Charles NGO – Affiliate Marketing 2.0-Leadgen Engine


Charles NGO – Affiliate Marketing 2.0-Leadgen Engine

Charles NGO – Affiliate Marketing 2.0-Leadgen Engine

STOP living project to project and START constructing properties
MASTER how to drive HIGH-QUALITY traffic
START having consistency in your projects

I’m Charles Ngo.

It’s 2019 and things are altering FAST in the affiliate marketing area.

Dropshipping is passing away, and running “blackhat” projects is harder than ever.

Half the market believes that affiliate marketing is “dead”, while the other half is questioning what to concentrate on next.

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What if I informed you that there’s a system out there that can create six-figure earnings projects … totally whitehat?

Introducing the LEAD GEN ENGINE ™
This is a program that me and the Day Brothers have actually been establishing for 8 months in 2018.

It’s a design that integrate white hat list building projects, with CPA e-mail funnels.

you’re reading this page now, regrettably the program registration is
closed. We’re hectic supporting our very first batch of trainees.

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Charles Ngo

The 6-week Training Program That Teaches You Step by Step, EXACTLY How To Make Money Using 100% White Hat Strategies in Lead Gen.
affiliate network
Go Inside the Lead Gen Engine ™
I’ve never ever developed an online course prior to.
Most individuals do not recognize the quantity of work that enters into producing a world class flagship course, and on top of that, I’m a severe perfectionist.
If somebody’s going to invest their loan into me, I require to ensure they get 10 x their loan’s worth.
You value this mindset right?
I’m happy to state that we’ve attained that with the development of the Lead Gen Engine.

Start up, Introduction to the System, and How to Find Hot Offers

This program starts with a number of orientation videos. We show you how the program was developed, and the very best method to approach the material.
Next, I’ve constantly thought that having the ideal frame of mind is the structure of success. We invest a long time entering into a few of the most essential state of minds that we’ve found for affiliate marketing success.

Next the material:

Lead Generation101 How does the whole company design work from the marketer, to the affiliate network, to us, and the audience
We enter into various examples of verticals and provides that are earning money today
Examples of what Facebook likes and does not like in our experience
We understand offering you 10 various verticals that might work can lead you to a state of analysis paralysis. If we needed to suggest JUST ONE for you to begin with, it would be THIS
Which Affiliate networks have the very best list building deals. We narrowed it down to 3, and offer you suggestions on how to get accepted
The solutions we utilize to select which provides to run
Affiliate networks vs going direct. We reveal you various methods to go direct when the time’s right
Create Converting Landing Pages and Automated Email Sequences

You’ve discovered the deal that you wish to promote. Incredible!
Now it’s time for us to develop landing pages to catch e-mails.
Imagine producing landing pages so engaging that individuals will WANT to offer you their e-mails addresses and they’ll LOOK FORWARD to reading your e-mails.
We understand how challenging landing pages can be.
That’s why we went above and beyond to develop over the shoulder screencasts to stroll you through anything that’s technical.
Next is we’ll enter into whatever that you require to understand about e-mails and e-mail series.

In this module we’ll consist of:

The Essential Landing Page Tools: We’ll share the tools that we utilize in the projects, plus less expensive variations
The 9 Step Conversion Checklist: ALL landing pages that we utilize should consist of these 9 things. Among them is URGENCY. Rather of simply stating it and stopping, we’ll reveal examples of it in action
Over the shoulder walkthroughs on establishing and hosting your landing pages. If you’re skilled then this part will not be that useful. You’ve discovered the theory, now see real examples of it in action
The EXACT schedule we utilize to email. For how long and how frequently
Not all of your e-mails will land in their inbox
Learn some legal, simple to execute techniques we’ve found to increase your e-mail deliverability rate
Launching Campaigns on Facebook

All this is worthless unless you understand how to drive high quality traffic TRAFFIC, at an expense low enough for you to be lucrative.
Love them or dislike them, Facebook is the very best traffic source in the core and the world traffic engine of this program.
I’m going to be blunt:
If you were to secure all the Facebook material and put it into its own course, it would be the very best Facebook course on the marketplace.

