Lea – Shopify Codex 2.0


Lea – Shopify Codex 2.0

Lea - Shopify Codex 2.0

Lead a multiple 6-figure career Shopify Studio with confidence

Start at “DEY” Do Everything Yourself to being able design, delegate, then decompress. To build the eCommerce business of your dreams, increase your profits and team’s clarity.

*️⃣ Go Beyond The Theme

The step-by step program that teaches you how to make high quality custom Shopify Websites without the need to use cookie cutter templates.

  • End-To-End process map, from inquiry to project management to delivery
  • NEW in 2.0 How to fill the pipeline and how adding people to the mix can make a difference
  • NEW in 2.0 Your OWN! Shopify Theme to profit and productize with more ease
  • NEW in 2.0 Scale your offering to fill in revenue gaps and offer new offerings
  • SOPs to design and develop to delegate to the team with peace of head
  • Figma Templates to Accelerate Your Design Process
  • Clarify your project management and scope lessons for Ecommerce
  • Learn web design (UX/UI), specifically for ecommerce
  • Checklists for development to keep you on the right track
  • Forever! Get in depth tutorials and wiki resource for code snippets.
  • Designer friendly trainings Shopify Liquid
  • Handoff process for site launches, and testing protocols for custom-made work
  • Here are some tips and tricks to help you streamline your operations so that they can scale.
  • A community of developers and designers like you to collaborate with and to lean on
☞  Phase 1


Get that high-end client without the uncertainty and stop worrying about scope creep.
  • Your discovery is the key to a successful project. You’ll walk away with a A clear understanding of how to extract the details from your prospects To create a clear Scope Of Work (SOW), project
  • NEW in 2.0: Proposals and the Process for Multiplier-5 figure stores and having an experienced team that is focused on profitability
  • Do not leave any questions about the process with your clients or your growing team. We will explain everything. Common pitfalls of custom-made projects and how to keep the timeline on track With onboarding and management templates.
  • Never drag a project because you’re missing copy. You will find our framework for eCommerce-specific copywriting included!
☞  Phase 2


Don’t waste time in the design rabbit hole. Designing high-converting experiences that are easy to implement is key.
  • Understanding the real problems of your customers will help you. Create a strategic design that doesn’t leave your client questioning every decision
  • NEW in 2.0: Forecasting challenges with new brand – How to integrate your Brand and Packaging Design Process into timelines
  • Learn how to create your file for a Development can be more efficient
  • Create and prototype a site that you love Get better feedback and more deliberate conversion focused experiences you can deliver on
☞   Phase 3


You will learn the technical skills, hacks and tips that only you can teach with real client examples.
  • We’ll go over how to Modify the taxonomy of your store layouts to help you achieve the goals of each client. This includes how to stage templates for a Redesign, hacking products, apps we recommend, and more
  • You’ll finally Learn how Liquid works, and are simple to use tools to make it easier. You can make the changes you want without any hassles
  • NEW in 2.0: Learn in-Deep tutorials on certain critical apps in the ecosystem are available for advanced stores that run programs like Loyalty or Advanced Promotions.
  • You’ll get the End-To-End-to-end process of a complete site build, from SEO, to CMS setup and to code Version control methods that will keep your theme in action mode so you can quickly implement it with fewer mistakes and missed details
☞  Phase 4


Get your client Amped without the anxiety A critical launch and how you can plan for unexpected hiccups during a custom site launch
  • Your pre-Launch jitters with A clear minute-By-minute action plan that’s client facing
  • How to get from development store to live store For a variety of store lifecycles, see the following cases
  • Resign from frustrating boomerang clients Easy to use handoff documentation, QA ticket process
☞  Phase 5


Move from company-Of-One who is DEYing to lead a dynamic, badass team at large scale.
  • How to be a leader in your business and stop being a Do-Everything-yourselfer.
  • You’ll finally Hire your first employee confidently, and know how to delegate and get s**t done without draining your bank account in the process.
  • NEW in 2.0: The course can be used to train your developers and designers (just like I did!) to become highly-performing members of your studio
  • You’ll get the End-To-End process of working with multi 5-Figure Provide a memorable experience for clients

*️⃣ For Designers, Developers and Studio Owners:
Scale your
Shopify Studio
What if you could get the support to transform the structure of your business so that it can run a multi-million-dollar business?-6-figure even 7-A figure studio that is SIMPLE?

What if you could streamline your core offering and offer more profitable and faster turnaround services to fill the gaps in your offering?

What if you had the support and resources to: outsource people who KNOW what their doing, have an entrepreneurial network at all stages and the month-To-Month support as you grow

Discovery offers flexibility in design and a simplified process that maximizes profit. This allows you to unlock your time and grow your team.

Profit = Pipeline, Process, People.

I want you to double your profits in six months. Get the support and clarity you need.

*️⃣ Can you Imagine?

Imagine being able build custom shopify websites that clients paid 5 figures for, and not having to spend 400+ hours.

Listen… Knowing how to speak to a computer is pretty f***** cool if you ask me. Imagine being able switch from pixel pusher to computer psychic.

Designing and Coding Shopify This is not only for the agency world’s mystical wizards.

*️⃣ Here’s the deal

Clients don’t want boxy boring templates they are Limit to.

