Hemi-Sync Collection DeluxeBundle


Hemi-Sync Collection DeluxeBundle

Hemi-Sync Collection DeluxeBundle

Hemi Sync – Basics.doc
Hemi Sync – List.doc
Mindflight – Lightsource.mp3
Oasis (Theta).mp3
Om – The Reverberation Of Source (Alpha).mp3
Sex Drive 1 (Human Plus – verbally guided).mp3
Subliminal Binaural Meditation Alpha Wave Fire & Water.mp3
Very Deep Psychoactive Sounds For Self Discovery (Disc 4)(Dr Jeffrey Thompson).mp3
Lightsource with Hemi-Sync – A Sacred Geometry Experience.pdf
Super Brain Power.pdf

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Hemi-Sync – Important.txt
Hemi-Sync collection-Brainwave Mind Voyages
<(Series 24) – Sacred Healing Frequencies (BMV Entrainment)>
<(Series XIII) – Journey of the Whales (BMV Entrainment)>
Andrew Weil – Symphony Of Brainwaves.mp3
Astral Trance (1-11).mp3
Out Of Body All Night Loop.mp3

Remote Viewing – Remote Perception.mp3
Hemi-Sync collection – Brainwave Mind Voyages(Series 24) – Sacred Healing Frequencies (BMV Entrainment)
01 UT- Liberation of Guilt & Fear 396Hz.mp3
02 RA- Situation Reversal & Change Facilitation 417 Hz.mp3
03 MI- Miracles_DNA Activation& Transformation 528 Hz.mp3
04 FA- Interrelation & Unification 639 Hz.mp3
05 SOL- Intuition Activation 741 Hz.mp3
06 LA- Restoration of Spiritual Order 852 Hz.mp3

07 Harmonic Matrix of all 6 Solfeggio Healing Tones.mp3
Hemi-Sync collection – Brainwave Mind Voyages(Series XIII) – Journey of the Whales (BMV Entrainment)
Ocean Chants.mp3
Ocean Melodies.mp3
Hemi-Sync collection – Going Home Series Complete(subject and support)
Going Home Series Complete(subject and support)
01.Mind Awake – Body Asleep.mp3
02.Flying Free.mp3
03.Remove and Release.mp3
04.Edge of Here – Now.mp3
05.Touring Interstate.mp3
06.Moment of Revelation.mp3
07.Right of Passage.mp3
09.Freedom Flight.mp3
10.Return to Revelation.mp3
11.Relocation Theme.mp3

Guidance Manual.pdf
Hemi-Sync collection-Going Home Series Complete(subject and support)
01.Elisabeth_Kuebler-Ross.mp3 010._Messages_in_21.mp3 011._Recharge_and_Regenerate.mp3 012._Restorative_Sleep.mp3 02._Charles_Tart.mp3 03._Hemi-Sync_Technology.mp3 04._Mind_Awake,_Body_Asleep.mp3 05._Flying_Free.mp3 06._Remove_and_Release.mp3 07.Edge_Of_Here_Now.mp3

Moment Of Revelation.mp3
Hemi-Sync collection – Human Plus – Brain Repairs & Maintenance
Human Plus – Brain Repairs & Maintenance.mp3
Human Plus – Think Fast.mp3

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Hemi-Sync collection-Journey out of the body
Hemi Sync – The Monroe Institute – Robert Monroe Method for OBE.doc
Hemi-Sync – support forJourneys Out Of The Body Manual.doc
01.Introduction by Robert A Monroe.mp3
02.Relaxation Reinforcement Exercise.mp3
03.Condition A.mp3
04.Condition B.mp3
05.Condition C.mp3
06.Condition D.mp3

Guidance Manual.pdf
Hemi-Sync collection-Metamusic
Hemi-Sync Collection-Metamusic-Ascension
01 Ascension #01.mp3
02 Ascension #02.mp3
03 Ascension #03.mp3
04 Ascension #04.mp3

Metamusic – Baroque Garden For Concentration
1 Largo from Oboye Concerto in B Flat Major.mp3
10 Bonus Track.mp3
11 Bonus Track.mp3
2 Largo frrom Viola d’Amore Concerto in D Minor.mp3
3 Bonus Track.mp3
4 Bonus Track.mp3
5 Bonus Track.mp3
6 Bonus Track.mp3
7 Bonus Track.mp3
8 Bonus Track.mp3
9 Bonus Track.mp3

Metamusic – Between Worlds with Hemi-Sync
01 Between Worlds with Hemi-Sync.mp3

Metamusic-Breakthrough For Peak-Performance
01 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #01.mp3
02 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #02.mp3
03 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #03.mp3
04 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #04.mp3
05 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #05.mp3
06 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #06.mp3
07 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance#07.mp3
08 Breakthrough For Peak-Performance #08.mp3

Hemi-Sync collection-Metamusic-Cloudscapes
01 Cloudscapes.mp3

Metamusic-Desert Moon Song with Hemi-Sync
01 Desert Moon Song #01 – Desert Moon.mp3
02 Desert Moon Song #02 – Deep Night.mp3
03 Desert Moon Song #03 – Desert Dawn.mp3
04 Desert Moon Song #04 – Daybreak.mp3
05 Desert Moon Song #05 – Sunstream.mp3
06 Desert Moon Song #06 – Grandfather Rain.mp3
07 Desert Moon Song #07 – Prayer.mp3
08 Desert Moon Song #08 – After the Rain.mp3
09 Desert Moon Song #09 – Saguaro.mp3
10 Desert Moon Song #10 – Sunset Colors.mp3
11 Desert Moon Song #11 – Evensong.mp3

