Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself & Others With the Power of Qigong


Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself & Others With the Power of Qigong

Chunyi Lin - Heal Yourself & Others With the Power of Qigong

Discover methods to dwell an extended, more healthy life as one of the world’s most celebrated Qigong lecturers guides you to domesticate your life-drive power and your thoughts with Spring Forest Qigong — so you possibly can heal your self and others.

In our quick-transferring, fast-repair tradition, many of us think about entire-physique well being and radiant wellbeing one thing that’s admirable to aspire to, however realistically out of our attain…
And so, many of us undergo silently with persistent ache, fatigue, despair, and different well being challenges — and really feel that dis-ease in the physique, thoughts, or spirit is simply half of a “normal” life…
However the reality is, you don’t must accept a life that’s riddled with well being challenges. As a result of residing inside you proper now’s your personal interior healer — a profound therapeutic power that’s been with you all alongside.
For over 4,000 years, practitioners have benefited enormously from conventional Qigong, a strong therapeutic modality wherein you align breath, motion, and current-second consciousness — to direct your physique’s pure power to advertise well being, therapeutic, and wellbeing.
If you organically stimulate the circulate of Qi (your life-drive power), blockages in your system that hold you from experiencing full wellbeing launch and your entire physique resets…
Be part of us for an empowering course with Grasp Chunyi Lin, the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong and one of the most gifted and beloved  Qigong lecturers and practitioners in the world. By Grasp Lin’s distinctive follow of Qigong, you’ll study to heal your self and others, whereas extending your longevity and high quality of life.
You’ll study to reverse dis-ease and particular illnesses as you apply Qigong therapeutic for max therapeutic outcomes.
Grasp Lin will information you to refine your physique’s huge reservoir of power — and direct it to facilitate therapeutic for your self and others.
You’ll even learn to heal animals, crops, objects, homes, land, and extra. Plus, Grasp Lin may even briefly clarify methods to use these Qigong therapeutic strategies for lengthy-distance or distant therapeutic.
Grasp Lin is a celebrated trainer together with his personal highly effective story of how his Qigong follow helped ease his crippling arthritis and free him from ache and suicidal despair. Whereas masters in China advised him it could take him years to heal, he miraculously healed himself in a single seven-and-a-half-hour Qigong session.
Now, he’s devoted his life to preserving the authenticity of conventional Qigong — and sharing its historic knowledge together with his college students from round the world.
Be part of Grasp Lin as he guides you by means of an experiential 7-module journey to know how Qi strikes by means of the physique —  so you possibly can direct your Yi (your thoughts) to unblock stagnant power… and produce about entire-physique therapeutic for your self and others.

Module 1: Qigong Therapeutic Methods for Self & Others

On this opening module, Grasp Lin will aid you study the interior workings of the Qigong therapeutic course of.
He’ll clarify its foundational ideas, and information you to follow your individual therapeutic course of — so your understanding can broaden and deepen over these subsequent seven modules.
Grasp Lin may even share methods to internalize the Qigong therapeutic course of so it could possibly develop into half of your nature.
On this first module, you’ll discover methods to:
  • Put together your self as a healer
  • Put together your good friend — the individual receiving therapeutic from you — and higher perceive what they’ll expertise as you heal them
  • Detect a Qi blockage and know if you’ve eliminated it fully
  • Use the Sword Fingers method to interrupt Qi blockages and the Power Hand method to take away Qi blockages
  • Observe a Qigong standing place
  • Shut a therapeutic session in the only manner

Module 2: The 6 Predominant Causes of Qi Blockages

On this module, you’ll uncover the principal causes of Qi blockages.
Grasp Lin will share what Qi is, and what’s happening behind the scenes when it turns into blocked.
He’ll clarify what occurs when a Qi blockage initially varieties and the place Qi blockages happen most frequently.
On this module, you’ll uncover:
  • How an unmanaged Qi blockage can manifest as signs of dis-ease in the physique
  • Whether or not a Qi blockage can ever resolve itself with out intervention
  • The truth that Qi blockages happen not solely in people, but additionally animals, crops, mountains, lands, and extra
  • therapeutic Qigong follow to domesticate a deeper understanding of Qi and the way Qi blockages can additional develop and develop into extra extreme

