: $497)
This Weekend SPECIAL Bonus: 4 Week LIVE Bootcamp (Value $497)
This Bonus EXPIRES at Monday Midnight. Our top 3 Lurn Experts who actually run OUR own YouTube ads will devote 4 weeks to helping guide YOU through the process.
LIVE Demonstrations + LIVE Q&A – You name it.
This Bonus itself is worth more than the price of the course. But, remember, you have VERY limited time to take action – GO NOW!
3 Easy Payments of $177:
This option EXPIRES at Monday Midnight, June 25th. You can get in now for 3 separate payments of just $177. But don’t wait for long because on Tuesday morning YouTube Academy goes up to the full price of $697!
So, Why Did I Start YouTube Advertising When Everyone Else Is Avoiding It?
…simple, it’s because I go where the CONSUMERS are, not where the marketers are.

So, in the last few months, it was released that Facebook has over 6 MILLION ACTIVE advertisers. So, yes, they may be getting close to 2 Billion users, but they also have 6 million people FIGHTING for their attention.

So, innately, that means a few things:

All things aside, the main reason I added YouTube advertising to my advertising arsenal is because there is an amazing amount of traffic available … very little competition and very low cost clicks!

Below, we’ll talk about the FALSE beliefs that advertisers have about YouTube advertising and how I’ve shattered them. This way, even you can now jump in!

Why 2018 Is The Right Time
To Start YouTube Advertising…
There’s not much more to say here!

Just look at the data. The MAIN data point that I want to focus on is the 50% growth on views annually.

So, how do VIEWS turn into traffic for you?

Well, for starters – YouTube currently has 5.1 BILLION videos that are loaded daily. That literally means there are 5.1 BILLION opportunities for your ad to show up…

But, here’s the crazy part – on the long videos, sometimes they show 2 to 3 ads in a video. This means that there could be almost 10 BILLION ad spots a day on YouTube.

Just think about that…

And, that’s only ONE type of ad (there are the ads that show up on the side-bar as well). So, all in all, there’s a huge opportunity here.

It’s a Matter of Supply & Demand… Right Now YouTube Has WAY More Supply Than Demand! This Means Lower Costs!
I learned it back in ECONOMICS…

When you have HIGHER demand, lower supply – Costs go UP.

When you have LOWER demand, higher supply – Costs go DOWN.

Right now, YouTube advertising has a HUGE supply and the demand has been low (but climbing). The main reason that demand has been low is just because people have FALSE beliefs (we go over this below)…

Remember, the further ahead you can get of your competition, the better it is for you…

So, let’s recap…

Right now – YouTube Advertising is a huge opportunity…
YouTube is growing fast…
This is as close to the “Gold Rush” as you’ll get.
YouTube Ads have HUGE supply but not enough demand…
Costs on YouTube Advertising are LOWER than most networks…
YouTube is still growing – this means you can use it for YEARS to come!
Now, I get this one question a lot…

“Anik, why are more people not using YouTube? If it’s so huge, why are so many holding back?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s explore more…

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What Are The Biggest Myths
That Hold Businesses Back From
Using YouTube?
The reason I can tell you what these “myths” are so confidently is because for years, even I believed them! Actually, there are two main issues that come up when anyone initially thinks about YouTube Marketing…

#1 – THE PLATFORM – The Adwords platform is known in the past to be very complex and complicated.

#2 – VIDEO – The idea of having to make and edit videos can be pretty scary…

#3 – PROFESSIONAL – The idea that you have to be a professional, big company to even touch YouTube Advertising…

Well, all I can tell you is that you can let all of these fears go…

Myth #1: YouTube Advertising Is Complicated
Here’s the thing – Adwords has gotten a bad reputation in past years. There definitely was a time when Adwords was very complicated. However, in recent years, they’ve made leaps and bounds.

As a matter of fact, the ad platform is so simple that I made a LIVE video of myself actually launching a campaign in just over 8 minutes.

Myth #2: You Have To Be On Camera To Do YouTube Ads.
Here’s a fear that many have…

The Camera.

The truth is that when you’re first starting, getting behind a professional camera with a crew, lights, mic – it can be pretty hard. However, the good news is that you don’t need any of that to do great YouTube videos.

#1 – Use your smartphone…
If you don’t have a problem being on camera, just grab your phone, take a selfie video and you’re off to the races.

Some of Lurn’s best ads have been simple videos shot on my iPhone…

#2 – Animation or Powerpoint
If you don’t want to show up on camera at all, not a problem – just record your voice and you can either do a Powerpoint presentation…


You can go to any low-cost websites and hire an ANIMATOR to take your voice and add animation to it. This way, not only do you get a great ad, but you never had to face your fear of being in front of the camera!

#3 – Hire talent – no voice, no video!
As long as you can write a short script now, you can very easily and cost-effectively find talent to just make a video FOR you…

Again, another reason to stop avoiding YouTube Advertising!

Myth #3: You Have To Be a Big Brand To Advertise on YouTube Ads.
Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Just look at Lurn for example. We generated over 69,610 LEADS directly from our short, easy videos that we used for YouTube advertising.

