Joel Comm – Live Video Revolution


Joel Comm – Live Video Revolution

Joel Comm - Live Video Revolution

“Not Only Are You Going To Learn How To Build Mega Converting Live Videos, But You Also Get Direct Access To Special Tools And Training Bonuses That Will Shortcut Your Way”
The Live Video Revolution Course

Unlock ALL Three Sections of the Live Video Revolution INSTANTLY.

Part One: The Technology – Joel teaches you the tools of the trade, how to get set up and ready for your first live video broadcasts.

Part Two: The Strategy – Unlock what’s working now to generate traffic, leads and sales from your live casts.

Part Three: The Experts – Joel brings on the best of the best from the live streaming community to teach you their customer acquiring techniques.
BONUS #1: Authority Re-Engineered
Live Video Revolution

The first bonus is called Authority Reengineered – this tactical training will take you step by step on how to make sure your online presence is the best it can be. Through some powerful shortcuts this bonus training will re-engineer “what’s working now” in online marketing to make sure you have the tools in place to capture all the leads you’re generating.
This bonus is ideal for anyone who needs a leg up in the “starting phase” of building out their online presence. But even the best of the best can use these strategies and shortcuts to increase their leads and sales.
BONUS #2: Ranking Through Streaming
Joel Comm – Live Video Revolution

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Now a special bonus that, again, you’ll only receive when you sign up for the Live Video Revolution virtual workshop. Our “Ranking Through Streaming” in-depth training. As you know, the most important asset of any business is their lead list, more specifically their email list. This bonus training will teach you how you can easily rank video’s on YouTube and in Google by harnessing the power of ‘live video injecting’ – it sounds a bit technical, but trust me, once you have this strategy down… you’re going to be amazed at how quick and easy you can rank for even tough key words.
BONUS #3: Full Scope Analytics Software
Joel Comm – Live Video Revolution

It doesn’t stop there, we’re hooking you up with a pro trial version of Full Scope analytics software. You’ve heard the saying, “numbers don’t lie when it comes to live streaming” right? Okay, I may have made part of that quote up, but analytics are a crucial tool to have in your business. Our good friend Casey Zeman is giving you a trial of the new PRO version of his Periscope analytic tool so you can have a clear vision and measurement of how and when your audience engages with your message. You can also connect with twitter to do something amazing – retarget anyone who attended your stream with twitter ads. Incredible possibilities here, and we’re giving it to you today.
BONUS #4: Live Agency System
Live Video Revolution

Speaking of scaling, this brings us to our last bonus that you get when you purchase today and that bonus is called, Live Agency System. When I mentioned I want you to grow with me, I really meant it. Live Agency System coaches you on how you can provide “live streaming” as a service. Lots of you have marketing consulting or web design companies, but really anyone that wants to help their clients GROW can provide live streaming as a service. And we’re going to walk you through each step of the process, from generating leads to closing the deal. This could serve as an added service within your business, or if you’re ambitious – this could be an entire business in itself. You’re the one taking the time to learn the skills, why not profit from them while you’re using them?
How To Make The Sale In The Crowded Space of Marketing Online
The New Art of Know Like Trust
Get Them To KNOW You Before You Go For the Sale…

Get immediately download Joel Comm – Live Video Revolution

The playing field has been leveled again. Anybody and I mean anybody, can pick up their phone and instantly begin broadcasting their content, their passion, share their knowledge with the world, in a push of the button.

By using the power of human interaction (what human’s know best) people will know, like, and trust you even more and ultimately buy from you.

“It’s not buy my stuff and find out
if you like me, know me, and trust me.” – Joel Comm
The Most Profitable Time to Be In Business is During A Revolution…
If you look at media in general, revolutions have happened many times. From the time the radio was invented to now, there has been many opportunities to jump on board. We’re at this time now with live video.

If you’re not doing live video, you can only expect yourself 6 months down the road to say, “Oh I wish I would have jumped on board!” just like you’re probably saying the same thing about Facebook, or Twitter..etc.
It’s Never Been A better Time

Can you imagine being one of those early pioneers who were at the very beginning of the Google Adwords trend? Or those who immediately started building up their Twitter followers at the very beginning?
What would it mean for you and your business if you could take full advantage of the power of this Live Video Revolution?

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