Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram


Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Uncover experiential practices to activate larger realization — and embody the deepest, most sacred points of your Enneagram kind in your on a regular basis life.

Heal ‘core suffering’ in your self and our world by immersing your self in the true teachings (and function) of the Virtues, Holy Concepts & Instincts.

As a persona typology, the Enneagram will be illuminating…

But, the unique intention of the Enneagram is one thing extra profound: To function an evolutionary map for exploringand embodying the deeper qualities of human nature.

In case you’ve studied the Enneagram, you’ve possible begun to work with these revelatory insights. You now have a lens into lifelong patterns which have stored you from experiencing wholeness and fulfilling your potential.

But, the Enneagram is wealthy and complicated… and the alternatives for self-discovery and the potential for therapeutic are lifelong as properly.

By means of depth instructing — rooted in the unique Enneagram teachings — you’ll be able to entry and combine the full mystical energy of the Enneagram.

And when the depth teachings of the Enneagram are paired with holistic, experiential practices, you truly start to transmute your patterns (physiologically, cognitively, and emotionally) into the sacred points of your kind…

Dwelling out of your essence. Activating your soul’s function and sharing your presents. Loving with your entire coronary heart.

And maybe most significantly, serving to to heal our damaged world.

A Distinctive, Evolutionary Program to Help Private & Collective Wholeness and Awakening

World-renowned Enneagram lecturers Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb have been the innovators of a depth method to the Enneagram…

And NOW… they’ve challenged themselves to supply the most complete program on the Enneagram they’ve ever introduced. It encompasses the wealthy and nuanced ranges of the 9 sorts, together with the:

  • Three Facilities
  • Instincts
  • Virtues
  • Holy Concepts
  • Essence…
  • Relational Discipline
  • 9 Elements of the Divine
  • Social Activism & Service

…In addition to what lies past the Enneagram Map — emergent for YOU.

That is your alternative to be part of with a devoted group — starting seekers, superior practitioners, and seasoned lecturers — to share on this problem to activate a better degree actuality, so all of us and never solely uncover fact and love, however create a path of unprecedented authenticity and depth.

Jessica and Russ will deliver a brand new degree of intimacy, precision, inquiry and experiential apply to this intensive, experiential Enneagram journey, meant for each starting and superior college students.

You’ll discover and expertise:

  • Each delicate and dramatic modifications that may outcome from working consciously together with your  instincts, utilizing creative, ‘3-centered’ instruments and practices.
  • A gap to the truths of your deepest coronary heart, by way of the  virtues.
  • The  holy concepts as a path for unmasking of limiting, unconscious thought patterns, patterns of denial, rationalization and fantasy.
  • How essence can calm down the fixations, delusions, sufferings and contractions of your kind — and heal your core struggling and assist heal the world.
  • Interior Work as the fountainhead of social transformation and collective therapeutic at this important time on the planet.
  • The relational discipline and creating relationships from presence.
  • Enriching our contact with the Divine by understanding all 9 expressions of Divinity.

Only a few lecturers have the information, religious imaginative and prescient and methods to assist individuals actually navigate (and apply) the profound realizations accessible by way of the Enneagram.

Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb have conceived this method and new physique of teachings and practices — integrating each the trendy Enneagram and its historic mystical origins — to information you into the most fun terrain of the Enneagram, but.

Over 17 transformative weeks, you’ll discover the deepest dimensions of the Enneagram — from persona to wholeness to the Greater Realizations that dwell in the territory past your kind.

This unusually complete program will information you to apply inside realizations to social change and activism — remodeling private therapeutic into significant contributions. You’ll be invited to discover acts of service which might be genuine and ignited by the sacred qualities of the 9 sorts.

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If you’ve studied the Enneagram, you’ve likely begun to work with these revelatory insights. You now have a lens into lifelong patterns that have kept you from experiencing wholeness and fulfilling your potential.