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Forex Breakthrough Academy

Dear Friend,
Forget trying to predict what might happen in the markets…
I’m going to show you a simple way to trade what’s ACTUALLY happening.
“… it’s all explained in a down-to-earth and logical way, in common terms that everyone will understand, and the videos of examples on the live charts really make it simple to follow… Honestly at the moment I can’t think of any improvements off the top of my head.” Timothy Hall
You’ll have the freedom to dip in and out when you want and here’s the best thing about this:
It takes just ONE trade each day.
What I’d like to teach you isn’t a trick or a system.
These are the tools and techniques that professional traders use everyday to make money.
It’s not time consuming or difficult and as you’re about to discover you can use this technique to turn £1,000 into £97,961 losing more trades than you win.
I’ll explain how it works in just a moment, but what you need to understand is that this relies entirely on logic and probability, not luck or wishful thinking.

Most people don’t make money because they haven’t a clue how the Forex
markets really work

It makes me angry that people are sold trading systems as a ‘magic bullet’ solution.
The truth is the markets can’t be traded using such a simplistic approach and most people go in with no understanding of Forex trading like lambs to the slaughter.
There are no magical glitches or loopholes because they’re not based on how the markets really work.
You see when you trade this way, without realising it you’re pitting yourself against ‘Professional’ money from the huge banks and financial institutions.
They pump trillions into the market every day to push it the way they want it to go.
And they have huge resources and teams of super smart minds working for them and analysing the markets 24/7.
What chance do you stand?
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Why fight against the professional money when you can copy what they’re doing?

Imagine if you knew how to spot when the Professionals were pumping money into the market and which way it was headed.
That would give you a powerful edge, wouldn’t it?
You’d know with confidence that the market will continue to go in the same direction for a certain time period and you could profit from that knowledge simply by trading alongside it.
I’m going to teach you how to do just that.
And it won’t be a case of blindly following some steps with no idea of what’s really happening…
You’ll know exactly why it’s happening, when it’s happening and how to profit from it.
Get immediately download Forex Breakthrough Academy

I’ll show you how to turn £1,000 into £97,961 profiting ALONGSIDE the professional money

“It gives me a direction for each day. My biggest problem was knowing which pair to trade & when but not any more.” Alec Wilson
What I’d like to teach you isn’t a ‘trick’ or system, these are the tools and techniques professional traders use every day to make money.
Instead of following a mechanical system, I’ll show you how to follow the professional money and profit when they push the market up or down in a significant move.
We simply let the professional money – the big banks and financial institutions – tell us which way to trade.
They do all the hard work, we just follow the breadcrumbs.
If you manage to get one of the 50 risk-free places on my Forex Breakthrough Academy, I’ll teach you how to use a simple set of tools to spot, track and trade the Forex markets.
And within weeks you’ll have skills that will last you a lifetime.
In fact you can apply these skills to any systems you may already have.
Imagine never having to struggle with another failed system again. You can finally feel in control with both the ability and proven techniques to trade Forex successfully in the long term.

You can dip in ANY time of day or night, trades take just 5 to 15 minutes to set up
and you’ll never take big risks because the
odds are always tipped in your favour

You have the freedom to trade when you want…
ddling your way through endless different systems, never really understanding the process and wondering when to enter or exit a trade.
It’s all mapped out for you…
You’ll have a battle plan that always tips the odds in your favour, because you’re not blindly following indicators, you’re trading on what’s actually happening.
Trades are quick and easy to setup and you’ll know exactly when to enter and when to exit. No worry, fear, indecision or stress.
You’re in control and confident at all times.
Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

Let me break down EXACTLY how you can turn £1,000 into £97,961 using proven techniques that rely on simple
probability, not luck