Hemi-Sync Collection-Metamusic-Dimensions in Time
01 Track 1.mp3
02 Track 2.mp3
03 Track 3.mp3
04 Track 4.mp3
05 Track 5.mp3
06 Track 6.mp3
07 Track 7.mp3
08 Track 8.mp3
09 Track 9.mp3
10 Track 10.mp3
11 Track 11.mp3

Metamusic – Dreamer’s Journey
01 Dreamer’s Journey.mp3

Metamusic – Dreamseed
01 Dreamseed #01 – Maharata Invocation.mp3
02 Dreamseed #02 – Kundaray Core-I-dorr.mp3
03 Dreamseed #03 – Temple Of Khemalohatea.mp3
04 Dreamseed #04 – Transharmonic Express.mp3
05 Dreamseed #05 – Amorarea Flame Awakening.mp3
06 Dreamseed #06 – A Call To The Oraphim.mp3
07 Dreamseed #07 – Sphere Of Amenti.mp3
08 Dreamseed #08 – Merkaba Spin Resonance.mp3
09 Dreamseed #09 – Reternity.mp3
10 Dreamseed #10 – Um Sha- Di Ur’a.mp3
11 Dreamseed #11 – Celestalline Dreams.mp3
12 Dreamseed #12 – Doreadeshi.mp3

Metamusic – Ecstatic
01 Ecstatic.mp3

Metamusic – Einstein’s Dream
1 Part 1.mp3
2 Attention.mp3

Metamusic-Eternity Within
01 Eternity Within.mp3

01 Gaia.mp3

01 Higher.mp3

Metamusic-Himalayan Sou
1 Track #01.mp3
2 Track #02.mp3
3 Track #03.mp3
4 Track #04.mp3
5 Track #05.mp3
6 Track #06.mp3
7 Track #07.mp3

01 Holomovement.mp3

Metamusic\Illumination for Peak Performance
01 Illumination for Peak-Performance #01.mp3
02 Illumination for Peak-Performance #02.mp3
03 Illumination for Peak-Performance #03.mp3
04 Illumination for Peak-Performance #04.mp3
05 Illumination for Peak-Performance #05.mp3
06 Illumination for Peak-Performance #06.mp3

Metamusic\In Motion
01 In-Motion #01.mp3
02 In-Motion #02.mp3
03 In-Motion #03.mp3
04 In-Motion #04.mp3
05 In-Motion #05.mp3
06 In-Motion #06.mp3
07 In-Motion #07.mp3
08 In-Motion #08.mp3
09 In-Motion #09.mp3
10 In-Motion #10.mp3
11 In-Motion #11.mp3

Metamusic\Indigo For Quantum Focus
01 Indigo For Quantum Focus #01.mp3
02 Indigo For Quantum Focus #02.mp3

Metamusic\Inner Journey
1 Inner Journey.mp3

Metamusic\Into The Deep
01 Into The Deep.mp3

Metamusic\Lightfall for Focus and Concentration
01 Lightfall for Focus and Concentration #01.mp3
02 Lightfall for Focus and Concentration #02.mp3
03 Lightfall for Focus and Concentration #03.mp3
04 Lightfall for Focus and Concentration #04.mp3

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Metamusic\Midsummer Night
01 Midsummer Night.mp3

01 Portraits.mp3

01 Prisms.mp3

01 Remembrance #01.mp3
02 Remembrance #02.mp3

Metamusic\Romantic Wonder
01 Romantic Wonder #01.mp3
02 Romantic Wonder #02.mp3
03 Romantic Wonder #03.mp3
04 Romantic Wonder #04.mp3
05 Romantic Wonder #05.mp3
06 Romantic Wonder #06.mp3
07 Romantic Wonder #07.mp3
08 Romantic Wonder #08.mp3
09 Romantic Wonder #09.mp3

Metamusic\Seasons At Roberts Mountain (2002) By Dj-Kp’S
Seasons at Robert’s Mountain – Back.jpg
Seasons at Robert’s Mountain – Front.jpg
Seasons at Roberts Mountain Vol. 1.mp3
Seasons at Roberts Mountain Vol. 2.mp3

Metamusic\Sleeping Through The Rain
01 Sleeping Through The Rain.mp3

Metamusic\Spirit’s Journey
01 Spirit’s Journey.mp3

Metamusic-The Journey Home
01 The Journey Home.mp3

Metamusic\The Return
01 The Return.mp3

Metamusic\The Shaman’s Heart
01 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #01.mp3
02 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #02.mp3
03 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #03.mp3
04 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #04.mp3
05 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #05.mp3
06 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #06.mp3
07 The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync #07.mp3

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Metamusic\The Visitation
01 The Visitation.mp3

Metamusic\Touching Grace
01 Touching Grace.mp3

1 Track #01.mp3
2 Track #02.mp3

Metamusic\Tribal Journeys
01 Tribal Journeys #01.mp3
02 Tribal Journeys #02.mp3

Metamusic\Voyage To The Other Side
01 Voyage to the Other Side.mp3

Metamusic\Winds Over The World
01 Winds Over The World.mp3

Metamusic\Your hearts song
01 Track 1.mp3
02 Track 2.mp3
03 Track 3.mp3

Scott Taylor – Near Death Experiences
Into The Light 1 – Reunion.mp3
Into The Light 2 – Life Review.mp3
Into The Light 3 – Cities of Light.mp3
Into The Light 4 – Realm of Knowledge.mp3

William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives
William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives #1.mp3
William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives #2.mp3
William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives #3.mp3
William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives #4.mp3
William Buhlman – Exploring Your Past Lives #5.mp3

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