You need to unlock the next level in order to charge higher prices and impress your clients. Shopify. You can customize templates and also serve your multilingual clients.-5-Figure clients, leading a group, without having a meltdown.
  1. Instead of spending hours working on a project, head home early to spend time with your family. Let’s end the late-Code for night-Until-Your-Eyes-You can bleed projects to create something for your portfolio.
  2. Create a streamlined and repeatable process that you’re able to outsource to a junior designer or developer. This means no longer feeling disappointed and having to redline work because it doesn’t match your vision.
  3. Being able to work from anywhere ‘money resides’You know this, Shopify Projects can be more expensive so it is important to learn how to create custom designs to be able to charge these prices.
  4. You should know exactly what you need to do at each stage. Your time is most efficient when you are active. Use the checklists, breakdowns of each phase, resources, and other tools to help you get unstuck.

*️⃣ Here’s the problem…

You want to go beyond just being a brand designer, you know your *dream* clients need more than that, and you would LOVE to offer it with the same confidence you can with your branding services.

☞ You lack the confidence and knowledge to do so right now-how… you think that:

  • Shopify Complex
  • It’s too costly for the clients you are attracting.
  • Professional coders are essential
  • That you don’t have the time to learn how to the proper mechanics of how to code so you don’t make a profit ever because you outside these parts
  • You can get overwhelmed trying to figure out how you got there.-To’s from tutorials which are confusing at best
  • To streamline your design process for clients with lower budgets, you can’t create your own templates
  • You can’t buy another bottle-necking your timelines

☞ My students end up:

  • Design studio or agency that offers Custom Shopify Services
  • Become a developer who offers white label custom development
  • Solving the problems faced by $1MM+ revenue stores looking for CONVERSION tactic designs
  • Winning design awards
  • Vogue Magazine: How to Get Featured
  • Serve clients that specifically DON’T want templates you can deliver on

*️⃣ + more NEW content Starting Q1 2023

  • NEW in 2.0 Without sacrificing quality, freedom, or profit, grow your team and onboard your first contractor.
  • NEW in 2.0 Get detailed tutorials and top-quality tips on how to sell your services to existing clients.
  • NEW in 2.0 To create a more profitable, scalable offering for your mid-sized business, you can develop your OWN unique theme-Tickets inquiries (including my website accelerator process!)

Hear it directly from Rebekah, a former student.


“It has really transformed my business, it’s transformed my outlook, and even my approach to not only Shopify projects but all web and branding projects. It has really expanded my horizons…”

*️⃣ You’re a great fit for the Codex if:

  • Going ALL IN on Shopify This is the next step in your creativity business.
  • You’re ready for streamlined processes Positioned for profitability
  • You need expert level help on Custom shopify faster With less technical nightmares, or last-The minute anxiety of testing or fixing
  • You must offer More strategic design services for high-quality-earning stores They are more demanding than ever.-depth conversion design
  • You’re ready to invest the time and effort into learning a new language so you don’t have to google until 2am
  • You’re ready and willing to implement a new framework that works for you to find the magic that your clients can’t find anywhere else
  • You want to find a community of developers and designers that you can work with, get insight from, and support your projects. Shopify Expert.

Maybe you are just curious…

*️⃣ Why Offer Custom Shopify Services

  1. Entrepreneurs are looking to invest in the future-brand beyond what they can DIY but don’t cost them a fortune, are still unqiue and beautiful.
  2. Shopify It is still a niche market and the number of people who can create customized stores is not sufficient to meet the market needs.
  3. The best way to customize themes is to be able to.-Other designers are looking for the same skills and require help all the time.
  4. Clients who are willing to pay more than 10k+ have specific and more complex needs than templates can meet.
  5. To instill confidence in your clients and to create a referral-worthy service, give them a simplified process.
  6. With Online Store 2.0 Now, more merchants are looking for storefronts that unlock design power.

*️⃣ Hi, I’m Lea!


I’ve been coding since 12 years old, back in the good old days of Neopets and MySpace profiles. My nerdy passion has become a thriving multi-million dollar business.-Six-figure design studio. Everyday I get the opportunity to help entrepreneurs realize their small business dreams. With the platform you need: Shopify.

I have been developing Shopify After working in stores for five years, I finally decided to change my approach and offer customized experiences to clients who value design in a way which allows them freedom and profitability.

This strategic process and the skills I learned have allowed me to work with 6 clients in a year and create multi-million dollar deals.-Five-figure months while working remotely from home, abroad, and on vacation. All while serving clients to whom I feel deeply connected.

I’m on a mission to help you build a thriving eCommerce design business That challenges you and allows you to live the life that you want.

*️⃣ Is This Right For Me?

☞ If you are…

  • You want a “no”-Work-Copy and paste is required
  • You don’t plan to spend time learning a language and practicing it.
  • You do not want to book high-end clients with larger design needs.
  • You think your process works fine as it is.
  • You don’t want support from custom-level clients.
  • It’s fine to outsource 0% of your projects profits and do everything yourself

☞ Perfect for you if ….

  • You are eager to learn Liquid, and build your own sections
  • You want to offer more detailed and strategic design services, and work with fewer clients, for more $$
  • You are willing and able to dedicate the time necessary to learn new skills. Shopify Sites with ease
  • You should learn how to create smoother projects that are more profitable.
  • You want to feel confident in leading merchants through this Shopify ecosystem
  • You can make time each week to practice and learn, then you can implement the process.
  • You are desperate to build your team and bring in support to help you grow your studio.

*️⃣ Original Content:

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