Let’s say you start with a bank of £1,000 and risk a conservative 3%, or £30, on each trade.
And you make just 5 trades a week (one per trading day).
(You can actually start with as little as £200, but £1,000 is a good figure for us to use to illustrate the power of this technique).
Based on a reward to risk ratio of 2:1, the trades that don’t go in your favour lose £30 (there will be a few of these and it’s perfectly fine!) but on the trades that do win you gain £60.
he end of the first month you’d be up £125.
If you continue to reinvest your profits on this sensible basis, you’ll double your money within 6 months.
And by the end of your first year you’ll have a very respectable £4,515. Remember, that’s staking just 3% of your bank each trade.
(And don’t worry, when you join Forex Breakthrough Academy I’ll give you a staking calculator to ensure you get this exactly right).
But it’s what happens when compounding really kicks in that you see the true potential…
Keep your stake to 3% and by the end of year 2 your bank would grow to £21,000.
And within 3 years you could have built a bank of £97,671.
Start with a £2,000 bank and the potential profit becomes mind boggling…
Now obviously you would start banking your profits at a sensible level. After all, you’re not going to start placing thousands of pounds on individual trades, but this gives you an idea of how powerful this can be.
And remember you are never risking more than 3% of your trading bank.
By placing small trades and compounding your profits over time you can make a great income without resorting to high-risk strategies.

And I’m going to show you how to do all this
LOSING more trades than you win!

Most days you’ll find several trading opportunities but we’re erring on the side of caution here and saying that you concentrate on finding just ONE trade each day.
“I have become profitable from trading. the simplicity of the strategy means I know what I am going to do before I actually need to do it. Having Rich there to answer questions always helps as well… If or when I need help I can go to the forum. Its also good to read other peoples struggles as they are learning too, as it means I am not the only one. I like this style of trading as well, its very simple.” Lewis Nicholson
That’s 5 trades per week. Remember you can choose the times you trade to fit in with your lifestyle – that’s one of the real benefits of the techniques you’ll learn.
On each of those trades you’ll be looking to make multiple times the amount you initially stake. Sometimes you’ll make 3 times the stake, sometimes 5 times, sometimes much more.
But again, we’re being cautious and saying that on average you only make twice as much profit on your trades as you stake.
That’s still an average reward to risk ratio of 2:1. So for every £100 you stake, every trade aims to pay back £200.
By the time you’ve taken these techniques on as your own I’d expect you to be making money on around 6 trades out of 10.
But the figures I’ve shown you aren’t even allowing for 6 winning trades – they’re actually based on you winning just 4 out of 10!
Do you think that with the proper guidance I will give you, you could win at least 4 trades out 10? Of course you can.

Let me introduce myself…

h Fitton.
I’m a full time trader, mentor and the editor of Trader’s Nest a Forex trading eletter that goes out to over 11,000 home traders each week.
I was once like you…
I was sold the dream trader’s lifestyle. The instant riches, the laptop on the beach, the VIP treatment.
I got sucked into buying system after system and lost thousands of pounds on the same old rubbish. Maybe you’ve fallen prey to some of them yourself.
All of them promised that ‘quick-fix’, a short cut to trading success if I just followed a few simple steps.
The problem was at the time I didn’t even understand why some trades won and others didn’t.
I was just addicted to that feeling… that excitement when you see a new system. You start mentally planning your retirement and booking holidays abroad…

Do you ever get that sinking feeling when the system you just bought is nothing like how it was described and doesn’t make you the kind of money you hoped for?

You start to get that feeling in the pit of your stomach…
“The course material is clearly put and easy to follow.” Hugh Gregg
The disappointment, the shame even, of feeling like a fool for being duped by yet more false promises.
“Why do I fall for it every time!”
It got to the point where I actually had to physically stop myself from buying any more systems and instead focus on honing in on the few skills I had developed.
I knew that if I really wanted to make a consistent income trading Forex, I had to find someone who actually knew what they were doing.
My opportunity came and I seized it.
I’d had some success at scalping – profiting from small price changes in the markets – and after a lot of hard won (and expensive) lessons I managed to ethically bribe my way into the Futures exchange at the Chicago Board of Trade.
I got to learn techniques that the professional pit traders used to make a living and I learnt a LOT about how money is really made.

I’ll show you the same techniques professional pit traders use to make money

You see, pit traders don’t use any charts or fancy software to trade…
hey’re armed with order cards and pencils and have to carry around the strategy in their heads.
They don’t have time to mess around and try and predict how the markets will shift, they just react to what they actually see happening right in front of them.This means two things:
1. Their methods have to be very simple…
2. They have to work!
When I took these same techniques and applied them back home to the Forex markets I was shocked by how powerful they were.
The trades just kept on winning – and better still it made sense!

