Daniele Holmes – Black Digital Blueprint


Daniele Holmes – Black Digital Blueprint

Daniele Holmes - Black Digital Blueprint

What is Black Digital Blueprint?

Black Digital Blueprint is a 6-Part self paced online course created for entrepreneurs, freelancers or contractors. This course teaches how to monetize your social media to get your products/services or offers in front of your target customers to either get sales or help you increase sales to scale your business to the next level!
Meet Your Instructor

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I am Daniele Holmes, I’m a 7-figure online business owner with 3 successful online stores. But, it wasn’t always like this.

I don’t come from a wealthy family, I didn’t graduate college, I don’t have celebrity friends promoting me or my products nor have ever paid influencers for promotion.

I started in 2015, down to my last $650, I used that to start my own online store.

What happened next, still blows my mind ’til this day.
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Do you want to have your own online business?
but don’t know where or how to start?
Do you have an online business but sales are simply not coming in or not consistent at all?
Are you constantly growing your followers on Instagram but not bringing in any (or enough) sales from it?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are in the right place.
I went from making 20k in my first 2 years of business…to $800,000 in my 3rd.

What changed? The power of ads: Facebook and Instagram ads. The power of knowing how to run them correctly made me a self-made millionaire.
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I teach YOU, EXACTLY how to do this, step-by-step in my online program:
The Black Digital Blueprint Accelerator Program
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Part I: The Course and the Modules

As soon as you join BDB, you will get access to the modules inside the course. The modules are made up of videos and PDFs that you can go back to and watch as much as you desire.

This is where you learn the entire process.
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I created this easy to follow an online course with complete beginners in mind. I work side by side with you to teach you the following:

Module 1: How to identify your target customer, creating your customer profile.
Module 2: Identify your buyer psychographics and understanding buyer psychology.
Module 3: Learning the ad copy that I use to generate consistent 5-figure days, as well as identifying and learning how multi-millions dollar brands write and use ad copy to make high converting ads.
Module 4: Understanding the Facebook Business Manager Dashboard and creating your first Facebook/Instagram ad from beginning to end.
Module 5: Learning to analyze Facebook data. Using Facebook data to build strong look alike audiences and retargeting that you can leverage to reach your sales goals.
Module 6: Understand how to build low cost customer service teams, get easy fulfillment to automate and autopilot your business.

Get immediately download Daniele Holmes – Black Digital Blueprint

Regardless if you are just starting out or experienced, you’ll be able to learn and benefit from this course.
Part II: The Private Community

This program does not only include videos and PDFs but access to our private Facebook Group for BDB members only.

You’ll have access to community support from Danielle and other members who are in the course. Here you can ask questions and get feedback and resources whenever you need it.

You will NOT be alone on this journey!
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Part III: The LIVE Q&A sessions with Danielle Holmes

Every 1st and 15th of the month, Danielle goes LIVE inside the private Facebook Group to answer your questions.

We have designed the Q&A’s to be on the 1st and 15th strategically, so you can start the month strong with your business and finish strong. You are no longer alone on your entrepreneurial journey when you join BDB.

You are able to tap into the expertise of Danielle Holmes and the support of your fellow BDB members.
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How do you know if Black Digital Blueprint works?
Here are just some of our student testimonials:
Lena had her first $149 DAY
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Ashley hit her first $1,000 DAY while still in the program
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Pelumi hit his first $1,000 month before finishing the program
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Belinda, based in the UK went from $7,000(USD) avg a month to making $47,000+ her FIRST month after completing the course!
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If you are READY to invest in yourself and your business choose your best option below:

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