Your Facebook Fan Page Matters! Discover the very best practices on establishing a Facebook Fan Page that assists increase your conversion and develop a brand name
Do you understand how to structure your project, advertisement sets, and advertisements? If you do not understand how to structure it then Facebook’s algorithm can’t offer you strong traffic.
Learn the EXACT structure we suggest.
How to appropriately make use of the Facebook Pixel. We’ll teach you all the settings we utilize so that FB’s algorithm can discover you the most targeted, and greatest quality traffic
Are you fretted about your Facebook advertisements account being closed down?
Even though whatever that we’re teaching is “whitehat”, there are simple to fall under errors that might trigger your account to be prohibited.
Learn a few of our finest practices to prevent unneeded Facebook shutdown.
How to conceptualize angles for your Facebook advertisements (Hint: there are methods to come up with unrestricted angles even if you’re not an imaginative individual)
Facebook has a lot of alternatives now for running advertisements.
Learn which kind of Ads the day bros concentrate on.
The single most effective method we’ve found to target our audience on Facebook
What Campaign Objectives to select when you introduce– every one DOES impact the kind of traffic you get and your expenses. Discover what we utilize
The Facebook Launch Gameplan. An action by action procedure you can follow from starting to end to introduce your Facebook Campaigns
Analyzing Facebook Data, Optimizing, and Scaling

Buying traffic indicates you’re purchasing information.
You require to comprehend the information and have the ability to evaluate it in order to understand what to do next.
We have a whole area devoted to comprehending the numbers and how to make choices from them.
And lets keep it genuine– you’re not here to JUST make $100a day?
We’ll teach you how to methodically scale your projects so you can get more traffic WITHOUT losing earnings.
Profitable projects aren’t found … they’re developed through optimization. Discover the precise split tests, in which order, that you require to do to end up being lucrative.

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How can you inform if your project has the possible to do well?
Easy … standards. Find Out the Key Metrics and Formulas that the Day bros are trying to find in their projects.
Do you get STUCK when your projects are unprofitable? We’re going to stroll you through the right away split tests you should be doing next
Is your project PROFITABLE? Incredible! Discover what the next actions are so that you can SCALE to 5 figures a day and STAY lucrative
The SIX Methods of Scaling on Facebook– and how to increase your volume WITHOUT losing success
Maximizing Your List + Detailed Case Studies

By now your project need to pay.
However, by utilizing paid traffic, you’re beginning to develop an enormous e-mail list. An Asset.
Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had a specialist generate income from? It’s like you have a worker working for you …( without the troubles that features a worker).

How to discover Email Experts to collaborate with. We’ll offer you recommendations on how to establish the offers, and what errors to prevent
There are a great deal of e-mail guidelines and policies. Discover our finest practices to email in a COMPLIANT method. (NOTE: We will inform you EXACTLY what we do, however constantly consult your own attorney since all of us reside in various locations and have various company structures)
Too hectic to handle and email your lists? You’ve developed a property that’s worth a lot of loan. Discover where you can offer your list and how to examine just how much it’s worth
And lastly …
Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could in fact gain from genuine case research studies revealing the theory in action?
And would you rather see old case research studies from a number of years earlier, or current ones?
You wish to see current among course.
This is the Lead Gen Engine distinction.
We’ll offer 4 in-depth lucrative, case research studies.
They’re all from 2018 which indicates that the techniques still work.
They’re all from various verticals so you can see how this system works for any deal.
Learn how the Day bros chose the deals, enhanced their projects, how they scaled it.
Get detailed by seeing real advertisements and landing pages utilized.
If you’ve ever questioned how extremely affiliates take a project from Idea to 5-figures+ Profit action by action, then this area was produced you.

Campaign Troubleshooting, The Vault, Bonuses, and Closing

” Everyone has a strategy up until they get typed the mouth”– Mike Tyson.
Things do not constantly go according to strategy.
You understand who the worst affiliates are? They’re the ones who get thrilled … launch … and if the project isn’t lucrative … they go ask their affiliate supervisor “what’s hot” and begin the procedure all over once again.
The issue is they’re depending upon luck, and not establishing a crucial ability.
The ABILITY to repair a project is what separates the typical affiliates from the Super Affiliates.
We’ve gathered a list of the most typical concerns with running a LGE design of project, with options.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Affiliate Marketing 2.0-Leadgen Engine

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