Digital Marketer – Paid Traffic Mastery 2022


Digital Marketer – Paid Traffic Mastery 2022

Digital Marketer - Paid Traffic Mastery 2022

The Industry’s Most Complete Paid Traffic Certification for the Post-Privacy World
Paid Traffic Mastery

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7 Modules
Learn how to master the most cutting-edge technologies to help you overcome iOS updates, crumbling ads, and surging ad prices.-The best edge media buying strategies by the top traffic experts today.

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Paid Ads Are Easier Than Ever.

I know what you’re thinking…
Conversions are down and ad costs are rising. Your best audiences are gone.
“Paid ads are easier than ever”?
You’re full of (💩) it!
It’s a bold statement so I’ll explain, but first, let me show you something…
You see this right here…
Spend: $2,384.29
Revenue: $31,780.64
ROAS: 13.32
This is a campaign that one coach in this certification has been running over the past six months.
It has attracted 289 customers, costing $2,384, and generated more than $31K in revenue.
That’s a 13x return on ad spend!
Here’s another one…
Spend: $11,625.12
Revenue: $431,108.54
ROAS: 37.04
This one is scaled up and has plenty of room for growth.
This campaign has generated over $430,000 in revenue and has a spend of approximately $11,625
That’s a 3,708% ROI y’all!
The reaSon I’m sharing these with you is not to make you jealous but to show you that, ever since iOS 14 hit…
Paid ads have gotten more competitive, more complicated, and, at the same time… soMuch moreBetter.
There’s been a lot of confusion, fear, and frustration around paid media the last year.
Advertising costs have risen, conversions have fallen and the ability to target has seemed to vanish.
Many marketers expressed concern about their inability find profitable audiences, to retarget their prospects or scale their campaigns.
Well, we can promise you from our own experience of running thousands of dollars a day in ad spend, as well as the millions of dollars collectively spent by the instructors of this course…that is simply not true.
In fact, right now, as you’re reading this, it’s our opinion that …

Whether you’ve In the past, we failed, gone Scaling To Having troubleYou may be completely new to paid advertisements.

You can turn your funnels into profit printing machines…

…If your site has paid traffic, you can post-Privacy guidelines

Let me show you…
You can see this ad here.
There’s not much to it.
There’s no state-This is-The-art augmented real imagery, professionally polished video or clever copy. (I know, I wrote it. 🙈)
But what it does have is…ROAS*. (AKA Return on Ad Spend.)
(*This acronym is reserved for cool kids who need to sound smart in Zoom meetings..✋)

Here’s why…Machine Learning.

Applying the unique strategies that the coaches have worked so hard to perfect in their traffic labs over the past 2 years will make a huge difference.
And combine those with the unprecedented power of the major platform’s AI…

Running paid ads is becoming a popular option. It’s easier, CheaperMore Profitable.

That’s the secret…
Instead of you doing all the work. It’s really better and more profitable if you actually let the paid ad platforms themselves (Facebook, Google, & YouTube) do the heavy lifting.
What’s You are missing for most marketers is….
You have to provide the platforms with the right strategies to execute, the creatives that convert, the best playbooks for each platform, and the correct tracking to know what’s working.
That is why we created the industry’s most comprehensive post-Privacy training for advertising.
A certification that combines all of these elements in an easy-to-follow, simple framework.
Paid Traffic Mastery
This certification is designed to give you a full, fundamental understanding of how paid traffic works in today’s world and the new opportunities it will unlock for you.
Once you have mastered the new post-Privacy playbook, what will you have?
  • Complete confidence in a comprehensive media buying program for you or your company
  • Complete clarity on what to do (What to do and what not to do) for each of the major platforms
  • A renewed sense of excitement over the profits you can almost touch once you see how simple it is to acquire new customers & sales using these strategies, and
  • How to convert cold strangers into hot buyers in today’s world of paid ads while simultaneously building good will in your marketplace

This latest training covers all aspects related to paid traffic.

Specifically, it is designed so that you will have Total confidence in your ads, how to run them, the ROI they’ll get from them, and be prepared for future changes that will inevitably come to the paid traffic landscape.
But this isn’t just theory.
You’ll also be building your ad campaigns throughout the certification so when you complete Paid Traffic Mastery, not only will you have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to launch your new paid traffic strategy, you’ll also leave with ready-to-run ads.

You can become a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

  • 7 Core Modules
  • 72 Video Lessons
  • Paid Traffic Mastery Workbook with notes, tools, templates and worksheets.
  • Traffic System Planning Canvas is used to plan campaigns for each campaign “temperature” Lead
  • Tech Stack checklist
  • Use the Customer Avatar Worksheet as a guide to identifying your ideal customers
  • Customer Value Journey Worksheet for designing a marketing plan that turns cold traffic into customers & brand advocates
  • Paid Traffic Mastery Pacing Calendar for bite-You can fit lesson planning into your busy schedule
  • Paid Traffic Mastery Study Guide to make sure you pass the course with flying colors
  • Credential Badge & Certificate to display on your website & social media pages
  • 1 Final Comprehensive Certification Exam
You will also be awarded:
  • A badge that designates you as a Certified Customers Acquisition Specialist that can be embedded on your website or email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable Certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as an a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

Meet Your Instructors
Collectively, these Titans of Traffic handle millions of dollars in ad spend each month… not $1000’s, not just $100,000’s…. MILLIONS… Every.Single.Month. And, you’re about to get a behind-The-scenes of all the strategies they use for their high-paying clients
This group of talented paid advertisers have tried, tested and helped create these strategies, generated millions of revenue with it and now present it to you so you can optimize every single ad dollar you spend… and scale your business with paid advertising in 2022.
Kasim Aslam
Kasim is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-Solutions 8. Ranked Google Ads agencies Recipient of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s 2017 TIM Award for Person of the Year, Kasim was also named one of the Top 50 Digital The University of Missouri, 2020 Marketing Thought Leaders
Vanessa Vega
Vanessa is a digital marketing specialist who focuses on Instagram advertising and Facebook. She’s been in digital marketing for over 8 years and has successfully managed and overseen close to $1 billion in Facebook and Instagram ad spend. She works with all sizes of brands, including large brands like Paramount Pictures or LG to small mom-and-pop brands that only need visibility in a specific market.
Scott Cunnigham
Scott is the CEO and founder of Social Lite, a Shopify Partner marketing agency that has helped hundreds Shopify merchants scale their revenue using email marketing, Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
John Moran
John is the Senior Client Strategist of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top ranked Google Ads agencies.

Find a Job Paid DigitalMarketer Helps Media

The Paid Traffic Mastery Certification is your competitive advantage and the path to better and bigger opportunities.

Average Entry Level Salary Paid Media
There are job openings Paid Media
Qualify to In-Demand Jobs Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers are responsible to use digital channels to generate leads, and build brand awareness. You can choose to be a jack in digital marketing.-This is-All-Trades or a focus on one or more skills to make you stand out.
  • Media Buyer
  • PPC Manager
  • Paid Media Strategist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Fractional CMO
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Channel Manager

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