Module 3: The Development of Qi Blockages

On this module, you’ll proceed your journey as Grasp Lin walks you thru a development of Qi blockages…
Grasp Lin will clarify why understanding the development of Qi blockage permits you as a healer to evaluate its situation and develop a technique to revive stability to the physique.
On this module, you’ll discover:
  • The method of reversing an sickness or ailment and when to use Qigong therapeutic for max therapeutic outcomes.
  • The Yin and Yang of the physique — how the bodily physique is Yang whereas the Qi is the Yin
  • How every step of the Qi blockage development impacts the Yin and Yang physique
  • How Qigong therapeutic applies to every step of the Qi blockage development
  • What Grasp Lin referred to as the level of no return as a healer — and what to do in case you encounter it
  • A Qigong therapeutic follow

Module 4: Cultivating Qi & Mastering Yi

On this module, you’ll delve into the core ideas of Qigong…
You’ll discover Qi and Yi, and methods to work with them at the similar time — which is the key to turning into a strong healer.
Whereas everybody can follow Qigong, to develop into a strong and efficient healer you have to domesticate and grasp your Qi.
You’ll discover the doorways that open if you elevate your self as a healer.
Grasp Lin may even clarify the significance of unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion in your therapeutic work — which is placing love into motion daily.
On this module, you’ll discover:
  • What Yi is, and the relationship between Yi and Qi
  • guided train to expertise for your self how your Yi and Qi complement and improve each other
  • The that means of a Qigong grasp and the significance of a healer’s mindset
  • Methods to keep away from depleting your individual Qi whilst you’re therapeutic others by calling in your grasp’s power
  • Methods to follow therapeutic with love

Module 5: Qigong Motion for Qi Cultivation

On this module, Grasp Lin will share particular Qigong actions that can assist you domesticate your Qi.
He’ll information you, step-by-step, from getting ready for the motion follow to harvesting the Qi and shutting the follow. You will expertise the Qi in your physique so you possibly can expertise the energy of Qigong.
You’ll additionally follow and refine your Qigong therapeutic expertise.
On this module, you’ll uncover:
  • The importance and goal of key Qigong actions
  • Steps to harvest Qi as you start and shut your Qigong motion follow
  • Qigong actions for Qi cultivation
  • Modifications for Qigong actions if in case you have a bodily or different well being situation
  • How even seemingly easy Qigong actions aid you domesticate your power

Module 6: Inner Refinement for Qi Cultivation

On this module, Grasp Lin will introduce and information you to follow Qigong strategies for the course of of inside refinement.
He’ll as soon as once more stroll you thru the Harvesting the Qi course of — out of your preparation to closing the follow.
You’ll uncover how, from the Yin/Yang perspective of Qigong strategies, the inside refinement course of is the Yin, which regularly influences Yang in a strong manner.
Your inside refinement course of will improve your Qigong actions and your effectiveness when therapeutic others.
As soon as once more, you’ll additionally follow your Qigong therapeutic that can assist you domesticate your Qi and expertise your Qi in your physique.
On this module, you’ll uncover:
  • The position of inside refinement in your Qigong therapeutic journey
  • A guided follow to observe and expertise your Qi in your physique
  • Modified follow positions to strive in case you discover the basic lotus place uncomfortable
  • Observe suggestions for a lot of widespread experiences — like what to do in case you go to sleep for a second throughout your follow
  • Efficient options to strengthen your Yi when your thoughts begins to wander throughout your follow

Module 7: Develop Qigong Therapeutic

On this closing module, Grasp Lin will share methods to apply your therapeutic potential past enhancing your individual well being and that of different people.
You’ll learn to use the strategies you’ve explored throughout the previous six modules to heal animals, crops, objects, homes, land, and extra.
Grasp Lin may even briefly clarify methods to use these Qigong therapeutic strategies for lengthy-distance or distant therapeutic.
On this closing module, you’ll uncover:
  • The 3 Treasures of Spring Forest Qigong follow
  • Methods to honor your self as a Qigong practitioner and a healer
  • Methods to honor the Qigong teachings themselves, your lecturers, and your religious grasp
  • The surprisingly easy methods the Qigong lineage is handed on from many generations of masters
  • One other follow to expertise love in motion — incorporating forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and extra
  • Methods to proceed cultivating unconditional love


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"Available''Join Master Lin as he guides you through an experiential 7-module journey to understand how Qi moves through the body —  so you can direct your Yi (your mind) to unblock stagnant energy… and bring about whole-body healing for yourself and others.File Size:7.8 GB