Craig Hamilton – The Essential Course for Evolutionaries


Craig Hamilton – The Essential Course for Evolutionaries

Craig Hamilton - The Essential Course for Evolutionaries

You’re an evolutionary. You know it because you spend a significant part of every day thinking about how to evolve yourself and how to make the world a better place.

You sense that we’re facing an extraordinary and critical moment in the unfolding of our human story, and you feel called to serve in creating the pathways to a more enlightened future.

If you’re like most evolutionaries, chances are you also feel a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand. You sense that there is a much bigger life calling for your contribution. You believe that we can advance what it is to be human—in a way that not only better serves our work, families and lives, but fulfills on the highest promise of humanity’s potential.

Yet you know that to really help manifest these extraordinary potentials, you’re going to need to evolve in a way that few human beings ever have. You need to be optimized with the fullest capacities humans can embody.

You’ve realized that evolution needs more than just witnesses and bystanders. It needs us to wake up and step up—as conscious participants who have developed ourselves to be capable of serving and guiding the greatest collective awakening in our human history.

You know you’re called to be one of these people. What you need to know now is:

Where can you get the specific training you need in order to make this kind of radical evolutionary progress?

And, where can you find a supportive community of kindred spirits who share your passion to evolve not only a better self, but a better world and enlightened future?
An Academy for Evolutionaries

Here at Integral Enlightenment, we’re committed to one thing: empowering evolutionaries. That means providing you with the tools, training and support to evolve and grow in unprecedented ways.

People who are committed to conscious evolution face some unique challenges. This is unquestionably a pioneer’s journey, and it can feel like heading into new territory for which no maps currently exist.

width=We’re also acutely aware that traditional paths and practices, as powerful as they once were, are reaching their limitations for many of us who are awakening to this new spiritual calling. We need practices and perspectives that are in step with our times, that integrate both ancient and emerging wisdom, and are informed by an up-to-date understanding of the human condition.

To support the emergence of a whole new way of being human, we need a path that stands up to the complexities and challenges of modern life.

In order to serve this growing need for authentic, effective evolutionary training and support, we’ve created what may be the first Academy for Evolutionaries—an innovative global training ground for people like you, who yearn to be “optimized” to make their greatest contribution, and are determined to develop themselves to fully meet this calling.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve brought together core insights and approaches based on decades of on-the-ground practice and research at the leading edge of spiritual inquiry.

And now, for the first time, we’ve distilled all of this wisdom and innovation into in a single intensive course—to help evolutionaries catalyze the fundamental shift that leads to radical evolution.

Get immediately download Craig Hamilton – The Essential Course for Evolutionaries

And now, we’re bringing all of this wisdom together in this unique, self-paced, digital audio course.
An Invitation

Imagine journeying to the emerging edges of human potential and learning how to realize that potential in yourself and make it manifest in the world.

If this possibility inspires you, we invite you to join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

Over nine consecutive weeks, this digital audio course is designed to push the leading edge of our individual and collective potential.

In each course module, featuring pre-recorded audio sessions (recorded live for a class of over 1,000 participants), we’ll venture into the essential aspects of what it means to embrace an evolutionary relationship to life.

width=First, we’ll step back and take in the big picture that brought us all together in the first place—our recognition of the precious significance of this human life and our potential to become awakened agents of conscious evolution. We’ll immerse ourselves in the enlightened consciousness that is the foundation of all authentic spirituality. And we’ll explore the new, emerging evolutionary vision that is redefining the spiritual path for our time.

Then, we’ll take a deep dive into the path itself. We’ll explore what it really means to consciously evolve our own consciousness. We’ll carefully examine the obstacles that usually stop us on the path. And we’ll practice proven techniques and exercises to help us gain the evolutionary traction we need to not only surmount but ultimately transcend those obstacles altogether.

Once we have a deep and grounded grasp of the path, we’ll then jump into the most important question of all: What does it mean to have an evolutionary relationship to every aspect of life?

We’ll look at the exceptional transformative potential of evolutionary relationships and leadership, and cultivate the skills needed to create them. We’ll explore how we can bring our work lives and careers into alignment with our highest callings. And we’ll discover the essential ingredients to creating “evolutionary culture” in any group we’re a part of, and in the world as a whole.