They look at what’s actually happening in the markets not what they hope ‘might’ happen

It wasn’t luck or fluke, it was as if the blinkers had been lifted as I could suddenly see exactly when the professional money was flooding the market and when the probability was in my favour.
And I can show you too, because with the methods I’ll teach you it’s right there in front of you.
You’re not trying to see what might happen using narrow, mechanical systems that don’t work.
You’re reacting to what’s happening right now.
Honestly, when you first start using these techniques you’ll gain a new found understanding of the Forex markets.
It really is like a having a blindfold removed and seeing things clearly for the first time.
And it’s these exact same principles that I’d like to help you use to turn £1,000 into £97,671 in the next 3 years.
And remember that’s our medium term goal. You should be well on your way to doubling your money within the first 6 months.

Let me show you how it works…

All we’re looking to do is match up the activity on the market with the professional money.
That’s it. You’re trading on what’s actually happening… not what you hope will happen.
If the professional money is flooding the market, you’ll know how to trade in such a way that automatically tips the scales in your favour.
And it’s all explained in simple bite size steps as part of the Forex Breakthrough Academy programme.
How do we do this?
Obviously I can’t go into too much detail here, but to give you an idea we start by looking at what happened on the first trading day of the month. This gives us an overall bigger picture.
The great thing about this way of trading is that you don’t have to be glued to your computer screen for hours on end.
This first step takes just a few minutes once a month.
The next step is to find out what the market is doing on the day you wish to trade, so you can see whether the pros are buying or selling. Again, because you will have a full understanding of how it works you can do this in just a few minutes.

How to surf the £3.4 trillion daily Forex wave

The vast majority of that money comes from the banks and major financial institutions. So instead of trying to second guess them and ‘beat them at their own game’ it makes sense to hone in on what the professional traders are doing and use them to guide us.
When I show you the simple at-a-glance check you can use to spot whether the professionals are buying or selling, you won’t believe how easy it is.
As soon as you know there’s professional money behind a move, it gives you a way to tilt the odds in your favour.
All we need to do is make sure that the market and the professionals are moving in the same direction and I’ll show you how.
Again by looking for a handful of very simple – yet absolutely essential – signs you’ll know at-a-glance whether the market is being supported by the professional money.
I think it’s worth repeating that these steps literally take a few minutes.
And because I’m going to teach you how to apply this technique on the Forex markets you’ll be able to trade at any time of the day or night.
Sometimes you’ll be in the mood for some evening trading or maybe you’ll feel like a quick trade during your lunch break.
Having the full understanding of how this works gives you the freedom rather than having to rely on a rigid system that only works on one market at certain times.

You’ll never have to worry about when
to enter or exit a trade again

Look, I understand why trading ‘systems’ are so appealing…
They often come with a set of rules that make you feel more secure (whether those rules work or not is a different matter!).
“The videos help make me a better trader.” Dan Nelson
But what sets apart the techniques I’ll teach you in the Forex Breakthrough Academy is that you’ll still have a set of rules, but you’ll also have the knowledge to apply them properly.
I’ll also show you simple checks that are tried and tested over decades by real traders.
Trust me, some of these extra checks are unlike anything you will have come across before (unless you have also been trained by a pit trader!)
– You’ll know exactly when to enter a trade and where to set your stop loss
– You’ll either leave your stop loss as it is or as the trade moves into profit you can move the stop loss up to break even, removing all risk
– As part of your trading plan, you’ll also know exactly where to place your profit target. Once the market hits this your trade will close automatically
– Remember you’re not restricted to certain markets which means you can adapt this to suit your daily (or nightly!) schedule and trade at times that suit you

Let me explain why this is completely different from any ‘system’
you’ve EVER come across…

Like any skill worth having, you need to learn through instruction, action, repetition and support.
And that’s exactly what you will find on the Forex Breakthrough Academy.
You can learn each part of the strategy at your own pace. What’s more the programme is structured in such a way that you can check your progress at every stage.
It’s interactive, fun and supports you every step of the way:
• You’ll learn real, tangible trading skills
• You’ll have the knowledge, ability and confidence to trade in any Forex market
• You’ll never again be restricted by narrow strategies and rules that stop working after a few weeks or months
Best of all you’ll make money because you’ll have your eyes wide open and you’ll finally understand how the Forex markets really operate.
I’ve seen enough poorly produced trading courses to fill a small library, which is why I was determined to make the Forex Breakthrough Academy programme easy to use, engaging and rewarding.
That’s why there are no thumping great manuals or boring feature length videos…

