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Love or Above – Christie Marie Sheldon

Love or Above - Christie Marie Sheldon

The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit is a set of 12 profound energetic experiences designed to instantly raise your vibrations – and in turn your magnetism for the outcomes, people, and synchronicities you desire. From tools that open your heart space, to exercises that reconnect you with Higher Guidance, to meditations that shield you from negative energies – you get a fun, easy-to-use, and deeply transformational solution to living your life from a space of unshakeable high vibrations. All presented through Christie Marie Sheldon’s world-renowned energy clearing method.

The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit Helps You…

Clear invisible blocks and self-destructive patterns from your energetic blueprint, so you can experience life from a high-vibration state.
Dramatically amplify your manifesting power so you can attract what you want with greater ease and joy.
Uncouple from unnecessary stress, anxiety, and negativity caused by low-vibrational holding patterns.
Enjoy better results and outcomes with all your other personal growth practices.

Creator of Love or Above & Unlimited Abundance Program

Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive healer and energetic coach. She connects to the Infinite realm to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 30,000 clients and demonstrates these talents on the radio and in seminars.
Are You Satisfied With Your Ability To Attract Or Manifest?
Seminars. Classes. Yoga. Meditation. Article after article. Personal coaching.

Chances are you’ve tried at least one of these paths to leveling up your life. Or maybe even all of them.

Maybe they’ve helped. And maybe you’ve attracted some of the things you want in life. But if you’re like 99% of the rest of the world – you still have plenty more goals you want to accomplish, tons more wealth to be created, and a lot more joy to be had.

Perhaps you’ve invested your money, but are waiting on returns.
Maybe you have a car, but not the one you wanted.
Maybe you’ve got a great job, but it’s not your dream career.
Perhaps you’re healthy, but you’re not as fit as you want to be.

In other words, you’re stuck in a manifesting rut. You’ve hit a level that may even be above average, but it is not nearly where you want to be or know you can be.

The reason for this is not because you haven’t worked hard enough or you haven’t attended enough seminars, and it’s not that you haven’t tried enough things.

It’s because you haven’t tried raising your vibration.
The Vibration Scale & How It Decodes The True Nature Of Life

Even at the tiniest level, Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy. Now, leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a Scale.

The Vibration Scale operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.

The question is, what vibration are you most often operating on – and how is that vibration affecting yourself and your reality?

The Vibrations Scale
The Astonishing Impact Of Your Vibrations On Everything (And Everyone) Around You

Numerous studies have shown that a conscious or sentient being, like a person, can change what happens to another object by affecting that object’s energy. Dr. William Braud’s research is one such study with very compelling evidence.

Dr. Braud and his colleagues at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio designed and conducted some of the most ingenious and rigorous “bio-PK” experiments (“Bio-PK” is the study of how psychokinesis affects other biological organisms).

One of Dr. Braud’s many experiments showed that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. Though the effect was small, the results proved significant beyond chance and were replicable by other scientists. This proved that our thoughts and energy directly affects the things around us!

One of the most famous studies on the power of our thoughts was in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment. Observe the difference in the water crystal’s composition after being exposed to the words ‘Love’ and ‘Anger’ respectively.
Your Vibrational Frequency Is Like A Magnet – But What Is It Drawing Towards You?

Your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.

If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disruption and difficulties.
But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life that serves you, one aligned with your true, whole self. Life will suddenly become so much easier—and you—so much happier.

Here’s a shocking fact. If Enlightenment is at a level of 1,000 the average human only vibrates at 20% of that.

Vibrating at 20% is just the beginning. As mentioned earlier, this is the level where a person reaches an awareness that their thoughts and actions influence their reality. However, there is still much more to go before you can become an instant attractor of your desires.

Historical figure like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln operate at 70%.
The most important level of consciousness is at the 500 level, which Christie calls “Living from Love or Above”. This includes vibrating from Love (50%), Peace & Compassion (60%) and everything else above towards higher consciousness. Once a person opens their awareness to this level, they’ll begin to experience an entirely different life.

Does it come as a surprise to you then, that the average human being is vibrating at 20% of their full potential? Is it any surprise that millions of people around the world don’t know how to get out of feeling stressed, anxious, sad, and fearful… leaving them unable to move forward toward truth and fulfillment?
What Vibration Will You Choose For Yourself?

The real truth is, it’s so easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect to their true purpose and raise their vibrational frequency. Christie has performed over 30,000 personal consultations – and she’s seen countless spectacular changes in people when they simply choose to vibrate at higher frequencies.

That’s why we’re collaborating with Christie to help people raise their vibrational frequency to “Love or Above”. And remember: the act of shifting to vibrations of love, joy, peace, compassion, enlightenment and beyond isn’t just an exercise for the mind – but a total life shift that engages the HEART and the SPIRIT.

Christie Marie Sheldon is a gifted intuitive life coach and author. She is Mindvalley’s #1 bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields, erase their inner blocks, and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential.

Over the past 15 years Christie has spoken on radio shows, seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders.

