GKIC – Online Marketing Blueprint


GKIC – Online Marketing Blueprint

GKIC - Online Marketing Blueprint

Cash in on the Internet Explosion, stretch every online marketing dollar in your budget and make BIG MONEY Online in a short amount of time by following 8-Figure Income Generator, Russell Brunson’s practical, state-of-the-art, Internet marketing strategies, examples & power tools organized into 4 easy-to-implement blueprints. • Triple Conversion Rates and Explode Profits Tenfold • Build A Following of 100,000+ in 7 Days Or Less • Drive MASSIVE Amounts of Qualified Traffic

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Finally, a Comprehensive Internet Blueprint (Actually 4 ONLINE Marketing Blueprints) you can understand and make money from TODAY! Internet Marketing Guru, Russell Brunson shares the powerful secrets his clients pay him $25,000 a day to do—that is to use online strategies and implement them in your business to drive massive amounts of QUALIFIED traffic to your website& convert this traffic into eager buyers.

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The 5 Pillars of Traffic and Lead Generation

Discover the “language of traffic”, the most important metric in ALL Online Traffic Generation (what it is and how to understand and use it), the best traffic strategies, Russell’s sources, and more.
Blueprint #1: How To Drive Massive Amounts of Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Grow your list & convert traffic better when you learn how to get an “Army of Affiliates” to promote your products or services on autopilot, build a 100,000+ following in 7 days using social media, use online media secrets to deliver unlimited visitors to your site, and extend your reach with SEO and mobile marketing.
Blueprint #2: 17 Secrets to Building Squeeze Pages and Websites That Capture Traffic Like a Venus Flytrap

Learn the core elements for creating a squeeze page that converts an INSANE amount of traffic. Includes 3 types of websites, traffic secrets for building a loyal following, the offer sequencing process that helps you sell more, real-life examples and tactics from Ryan Deiss & Rich Schefren and the best strategies used RIGHT NOW.
Blueprint #3: How to Triple Your Online Sales and Conversions

Skyrocket your online sales when you learn Russell’s methods for identifying buyers and hyperactive buyers, business growth and profit-multiplying strategies for upselling & covering your advertising costs, six techniques for controlling your attrition rate so consumers stick around longer, the value ladder process & much more.
BluePrint #4: Six Secrets for Productive, Profitable Email Marketing NOW

Quickly build a responsive email list and create valuable, relevant and interesting emails using Russell’s 7-step program. Discover how to make yourself an attractive character that people want to buy from, how to use “soap opera storyboarding” to save time and get dramatic results, 3 email strategies and when to use each to receive maximum results, list building, frequency and sequencing and so much more.
All Four Russell Brunson Presentations, Blueprints, Real-Life Examples and Manuals

Get immediately download GKIC – Online Marketing Blueprint

Quickly and Easily implement all four of Russell Brunson’s Blueprints and quickly trigger consumer spending with 4 professionally edited presentations delivered on 4 DVDs and 4 audio CDs, with a separate transcription manual to accompany each blueprint so you can watch or listen and follow along and jot down notes.

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