I’ll take you through everything step-by-step and at your own pace until
you’re making money

I’ve broken down everything into super simple bite-size chunks so that you can work through at your own pace.
You can stop and start as and when you please and revisit past modules whenever you want.
It’s a fun way to learn Forex that’s interactive and step-by-step.
You’ll soon see there’s nothing else quite like this. You’ll get…

You’ll have everything you need to trade Forex with confidence and profit

Individual Forex trading strategies teach you how to follow a single set of rules without actually showing you why or how to trade. And more often than not they offer lousy support.
They inflate their claims with crazy risk-reward ratios which no professional trader in their right mind would follow.
(If you want to risk 10%, 25%, 50% of your bank each week to make a profit frankly you’d have better luck at the roulette table!)
Forex Breakthrough Academy is different. You won’t be using a system but a proven long-term, low-risk trading approach.
You’ll gain a true understanding of the Forex markets and how to trade.
I’ve also created a members forum where you can share your experiences as you go along. I know that trading can feel like a bit of a lonely endeavour and sometimes you just need a bit of friendly encouragement, or a nod that what you’re doing is right.
You’ll have support from me and the rest of the community as well as personal email support.

So how much would you invest in a trading education that will help you profit every year?

Let’s get this into perspective.
“Its friendly, not too expensive (broken into smaller chunks) and Rich is always helpful and knowledgeable. Which is reassuring in the scary world of Forex trading.” Raphael Dunbar
A typical trading education course costs anywhere from £3,000 – £10,000. A university degree costs you upwards of £9,000 a year (with no guarantee of a job at the end of it!)
I’m not going to charge anything like that.
To secure a space on my Forex Breakthrough Academy – risk-free – you’d normally pay just £497.
That’s for absolutely everything.
But wait…

STOP PRESS! As one of my loyal readers, I’d like to give you the chance to test it out at a fraction of that!

I’d like to offer you an exclusive opportunity if you sign up today.
Look, I know you’re exactly the kind of person I’d love to welcome on-board. That’s why I’d like to help make your decision a little easier.
So instead of asking you to commit to the full fee upfront I would like to give you access to Forex Breakthrough Academy for just £124.25 for a full 30 days.
Test it out for yourself, use the forum, go through the step by step training and see how much profit you can make.
Once you have seen for yourself how Forex Breakthrough Academy works then you can pay the remainder of your fee in 3 easy instalments of £124.25 at 30 day intervals.
But remember that’s only if you decide to stay onboard. If you decide you don’t want to use Forex Breakthrough Academy just let me know within the first 30 days and I’ll refund you the fee you’ve paid and no further fees will be taken. Simple as that.

But hurry, there are just 50 places available

I want you to succeed and I’ll be right here to help you do just that.
But the only way I can maintain the highest level of support is to keep the numbers small and manageable.
That’s why I’ve only opened up 50 spaces on my Forex Breakthrough Academy.

I’m so confident that I can help you turn £1,000 into £97,671 in 3 years I’m
going to make you this TRIPLE guarantee

Try Forex Breakthrough Academy for yourself for a whole month…
Paper trade (practice trade without using real money) and take advantage of my support before deciding.
I only want people who are completely happy with everything to stay onboard. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.
With that in mind, myself and my publisher, Canonbury Publishing Ltd, have put a watertight risk-free guarantee period in place to give you all the time and space you need to try this for yourself.
As soon as you reserve your place you’ll have instant access to everything you need to trade and start profiting from my Forex Breakthrough Academy.

It’s your choice – you can either keep following system after system and lose money OR you can make a change today and give yourself the knowledge, power and confidence to trade successfully

If you’re fed up of sleepwalking your way through different Forex systems… never really understanding how they work and not making the kind of money you hoped, I look forward to welcoming you to the Academy. Just click on the orange button below.
You can stop relying on luck and systems that don’t work – that CAN’T work because they try and fail to predict the markets.
I’ll show you how to trade properly and finally have the confidence, knowledge and ability to trade profitably and to give yourself the financial freedom you deserve.
If that sounds like something you’d like to grab hold of with both hands I’d love to welcome you on-board.
Best Regards
Rich Fitton
Forex Breakthrough Academy
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