Christie’s deepest desire is to empower people to live in a state of abundant flow, free from the stress of lack and negativity. She is the creator of the acclaimed Love or Above and Unlimited Abundance courses, published by Mindvalley.

A community-favorite, Christie Marie Sheldon is Mindvalley Academy’s #1 Bestselling Author.

Throughout her illustrious career, Christie has garnered a legion of loyal fans worldwide.
A Personal Message From Christie

As an intuitive medium, healer and facilitator of consciousness, I’ve found that most people are almost completely shut out from their highest vibrations – and therefore are missing out on living their greatest lives.

This is an unfortunate circumstance in today’s day and age. Because, you see, many people live their lives succumbing to society’s (and their family’s) programming: do well in school, go to college, get a job, get married, have 2.4 kids and a white picket fence.

Due to society’s programming, most people are not tuned into their spiritual self, and so they’re not aware of their true purpose. Many people end up living a life incongruent to their true selves. When a person lives a life unaware of their true spiritual nature, their consciousness is stuck in low vibrational frequencies. And this not only blocks progress, but it creates unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

Get immediately download Love or Above – Christie Marie Sheldon

That’s why I’ve created these tools that I personal use in my daily life. These can help you stay at the vibrational level of 500 or above, which I have called “Living from Love or Above.” This includes vibrating from love (50%), peace and compassion (60%) and any other state that is moving toward higher consciousness. Once a person opens their awareness to this level, they’ll begin to experience an entirely different life. And I really hope that these tools will help you create the change you want in your life.
How Do You Raise Your Energetic Vibrations?
Use These Tools to Make The “Shift”

After conducting over 30,000 personal consultations, Christie knows exactly what tools and techniques are required to raise your vibrations for success and joy. These tools and exercises are so easy, anyone from 1 to 100 can benefit from them. And because they’re both fun and fast acting, you’ll look forward to using them everyday.

But before we explore these spiritual tools, let’s take a closer look at how your life will change when you make the Shift from Lower Self to Infinite Self.
The Shift in Your Love Life
Your Lower Self Will…

Reject potential lovers, fear of unfaithfulness, too much unnecessary drama
Your Infinite Self Will…

Attract healthy love, express unconditional love, freely give and receive love
The Shift in Your Wealth & Abundance
Your Lower Self Will…

Struggle to make ends meet, work hard with little rewards, attach negative emotions to money
Your Infinite Self Will…

Attract abundance with less effort, save and spend money confidently, enjoy a healthy relationship with money
The Shift in Your Career & “Job”
Your Lower Self Will…

Struggle with stress and burnout, get stuck in a rut, reject opportunities for growth
Your Infinite Self Will…

Love your work, align with your unique purpose, feel a sense of ‘higher guidance’ in everything you do
The Shift in Your Relationships
Your Lower Self Will…

Feel disconnected and distant, wrestle with emotional baggage, struggle with tense relationships
Your Infinite Self Will…

Enjoy deep and rewarding relationships, solve problems easily, lift other people’s vibrations
The Shift in Your Health
Your Lower Self Will…

Experience difficulty healing and staying healthy, hold onto damaging negative energetic charges
Your Infinite Self Will…

Repel ailments and disease, have an instinct for making healthier life choices, clear negative charges naturally
What Students Say
“It is helping me to dust off my intuition and follow it.”

I love the muscle testing it has helped me so much in letting go of blocks and negative emotions.

The Blessing Ball of Light works. I did it one day and had an awesome day, my drive to work was smooth, my interactions with my coworkers was happy and light and positive. I felt amazing that day.
Dawn McGroarty
“100% effective in the 2 Years we’ve worked together.”

Christie is a radiant Being and a miraculous healer that is able to transform any and all family situations, from spiritual downloads for me and my three girls ages 10 (twins) and 12, to curing the common cold, to helping a daughter heal faster from a broken arm.

Her abilities work from anywhere on the globe to where we live.
Brigitte D.
“The way I see and approach life now is drastically different from the way I used to.”

Almost a year after, the connecting-to-Universal-Energy and the Blessing-Ball-of-Light exercises are part of my daily routine. As a result, I have gone from a barely-avoiding depression woman with tons of personal and professional uncertainties to a genuinely happy human-being and on my way to a new career as a REIKI/Energy healer.
Dr. Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez
“These are such helpful & powerful tools to navigate through life.”

Christie-Marie explains in such an approachable, easy to understand and friendly way how the Universe works for you, how you can raise your vibration to experience abundance, love, and fulfillment by doing simple things and having a positive impact on your environment (immediate family, a larger community, the world) by making small changes.
Diana Firican

Course Information
Introducing Your Advanced Energetic Toolkit
A Powerful Set Of Energetic Tools And Techniques To Raise Your Vibration To Love Or Above

To accelerate your connection to higher vibrations, Christie has specially hand picked a selection of energetic or spiritual tools, which are some of the most powerful and transformative tools you can ever get your hands upon. Some of the tools are exercises, some are guided meditations and some are visualization techniques.

