Brian Hoffman – 24-Hour Un-Education Trading Course


Brian Hoffman – 24-Hour Un-Education Trading Course

Brian Hoffman – 24-Hour Un-Education Trading Course


I have been using the same method for years.  There is nothing I would change about the material.

I have seen traders from all backgrounds make and lose millions and understand exactly what this game is.  My course will show you what you need to know to understand what price is doing and why.

The approach works for all instruments that can be charted including futures, forex, equities, options, and ETFs.

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Supply, demand, and liquidity are the universal principals that drive price and that will not change.  It is the same exact game being played everyday but with varying rhythms.  This is why most traders do well for a period of time then give back profits at the end of a sequence.

This course will teach you skills that are not even mentioned in virtually all other courses I have found being offered.

These skills will allow you to be able to switch up your play when it is necessary to ADAPT to changing market conditions.  This will not be accomplished using purely objective approaches based off visual queues you see on the chart.

You MUST develop the FEEL in order to meet your goals.  If you are tired of learning new approaches that look and sound great but stop working after a number of days or weeks please take a look at the material offered here.

You will not see me advertising in webinar emails talking about how you can quickly and easily learn this craft.  It takes knowing what to look for and practice.

There is a 20 minute sample of the material below as well as some illustrations from the official material.  The course includes 24 hours of lessons and discussion with over 1000 HD illustrations.  Many examples show right edge progressions in the middle of blank charts that fill in as the discussion moves forward.  We do NOT waste time using hindsight.

Course Description and My Thoughts:

My approach is forward looking and speculates on human behavior without the use of crutches like indicators and nonsense measuring tools.   I am 100% confident that this material will make you a better trader even if you use these principals in conjunction with your current approach.  In order to make money long term, you will need to dump many bad habits.

Too many traders think that trading is about an entry and a stop and if they do it in the right combination they will make money.  I wish this was the case but it is not.  I want to offer a look at what really matters when it comes to speculating on price action.

A trader must be able to ADAPT to the various rhythms and tempos of the market in order to be able to make money (and actually hold onto it long enough to spend).  A professional grade trader has the ability to mix up their tactics in changing market rhythms BEFORE the change is clear to most others.

Hindsight indicators and systems will not accomplish this over a large sample.  This is the same as how a professional poker player must change their play based on the flow at the table they are at.  If the player does the same thing all the time, the others at the table will counter the strategy and exploit it.  Trading is the same.  The sophisticated players in the market know what you are likely to do and can stay in a transaction far beyond the average trader’s risk tolerance.

In order to be able to project changing conditions on the hard right edge and have the dexterity to act there must be an understanding of all the various layers effecting price movement.  Once you fully understand what you are looking at onscreen, your learning curve will rapidly accelerate.  Many traders who I have worked with thought they would eventually get better but the problem was they were practicing tactics that will always eventually fail.

My observation after speaking with hundreds of traders over the past several years is that takes many 5-7 years to realize that mixing and matching ideas they pick up online by other losing traders are not going to help them reach their goals.  Most never get it unfortunately.

I believe that learning the proper tactics can get you focused on rhythm and feel (the true skill needed to make money trading).  Profitable trading is not about learning a procedure, it is about acquiring and refining skill that is better than most of the other participants.

There are several different strategies included in the videos for various market tempos but more importantly, once you have a full understanding of the material, you will be able to build you own strategies based on the methodology that suit your trading style and psychology.

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Some of the concepts covered in the course include: complex pattern recognition (in advance of it forming), supply and demand, stack-able volatility boxes, understanding market depth, providing liquidity, identifying liquidity boxes, complex continuations, reading order flow, trading extension areas, acceleration, capitulation, rotational effect, narrow vs. wide range bars, rangebound mechanics, volatility projections, complex contractions, freight train moves up, shallow reversals, identifying extreme price points, backing and filling and the concept of air, identifying true support and resistance based on liquidity, inside structure, oscillations, shoulder pivot blowouts, exploiting traps and squeezes, hooks, advanced stop management, complex entry tactics, using appropriate time frame, determining direction, herd mentality, dealing with psychological baggage, and how to engage the other players.

Here are some detailed clips from the VIDEO TRAINING COURSE.

These are professionally produced and include over 1000 HD illustrations.

A sample of live trades taken using the tactics and concepts taught in the videos can be seen below.

There are months worth of trades in various market tempos and volatility levels.


Video Series Details:

Lessons are organized into 12 videos for a total of 20 hours of material.

There are an additional 4 hours of review along with important discussion on trader psychology and baggage.

Also included is access to hundreds of hours of live trade video from my select group effort.  This will demonstrate the application of the concepts taught in the videos in real time with capital on the line.

There are over 1000 detailed HD charts and illustrations contained in the videos.  I frequently mark up the charts with illustrations as we progress.

The presentations contain “right edge” progressions as I am talking in order illustrate the concepts as they happen in real time.

I will provide a reasonable amount of phone and email support for traders who have questions about the material covered.

A successful trader must constantly be adapting to changing conditions which requires a core understanding of how the price action works.

The material in these videos will show you what to focus on in terms of evolving as a trader and will give you the structural knowledge to adapt to all market conditions.

 Get immediately download Brian Hoffman – 24-Hour Un-Education Trading Course

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