Blackdragon – Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage


Blackdragon – Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage

Blackdragon - Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage

Having a marriage where a man can be with his special gal while still being allowed to sleep with other women…

It’s a coveted fantasy for millions of men all over the world. It’s the best of both worlds.

Too many men languish in restrictive monogamous marriages. They want to spice things up…but they don’t want to leave their wives. (Or live-in girlfriends.)

On the other hand…

There are men all over the world, including men in your very own city, who already have an open marriage. These guys aren’t exactly advertising it…but they’ve got it.

These are some really happy guys.

I’ve been teaching men open relationships skills for many years. But I wanted to also help guys who were already married, or planning on getting married someday.

I interviewed 41 couples, all of whom had open marriages. These include men of all ages, races, educational levels, and personality types. They are married to women of every type you can think of. Most of them were legally married, some of them had live-in girlfriends. Over 40% of them had small children they were raising, just like any other household. All of them have happy and functioning “open” arrangements.

I took my knowledge, experiences, and techniques with establishing and maintaining long-term open relationships and combined them with the gems I learned from these men. This ebook, How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage, is the result.

How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage is a an ebook full of real-world tested and proven principles and techniques on:

1. How to get married “right”, by entering into an open marriage instead of a boring traditional one.


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2. How to take your existing monogamous marriage and turn it into an open marriage.


3. How to maintain a long-term open marriage with your live-in girlfriend or wife with a minimum of problems.


4. How to keep your open marriage as safe and discreet as possible for both you and your special gal.

YES. You can take your current, boring monogamous marriage and convert it to an open marriage without having to cheat, lie, or divorce your wife. It can be done, and many men have done it. How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage describes step-by-step how to do this, using real-world proven techniques.

Is it easy? I’ll be honest…getting there is hard work, and it can be a little tough. Hey, it’s marriage! Hard work is part of the deal. (If you’re married you know what I’m talking about!) BUT…if you’ve been a good husband to your wife and you follow the proven techniques in this ebook, you can get there.

You can have what most men fantasize about and wish for in their wildest dreams…to be married to the woman you love while still being able to sleep with other women on the side.

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In How To Create Or Convert To An Open Marriage, you will learn:

The three proven methods used by men all over the world to convert a monogamous marriage to an open one.
How to do all of this without cheating on your wife.
Techniques on exactly where and how to meet women while you’re still married.
Proven methods on how and when to reveal to new women that you’re married, and how to keep these women wanting you anyway.
The dating and seduction methods best suited for men looking for “side women”.
The types of game that have the highest odds of success for married guys.
Clever ways of how to handle logistics of where to have sex with women on the side if your own home is not an option.
How to pinpoint the types of women best suited for seeing on the side when you’re a married man. (As well as the types you should avoid!)
Tips on how to “get back out there” in the dating world (for married guys who are a little out of practice).
Techniques on how to maintain maximum discretion during your open marriage. You can do all of this and no one but you and your wife will ever know.
How to maintain a strong but loving frame with your wife at all times.
How to legally and financially protect yourself in any marriage, monogamous or open.
Techniques to keep drama in your marriage (or live-in relationship) to a minimum.
How to handle objections you may get from your wife during the conversion process. Over 14 common objections are covered, including exactly what to do and say in response.
Step-by-step instructions on how to best establish the “ground rules” with your wife regarding your new sexually open marriage.
How to change you from that boring husband to an amazing Alpha Male who turns his wife ON!
The seven different types of open marriages, and how to choose the one that will work best for you.
How to modify your online dating efforts to find “side women” while you’re married.
How to deal with any objections from women on the side when the issue of your marriage comes up.
How to maintain ongoing relationships with women you’re seeing on the side, for maximum enjoyment and minimum drama.
The mindsets you need to have in an open marriage or serious long-term open relationship.
Look At What These Guys Were Able To Do With This Ebook…

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“Blackdragon might be the last person you’d expect to help you save your marriage, but that’s what he did for me. Going from a traditional marriage to an open marriage is not easy. There are serious changes you and your spouse must become accustomed to, and there’s definitely a learning curve. However I was still able to do it with Blackdragon’s assistance. I was married for eight years and suffered the usual sexual decline. My wife and I still loved each other, but on the sexual end things were lacking for both of us. After some soul searching and turbulence, I’m in a “new” marriage where see women on the side when I need to. It’s tremendous difference, and both me and my wife are happier. Thanks BD!!!”
-H.N., Virginia Beach, VA

“Blackdragon’s Ebook How to Create or Convert to an Open Marriage is a hard hitting, realistic analysis of turning a traditional monogamous marriage into a fulfilling, exciting, open marriage. Whether your marriage is suffering the 7-year-itch or your spouse is convinced that she “owns” you, the step-by-step process of introducing your wife to non-monogamy just may save your marriage…and your sanity.” -Jetsetjim, Las Cruces, NM

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You will not find this kind of information anywhere else. The cost of this ebook is tiny compared to the years of happiness that will be yours in your new marriage!

Even better…

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