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Grant Kemp – Seller Financing Essentials

Grant Kemp - Seller Financing Essentials

I’ll Teach You How To Make Big Money in Real Estate

You’re here because you want to learn how to make Big Money in Real Estate. I’m here to show you how.

The Academy will guide you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to build an ultra-profitable Seller Financing Business.

Here’s my promise to you: By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to become one of the Top-Level Investors who make Big Money in Real Estate.
Yes! Teach Me How to Make Big Money in Real Estate!
I grew up seeing gang signs spray painted on my doorstep—every time I came home from school.

I didn’t come from money. My family lived in a poor neighborhood, in a house that’s worth well below the market median price. (I’m telling you, it’s total owner-financing material…)

The first time I tried to close a deal, I was dang near penniless & working 9-5 as an IT guy in a big corporation. In fact, I was dang near penniless the entire time I bought my first 40 houses…

I was working 16 hours every single day, trying to find any Sub2 deal that I could get my hands on… Juggling buyers, sellers, and third-party lenders…

Looking back, I can tell you that I worked hard to be where I am today financially.

That’s why I’m not here to tell you that becoming a successful Real Estate Investor is easy—it’s not.

But, I’m here to tell you: If you consume this course, listen to my teachings, and apply everything in your day-to-day dealings as a Real Estate Investor, you’ll find it will boost your success like nothing you’ve ever experienced before…
Fast forward to today… $75 Million Dollars Originated in Seller-Financed Mortgages!
The Problem with Real Estate ‘Gurus’
I’ve sat in the very same chair you’re sitting in right now.

Working 9-5 and wondering how the heck you were gonna end up with this big portfolio of income-producing assets all the ‘Gurus’ promise…

So you see how this ‘Guru’ lives in a big Mansion, drives a brand new Mercedes, and has a plethora of Women chasing him around—all the frickin’ time… (at least on camera)

But this stuff is not what you’re looking for, is it?
The Solution with The CCF Academy
You’re looking for BIG Financial rewards that come from becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. You want to learn how to make BIG MONEY in Real Estate.

That’s why I created The Academy — and it’s an absolute Masterclass when it comes to Seller Financing.

Here’s my promise: Once you’re through with the Academy, you’ll have all of the knowledge, techniques, and resources needed to build an ultra-profitable Seller Financing business (and then go on to making Big Money in Real Estate!)

Get immediately download Grant Kemp – Seller Financing Essentials
My Mission with The CCF Academy
The Academy is here to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful Real Estate Investor.

And when I say everything, I mean everything.

I’ll provide you with all the knowledge, techniques, and resources you need to go from beginner to Professional Investor — one who has the power to make Big Money in Real Estate.

I’m not here to give B.S. promises of instant success. I’m not about the stupid ‘overnight success’ mentality…

I’m here to help you achieve real success—through hard work.
I’m Ready… Teach Me How to Master Seller Financing!
I’ve originated over $75 Million Dollars in Seller-Financed mortgages, made money on 1000+ Real Estate Deals, and personally mentored 90+ students (including Cantrell Jenkins & Tim Ramjattan) into becoming successful Real Estate Investors.

I’m also the founder of Texas Pride Lending — which I grew to be the largest RMLO Service in the nation, helping Investors stay compliant with Dodd-Frank regulations without having to go out and learn the laws.

So you see, I know the ins-and-outs of Real Estate Investing like it’s my own backyard… Especially Seller Financing (which by far is the best method to make money in Real Estate).

Through The Academy, I’m determined to help YOU build your own Fortune in Real Estate—through Seller Financing.
Ready to become my next Student Success Story?
I’m Ready… Teach Me How to Master Seller Financing!
What You’ll Learn at
The Academy

Real Estate Negotiation Tactics
In the Real Estate industry, there is NOTHING more important than Negotiation Skills.

Negotiation is at the core of every single aspect of our business — and I’m going to teach you the best practices for each & every step of the negotiation process that you’ll encounter in the field.

