Gene Ang – Arcturian Codex


Gene Ang – Arcturian Codex

Gene Ang - Arcturian Codex

 This is an Arcturian Healing Method process which imprints the information for the full development of your subtle bodies for this and future incarnations.  Evolution of consciousness includes the formation of more complex and complete subtle body structures.  This is the process which will accelerate the acquisition of these subtle body structures that will come in the future for all of humanity.  This process imprints them now.  2 sessions are required to fully download the information into your system.   The following subtle body structures are activated in your system.

1) Symbol of Life:  The imprinting and activation of the Symbol of Life-an important glyph and information field which allows you to hold onto information from lifetime to lifetime.

2) Activation of the 12 Petals of the Heart Chakra:  Humanity currently has 6 of 12 petals of the heart chakra activated.  Our goal is to activate the remaining 6 petals.  This part of the codex activates fully the remaining 6 petals of the heart chakra.

3)  Pineal Gland Activation:  This part of the codex opens up the pineal gland at the center of the head which is an important terminal in the subtle bodies for information from the Higher Soul.  It furthers strengthens the connection from the pineal gland to the first chakra above the head which makes this connection like an information super-highway to the soul.

4)  Activation of the Thunder Chakra:  The Thunder Chakra is located below the root chakra or perineum.  This is where the etheric body and astral body connect to each other and where the source of vitality and energetic strength lies for people.  Full activation of the Thunder Chakra leads to owning your inner power.

5)  Connection of Your Inner Grid Lines to the Greater Grid Lines of the Earth, Other Star Systems, the Universe, and Parallel Universes :  This part of the Codex connects your personal energetic circuitry to the greater expansive energy circuitry of the Earth, other star systems, and the universe.  This leads to multidimensional awareness and capacities.

6)  Activation of 9 Energy Nodes Above the Head:  This part of the Codex strengthens the pillar of light above the head and fully activates the 9 energy nodes starting from the crown chakra and rising above the head.  Each node allows for higher states of consciousness and connections to higher spiritual beings.

7)  Activation of 9 Energy Nodes Below the Body:  This activation opens up the dragon gates below the body for full alignment, grounding, and access to the earth energy information field as well as conscious connection to spiritual beings in the Earth.  This also further aligns you to the Divine Sophia or feminine aspect of God which is the spiritual being of the Earth.

8)  Activation of the Central Channel of Energy In the Body:  This aspect of the Codex opens and activates your central channel of energy running vertically in your body.  Activation of this channel allows all the chakras to be connected, full access and flow of the kundalini energy, and awareness of non-dual states of consciousness.

9)  Awakening of the Third Eye Tunnel:  The third eye consists of an energetic tunnel running from between the eyebrows to the back of the head.  This part of the Codex cleanses and opens this channel and the key energy points in this structure.  This allows for clairvoyance and higher visionary states of consciousness.

10)  Activation of the Belly/Lower Dan Tien/Hara/Cauldron:  The belly center houses your divine will and power.  This part of the codex brings this center fully on-line to access your deepest desires, to act, and to carry out your spiritual mission.  This is your Will Center.

11)  Activation of the Uraeus or Unicorn Light:  This part of the codex opens up unique energy centers in the forehead.  These specialized centers allow for deep penetration and insight into subtle energies coming from higher dimensions.  These centers are symbolically represented by the serpent emerging out of the headdresses of Egyptian Dieties and Pharoahs as well as the horn of the Unicorn.

12) Activation of the 3 Guardian Shields Surrounding the Body:  There are 3 Guardian Energy Shields that protect the subtle bodies from entry of noxious energetic substances.  This activation brings these 3 Guardian Energy Shields, known as the Wei Chi Fields in Chinese Medicine, fully on-line for your system.

The two sessions are available in mp3 format (each approximately 30 mins).  Listen to each session within 72 hours of each other during the first time.  Afterwards you can use each session as you like for further reinforcement.

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Gene Ang - Arcturian Codex

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