CryptoClass CryptoBoss With Cryptocurrency


CryptoClass CryptoBoss With Cryptocurrency

CryptoClass CryptoBoss With Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the Future of Trading
Learn how to trade cryptos from a high level Forex trader.
Get a taste of what the 3 module training package has in store for you. Now you know why I refer to him as “Trader Boss”



My mission is to help put cryptocurrency trading within reach of everyone who has the desire, regardless of your current trading experience. Whether you are looking to trade solely on specific signals and instructions, or are looking to learn and analyze and trade for yourself, I have you covered.

This power packed beginner course is delivered in 2 parts.

After your purchase you will receive an immediate access link to BOTH classes.

This is a two part class.

Course 1:

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Course Discussion:
1. Simple guide to, what are Crypto Coins? What is Bitcoin really?
2. Why Cryptocurrencies are the hottest thing right now– AND FOR HOW LONG???
3. Basics on opening an exchange account.
1. Getting verified.
2. 2FA security set up.
4. How to move money on the Blockchain safely.
1. How to never lose one dollar in the Blockchain, EVER!!!
2. How to track your transaction in the Blockchain.
5. How to store your coins in a way that is 100% safe and secure.
6. How to understand the fluctuating value of the Satoshi.
7. How to convert Fiat currency into Crypto currency.
8. Tax discussion.
9. Spending your Cryptocurrency in the real world.
10. Crypto Wallet overviews (hardware, software, paper wallets).

Bonus Material: At the end of the class, I will reveal my #1 coin for 2018 and long-term
investment!! Pay attention as this will reimburse you for your investment in education!!!

Course 2:

Course Discussion:
1. Navigating Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken.
2. Making trades on the Exchanges.
3. Setting limit orders.
4. Setting “take profit orders” for when you’re not at your computer, and the action has happened.
5. Charting on the Exchange and charting tools.
6. Understanding API Keys.
7. Understanding and Using the IP white list (deep security).
8. Is it better to trade or invest?
9. Money Management basics.
10. Understanding the 7 network effects of Bitcoin.
11. ICO Mania and how to get involved. (Some of my secrets revealed).
12. What drives the Crypto market.

Bonus Material: At the end of the class, I will reveal the coin I am “gambling” on for a huge
return by January!! (Mad money only folks)




  • 24/7 Unlimited Viewing Access
  • 12 total hours of training
  • Q&A at the end
  • Bonus Material (I always throw you a bone on a crypto coin or 2 I am watching)

Module 1 video is available now (December 2nd live participation)

Module 2 video is available now

Module 3 video will be available December 16th (Paid Members will get to participate in this live training (up to 1000 due to limits on gotomeeting), then the video will be available on this website for paid members)

If you’ve paid for the 3 Module Bundle here, come back on the 9th and 16th of December 2017 to get the special link to the video conference and potentially participate.

*Note: After the dates above have come and gone, you will only be able to view the training videos on this website and there will be no live participation as the event will have ended already. Since the event will be recorded, those videos will be available to anyone who paid for this 3 module bundle at any time.



J.W. Sterling has 17 years of trading experience, having created millions as an expert trader and having taught over 25,000 to trade in 69 different countries. Now, after making millions faster than ever before as an expert trader in the Crypto market, he shows you the perfect Cryptocurrency portfolio for 2018! J. shows you not only the coins to have in a portfolio for maximum gains, but he goes in-depth as to WHY these coins have been chosen this year specifically for a portfolio! After thousands of requests, willing to pay thousands for this portfolio, he has made it available affordably for you today!

   Get immediately download CryptoClass CryptoBoss With Cryptocurrency

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