I’ve subjected myself to countless psychological battles out there in the field, gunning for fantastic deals and clearing profitable deals for me, my sellers, & everyone involved…

If you enroll in my Academy, I’ll teach you how to out-negotiate your competitors and buy your properties faster.
Learn how to:
Achieve a 75-80% conversion rate — Learn how I’m able to close 4 out of every 5 sellers I meet
Present the exact “winning pitch” I always use to close hundreds of profitable Owner Financing deals (it’s a proven money-maker)
Discover the underlying motivation of the seller, so you can leverage their exact needs & interests to craft a custom contract offer that gets a “YES”
Present a custom contract offer in a manner that’s agreeable to the seller (without sacrificing your profit)
“Lead Learning Out” — High-level negotiation technique that’s done 90% by listening to your seller’s needs (and 10% asking the right questions)
Use the specific phrases that I use to reinforce the positive image and idea of yourself in the minds of your seller
Position yourself as the sole ‘solution’ for their problem — so they won’t close with anyone but you
Know what to do if your offer gets rejected — In case your seller asks for something else, you can come up with a different offer on the spot (and stay on track to buy that property!)
There’s a LOT going on in real estate negotiations…

After you’re done watching my negotiation lecture series, you’ll be closing deals faster and walking away peacefully (knowing that you’ve made your money AND helped your seller).

The Broad Spectrum of Owner Financing Strategies
95% of Investors are one trick ponies.

They do one thing that kind of works for them, and then refuse to move out of their comfort zone.

I’m NOT here to teach you how to become a one trick pony.

I’ve said this in the beginning and I’ll say it again: I’m here to teach you how to make BIG Money in Real Estate. And that means you’ve gotta be prepared to learn how to get a complete tool-belt, instead of just a hammer.

Is it going to be hard?

You bet… It’s going to take a LOT of work.

But you know what?
It’s worth it.
Because the market is always swarming with a plethora of houses that are being turned down from amateur investors… Once those investors encounter a tricky lien, liabilities, or complicated legalities — they turn around and walk away…
Shame on them. These houses can be some of the most profitable investments on the market!
That’s why you need to know how each type of real estate investing strategy complements each other.

If it’s a good flip property, flip it! If you’d make more by wholesaling it, wholesale it! But if you don’t have a complete toolbelt that includes seller financing you’re missing out on TONS of money.

The key here is to have the OPTION to choose.

Because once you’ve learned the broad spectrum of Owner Financing Strategies, it’ll be like having a complete toolbelt to fix one problem.

If your ‘usual’ method doesn’t work, why walk away from the entire deal?
Simply switch your gear, and find a way to get the deal closed.
When I sit in front of my seller, I can do 1 out of 20 million strategies…

That’s why the odds are overbearingly on my side (because I have the right knowledge up my sleeve, and they don’t) — and it’s just a matter of time until I find that one special offer, SPECIFIC to their needs (their problem gets solved) and also allows me to walk away with good money (I profit).

(Hint: It’s the secret to my unbelievably high conversion rate of over 75%. That’s 4 out of every 5 seller I meet.)
I’ve done it all…
I know how to flip homes, rent homes, wholesale homes—whatever it is, if you’ve heard of it, I’ve did it.

But, I know that Seller Financing is the best balance between liability and profit. And it sets up LONG TERM cashflow without us having to deal with tenants, toilets, and trash.
Bottom line: If a seller has a desire to sell, You’ll have a way to BUY.
Once you stop being a one-trick-pony-investor, you’ll be entering a whole new world of Real Estate Investing opportunities…

And you wanna know what the best part is?

When the competition is low, you can charge PREMIUM PRICES… (this is why these ‘complicated’ properties are some of the most profitable deals on the market!)

REI Math — Simplified
Learn how to run your numbers the right way.

Understand what goes on in the background of any Real Estate deal. Right into the nitty-gritty, so you won’t miss even ONE cent of possible cost—allowing you to know the exact figure of profit from any deal before jumping in, making sure you’ll make BIG money on Every. Single. Deal.
Don’t let a fantastic deal slip right through your hands — but don’t let yourself slip into a devastating deal either!
When you’re through with this course, you’ll be able to strip bare any deals into clear Knowns & Unknowns, in order to make the most objective, financially secure investing decisions.

There’s a LOT going on when deciding what a good deal is… and one slip can lead you to a fatal, crippling deal that will hinder your REI growth.