Finally, we’ll examine what it means for each of us to take the steps we need to take to bring everything we’ve learned and everything we’ve experienced into full embodiment now and for the rest of our lives—what it means to truly sustain an evolutionary relationship to life.
What you will learn…
Module One Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos:
What it Means to be an Evolutionary

Get immediately download Craig Hamilton – The Essential Course for Evolutionaries

    width=Why our moment in history is so significant and what it demands of those of us who can recognize it
Why evolution depends on you: the quantum shift in perspective that can realign your entire life
The unique role of the human being in the evolutionary process
Awakening to the unimaginable sense of meaning and purpose that comes from aligning your life with the “evolutionary impulse”
The transformative power of awakening to our evolutionary interdependence—and why this single insight gives us access to change in ways we wouldn’t just for ourselves
How the evolutionary perspective resolves the tension so many of us feel between the impulse to transform ourselves and the desire to improve the world
How to discover an unshakable inner compass to navigate the complexity of life by aligning with the “moral axis of the cosmos”

Module Two Enlightenment and Evolution:
From Being to Emergence

width=Why “being in the now” is the least important part of spiritual life, and how to awaken to an experience of “authentic presence” that includes your desire to create the future
Experience the dynamic liberation that emerges through wholehearted creative participation in the evolutionary process
How to distinguish between healthy surrender to the evolutionary impulse and potentially destructive self-abandonment
Discover the synergistic relationship between being and doing—and why both are essential for an authentic, integral enlightenment
How to resolve the tension between the call to let go of all attachment and the need to honor your commitments and responsibilities in the world
Learn to abide at the edge of the unknown in order to midwife the unmanifest creative potentials waiting to be born

Module Three Awakening the Will to Evolve:
Motivation, Intention, and the Choice to be Free

width=Learn to identify the two primary competing “motivational centers” inside you, and how to make enlightened choices even when you don’t feel particularly enlightened
Why self-fulfillment—or even self-liberation—is not a sufficient motivation to catalyze genuine awakening
Why you can’t simply “choose to be enlightened”—and the choice you can make that’s even more important
Discover the fundamental shift in orientation that can enable you to permanently overcome your resistance to change
Awaken the “four spheres of motivation” that can propel you to new depths of spiritual awakening
Release a boundless reserve of spiritual passion and energy by learning how to bring your emotional “center of gravity” into alignment with the force of evolution
Dramatically accelerate your spiritual development by awakening the usually dormant power of “enlightened will”

Module Four Transcending the Obstacles on the Path:
Shadow, Ego, and the Primitive Self

width=Discover your core ego strategies and develop precise evolutionary counter-strategies to disable them
Why awareness of and intimate understanding of our ego is a critical foundation for all authentic spiritual work, so that you don’t get tripped up by your unconscious
Learn how to harness your “enlightened will” to override the ego’s destructive tendencies
How to maintain your functionality in the world as you allow the false boundaries of your ego self to fall away
Sustaining a commitment to evolution—how to stay on the path no matter what challenges come your way

Module Five Evolutionary Spiritual Practice Part One:
Unleashing the Power of Meditation

“Discover the Ground of Being at the heart of the spiritual quest, and learn simple practices for anchoring your life in this primordial freedom each day
Learn why meditation practice by itself rarely leads to authentic enlightenment, and how you can turn each meditation session into a doorway to awakening
Learn how to ground your meditation practice in an evolutionary context, and why this is even more important than which meditation you practice
Awaken to the deep and abiding freedom of being that emerges when you let go of wanting or needing anything from life

Module Six Evolutionary Spiritual Practice Part Two:
Beyond the Meditation Cushion

width=How to create a balanced spiritual life that fully engages all three “faces of God”
The true meaning of surrender: moving beyond simply “accepting what is” and learning to live in alignment with a deeper order
Learn how to harness your advanced introspective capacities to propel you to new heights of clarity and spiritual alignment
Discover an active approach to transformation that enables you to defuse, disarm, and deconstruct the ego in the midst of engagement with everyday life
Confront the human condition in yourself: awaken to the always liberating power of radical self-honesty
A Commitment to Right Action: Why making a commitment to “do the right thing”—and acting on it—whether you feel like it or not is one of the most direct paths beyond ego

Module Seven Creating Evolutionary Relationships:
The Exponential Power of “We”

width=How to go beyond collusion and mutual affirmation to create dynamic “evolutionary partnerships” that both support and challenge you to fulfill your potential
The three commitments that can transform any intimate relationship into a “crucible of evolution”
Why true intimacy can only emerge in the context of a shared commitment to transcending ego
How to navigate conflict and disagreement in ways that catalyze the evolution of everyone involved
How to build support structures for an evolutionary life, including a relational matrix around you that fosters your ongoing growth and awakening

Module Eight Becoming an Evolutionary Force in the World:
The Call to Enlightened Leadership and Co-Creativity

width=Where to find the courage to lead in a world that shuns authority
How to hold authentic power in a way that empowers everyone around you
How to create evolutionary culture in any group with which you are involved
How to find the “razor’s edge” between conviction and openness that will enable you to follow your vision without becoming wedded to it
How to bring your work life and career into alignment with your deepest values and vision—regardless of what you’re doing for a living (well, within reason)
Why authentic leadership can only emerge from a foundation of genuine humility


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Craig Hamilton - The Essential Course for Evolutionaries


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