We didn’t just use YouTube for branding or “reach.” We used it for direct marketing – every dollar we invested, we tracked the return. This absolutely means that the platform is now open to everyone – including yourself!

So, knowing this, let’s now move onto the 4 STEPS to finally succeeding with YouTube advertising…

Here’s The 4-Step System To
Mastering YouTube Advertising…
The system is simple and incredibly repeatable…

Step #1: Set-up Your Channel
When I did this LIVE and timed myself, it took me less than 30 seconds to set this up. It genuinely is the easiest step of all. Now, there are of course ways to OPTIMIZE your page, we’ll get into all of that in YouTube Academy!

Simple step. We’ll show you the details

Step #2: Create Your Video
There are 3 different styles of videos you can make. We’ll walk you through each one, no matter which you choose, you’ll be able to get started pretty fast.

Your focus will be to create videos that range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long – that’s it! We will show you the tools to use, inside and outside of YouTube.

Step #3: Choose Your Targeting
There are 3 different ways to target on YouTube that are perfectly unique to YouTube. You can actually get incredibly LASER targeted audiences – all with just a few minutes of research.

We’ll show you – step by step – exactly how to do it!

Step #4: Create Your Perfect Landing Pages
We use YouTube Advertising for all of it:

Lead Generation
Webinar Registrations
Coaching/Consulting Applications
Book Sales
Low Ticket Products
Physical Products
Branding & Social Media Building
Content Syndication
There are literally countless types of landing pages that work incredibly well with YouTube Advertising – we’ll show you all of our most effective pages!

How To Master YouTube Advertising
Step #1: Join YouTube Academy
This YouTube advertising training program will hold your hands from A to Z on how to create killer video ads. The biggest thing is that you can finally tap into a network that has over 1.5 BILLION users per month and absolutely tons of advertising opportunities!

Remember, the SUPPLY on YouTube is far greater right now – that means costs are low…

You’re not only getting the videos, you’re getting help from our entire team and all of our in-house experts!

No matter what business you have – if you can’t get traffic, you won’t stand a chance at succeeding. That is exactly why this program is even more important. This is one of the biggest networks for traffic that most are not even touching!

So, right now – make a decision to MASTER YouTube advertising and we can get you there in just 12 modules!

The 3 Things Needed
to Master YouTube Advertising
#1: A Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step System…
We’ll walk you through 12 powerful modules (+ 3 bonuses) that show you how to become a YouTube Ads Master…

We covered all the bases:

Understanding YouTube Academy
YouTube Channel Setup
Adwords Setup
Setting Up Your Tracking
Creating a Video Ad
Creating a Landing Page
Launching a Campaign
Getting Laser-Tight Targeting
Analyzing Your Campaigns
Retargeting Your Ads
Scaling Your Ads
Troubleshoot – Common Hurdles Faced!
This entire program is built by our IN-HOUSE Lurn Expert team. These are the same brilliant people who run all of our ads – 6-figures in budget!

These modules alone are worth the price to get in!

#2: Full Tools Walkthrough…
Not only do you learn the entire system and the “how” – but we make sure to be very execution and action focused.

Our experts will show you how to use BOTH the YouTube Internal and also our own External tools…

Ad Creation
Video Tools
Editing Tools
Hiring Talent Sources
Research & Analysis
…and much more!
If there’s a tool needed, we will walk you through it!

#3: Credibility & Confidence Building…
Get instant credibility and confidence when you become a YouTube Ads Expert through YouTube Academy. The series of tests you’ll go through will help confirm that you have truly understood the material!

You will be able to protect yourself from losing money or making mistakes!

…and…you also get BONUSES!

3 FREE Bonuses
For Early-Action Takers!
When you take action today, you’ll get instant access to 3 amazing bonuses, which will make your YouTube advertising journey that much easier!

Bonus #1: Creating Amazing Ads Without a Camera

We found this topic to be so important that we’ve created an ENTIRE separate training to help all students get started ASAP.

We’ll show you how to create ads using tools and talent – whether you want to be on camera or not!

Bonus #2: YouTube Ads Scripts

To make your ads even easier – not only do you NOT have to be on camera, but now we’ll even give you ad scripts you can start with!

These ad scripts are built from the foundation of the TOP ads that have worked incredibly well for us…

Bonus #3: Monetize YouTube WithOUT a Product

This may be one of my favorite bonuses. If you’re still an affiliate marketer and don’t have your own products – NO WORRIES.

This FREE Bonus will show you multiple ways to start monetizing ads without ever having to build your own products…

FREE Bonus #4: This Weekend Special Bonus

4 Week LIVE Bootcamp (Value $497)

This Bonus EXPIRES at Monday Midnight. Our top 3 Lurn Experts who actually run OUR own YouTube ads will devote 4 weeks to helping guide YOU through the process.

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Get Anik Singal – YouTube Academy immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page We use a very specific 4-step system to run our YouTube Ads. The best thing is that we’ve simplified it all down. The major components are:...