Luckily, once you’re through with this course, that risk will be mitigated (close to eliminated).
Stop gambling. Start Investing.
Taking risk is good, but only if you do your homework (doing the math, using the right calculations, and negotiate your way to reach a good deal for both you & the seller).
Some of the math that you’ll learn in this course:
How to operate the fundamental lifeblood of our business: the 10bii
How to use MLS comps, right down to the nitty-gritty process
Understand the power of interest and leverage it to your advantage — so you can get to your seller’s desired number (while still maintaining the profitability of the deal for you)

Get immediately download Grant Kemp – Seller Financing Essentials

Know the TRUE value of any property – so you can spot a great deal when you see one, and ditch the bad ones (even if it ‘looks good’ to the eye of amateur investors)
Learn how to make a great offer (one that works for both parties) from a financial standpoint
Know the exact bottom line of costs & profits from any deals. No surprises, no stones unturned.
Understand the 3 main profit centers of Seller Financing: Down payments, Cashflow, and Equity. Once you’ve gotten a grasp on these 3 core points, you’ll be able to make objective investing decisions (which means signing deals that will make you BIG money, and ditching the ones that won’t!)

Case Study: Real Life Phone Call Acquisition
Listen to how I approach rapport building, introduction, pitch, and all the way to the appointment setting
You get to listen to a REAL recording of me calling up a lead to buy her house.

Listen to the exact script of opening phrase, introduction, and pitch I used to persuade this seller to get to our first appointment (and then signing the contract 20 minutes later).
Through this one recording alone, you’ll learn how to:
Copy the exact phrases that I used to make the cold lead warmer and warmer until at one point, the seller is approachable and LAUGHS (that’s how you know they’re ready to talk business)
Leverage a financial motivation to your advantage by portraying an honest, direct, and genuine persona (Yeah, it’s possible. I do this all the time.)
Understand my thought process behind every sentence/action that I take when I’m talking to them. You can repeat this call over and over again to really understand the nuts & bolts of a successful cold-call
See the negotiation tactics that I teach implemented on the spot (Hear how I implemented Cialdini’s social proof technique, knowledge sharing to establish authority, and more…)
Position yourself as the SOLE SOLUTION for your seller’s problem, so you can center yourself as the only possible and BEST way out for your seller (listen to how I did it, and then apply it to your own dealings!)

You’ll learn the true value of hard work
Last, but definitely not least:
Inside The Academy, we’re all firm believers in hard work.

I’m NOT here to insult your intelligence by saying it’s easy to become a successful Real Estate Investor—it’s not.

But what I’m telling you is: it’s achievable.

And we’re all about helping you achieve real success—through hard work.

I’ve done it. The Academy’s students have done it.

I’m here to show you how to achieve the exact same thing.

But first, you’ve gotta understand that all this stuff requires hard work. And in the process, you’ll learn the true value of hard work… (which makes it even more exciting—and makes for cool Success Stories later on!)

The truth is: Success requires hard work. But it doesn’t have to be greeted with sadness. Speaking from experience, hard work gives your success & achievements meaning.

So let’s work together… The Academy will walk you through all the hard work you need to go through to become a successful Real Estate Investor!
I’m Ready… Teach Me How to Master Seller Financing!
Reasons Why You Should Join The Academy
Systematic Learning: Beginner To Advanced
Learn the basics all the way up to advanced Real Estate Investing strategies only the pros know about.

Our Progress Tracking system at The Academy will let you know your exact progress from being just a Beginner to becoming Pro-Level at Real Estate Investing.
In-depth Content
The Academy will guarantee 100% in-depth content approach. We respect your money, and we want to give you valuable REI content that’s worth its weight in gold.

From each and every single one of our video lectures, you’ll receive actionable insight that’s ready to be applied directly to improve the success of your day-to-day dealings as a Real Estate Investor.
The Perfect Environment for Growth

The Academy is not just theory & learning. It’s also an awesome community of like-minded Investors, led by an extremely supportive coach & National Authority on Seller Financing: Grant Kemp.
Provisions of Valuable REI Resources
Upon joining The Academy, you’ll be granted access to valuable contacts such as: Lawyers, Contractors, trustworthy third-party Lenders, and more…

Our goal? To provide you with everything you need in order to execute your Seller Financing deals smoothly.
Have a Peek Inside
The Academy
Weekly Q&A Session
Unlike other ‘Gurus’ out there, I’m determined to monitor your learning progress by hosting these weekly Q&A Sessions… Live from the comfort of my own home.

Every Monday at 7 PM Central, I’ll personally answer ALL of your questions regarding REI.

My goal? To ensure you’re keeping on track with the program at The Academy — and to address any and ALL questions that you may have (you can ask me anything, and I’ll personally answer them for you.)
Progress Tracking
The progress-tracking system at The Academy will let you know exactly where you are in your journey to Mastering Seller Financing.
In-depth Content
Whether you’re a beginner or veteran Investor, The Academy has got all kinds of in-depth content that’s going to propel your REI success even further.
Access to the super valuable Resources Center
Get access to The Academy’s Lawyers, Contractors, and Trustworthy third-party lenders.

Everything you need to execute your Seller Financing deals smoothly—right at your fingertips.
Question: Can you be a successful Real Estate Investor without
The Academy
Answer: You sure can.

I don’t give a damn about marketing gimmicks. I’m here to give you the full, untampered truth: My course is NOT the only way to REI Success.

Unlike all the other ‘Gurus’ who would ramble on and on about how their course is the ONLY way to achieve success, I believe that if you A) Work hard (like crazy) and B) Dedicate your life to REI (like crazy) — it’ll be enough ‘capital’ to get you up the success ladder of Real Estate Investing.

But here’s another thing to consider…
Why the heck would you take the long road to success?
Why risk your chance of success at Real Estate Investing—when you can just copy a system that works for me & 90+ of my proven successful students?

Wouldn’t you want to start cashing checks as early as possible?

The Academy allows you to do just that.

If you decide to do Seller Financing without my guidance, understand that: It takes time to gather all the research material… To learn from bad experiences… To do countless trial and errors… (I know because I did all of this beforehand. I’m not just pulling words out of thin air. Seller Financing is extremely COMPLICATED).

YOU BET it’s going to cost you time AND money!

And, if you don’t want to lose time and money…

Well, you don’t have to…

Because now, you have The Academy on your side.
I’m Ready… Teach Me How to Master Seller Financing!
90+ of my Students at The CCF Academy have achieved Success in Real Estate Investing
I’ve got 3 investment properties under contract that would net me $120,000 dollars cash THIS MONTH…why am I not doing it? The tips and tricks I’ve learned from The Academy will allow me to turn these deals into over a MILLION dollars in performing assets over time.
Tim Ramjattan

Get immediately download Grant Kemp – Seller Financing Essentials

Essentials Member
What I really enjoy about these videos is that Grant is able to take complex topics in real estate investing and break them down into step by step format that you can follow. Not only is he knowledgeable about topics in real estate, but you can definitely tell he is very passionate about teaching it to fellow investors. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos and I know you will too.
Charles Nguyen

Essentials Member
We just finished watching your videos on The Academy. We thought they were REALLY good. They were very informative, clear and concise. Easy to follow. I like that you even cover how to use the 10bii and other tools like simple crew. Overall we really enjoyed it and look forward to what you have to release in the future!
Tiger/Erika Butler

Essentials Members
Wow! The information is great, but your teaching style is out of site. The relaxed manner that you teach with is probably because of the experience behind the words. Honest, laid back, and personal. Keep up the great work!
Doug Toon

Essentials Member
I just want to say that I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Grant. He jump started my career in Real Estate Investing. He was very thorough and explained everything from A to Z. He were very involved and personal with me, making sure I comprehended everything there was to know about how to structure my deals. To this day we still partner up with deals and see many future deals to come. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in real estate investing.
Arthur Martinez

Personal Mentor Student
Hey grant just wanted to say I’m barely on the 8th video, but man you give out so much knowledge & Really don’t hold back! Thanks again for a real deal program!!
Jose Solorzano

Essentials Member
Now, it’s your turn
I’m not here to promise you magic pills. Or instant success. Or Financial Utopia…

But if you’re willing to work hard and do whatever it takes, I will personally make sure that you’ve got every single resource at your disposal to execute a profitable Seller Financing business.

Seller Financing is extremely rewarding… IF you do it right.

Do Seller Financing right—under the guidance of The Academy.

Soon, you’ll be able to reap the fruits of your hard work, retire early, and enjoy a lifetime of not having to worry about money…


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