But what each share in common is the fact that, when applied into your life, they provide you with a quick and sometimes instantaneous way to shift your energetic vibrations to higher levels.

Muscle Testing: Make The Right Decisions At All Times

Imagine having a reliable tool that answers all your important questions like, “Should I take this job?”, and “Is this a good investment?” Muscle testing is based on the fact that our bodies are tapped into a higher intelligence. High energy causes a different response in our muscles than lower energies. By learning to distinguish these responses you can ask yourself a question any question, and get an intuitive pulse on the best answer for you.

How To Ask Life-Changing Questions: Learn The Simple Questions That Can Open Up A World of Possibility

You know what’s so amazing about children? They’re always asking questions and growing! But as we get older society boxes us into levels of thinking that range from the absurd to the harmful – and that limit our true potential. So how do you regain that childlike sense of curiosity and limitlessness? This essential guide shows you exactly how to ask the right questions that lead to the right answers and amazing new opportunities.

The Wisdom Meditation: Connecting To Your Infinite Self

Are you feeling lost or stuck? Is there a problem at work that you don’t know how to solve? Or maybe you just need a little inspiration or a pick-me-up? This 30-minute guided meditation connects you to your Infinite Self, and empowers you to realize that all the answers and inspiration you seek are already inside you. Use it often to harness the superpowers you never knew you had.

Connecting To Your Guides Meditation: Getting Support From A Higher Power

This tool is a favorite for many! When you open your awareness and connect to your Guides, you’ll get access to answers and guidance previously closed to you. You also start to find elegant synchronicities appearing in your life : unexpected phone calls, chance encounters, and opportunities falling into your lap. Your guides will know exactly what unique spiritual gift you need at any point in your life.

The Energy Detox: Cleaning Up Negative Residual Energy From Your Being

Whether it’s in the subway or at home – we constantly absorb energy from the people and environments around us. That’s why, just like taking a shower, it’s important you routinely clear energy. This exercise clears your energy field of emotional scars and negative energy that you picked up along the way, clearing low vibrations and maintaining your energy levels in positive fields. You’ll feel so much more positive energy and clarity as you go about your day.

Energy Radar: Becoming Immune To The Negative Energies Of Those Around You

Clearing yourself of negative energy is good – but with this technique you can also deflect negative energy from certain people or environments from ever coming to you. And instead release and return it with blessings and love. The Energy Radar is particularly useful for becoming immune to recurring sources of negativity, like in the workplace or from a specific friend or family member.

The Cord Cutting Meditation: Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns That No Longer Serve You

Energy cords are old energy patterns that can come from your family, long-term friends, and ex lovers. We form these “energy cords” with anyone we’ve had an intense encounter with, whether sexual or anger. Some cord are good, but many are negative and keep you tied energetically to people you may want to let go. This 30-minute meditation cuts the old, unresolved energy that your body is begging you to release.

Vision Board Energizer: The Next Level In The Vision Board Exercise

Vision boards are incredibly powerful tools – but in some cases an unresolved energetic or emotional block could be preventing you from manifesting everything on yours. For instance, you might desire a perfect relationship – but self-esteem issues are holding you back. This power-boosting exercise will quickly align higher vibrational frequencies with your vision board, so you can create your greatest reality.

Key To Self-Mastery: How To Manifest Your Desires, Faster And More Often

Sometimes, the ‘movies’ playing on loop in your head stop you from manifesting what you really want. This simple exercise helps you uncouple from the stories, memories, and scenarios holding you back from creating the ones you truly want. At the end of it, you’ll develop an instinct for the goals you really desire in life – and enter a state of allowing that empowers you to achieve anything you can perceive.

Getting Into Your Heart Space: Creating A Calm, Cool Confidence To Stride Toward Your Dreams

When things get stressful, when people are relying on you to make quick decisions, or perhaps when you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to connect to your heart space. The heart center is the point of awareness where feelings and energy are. This tool helps you tap into your heart space, re-center yourself, and connect to the source of your awareness in its purest form.

Get immediately download Love or Above – Christie Marie Sheldon

Blessing Ball Of Light: Learning The Art Of Giving “Blessings”

Imagine if you could hold in your hands a ball of light, containing the purest essence of all the goodness around you. From happiness to joy, forgiveness to productivity and anything else your heart can imagine, this glowing ball of light will grow bigger with each blessing. And then —whoosh!— you can project this radiant energy vibration into your heart, or even into the hearts of your loved ones. This powerful tool helps you do just that.

Spiritual First-Aid For Families: Creating More Loving Bonds Within Your Family

Energy cords between family members are the strongest, and the level of your family consciousness will have a great affect over you, and vice versa. This tool helps you heal relationship wounds, create stronger bonds, and raise not only your own – but your family’s vibrations to a level of Love or Above.
Plus: A Selection Of Micro Tools To Supplement The Primary 12 Tools:

Light Contract: A proven declaration to make the universe aware of your intentions so it can support you in every way.
Attitudes of Gratitude Journal: A 3-step guided action plan to double your energetic frequency.
Truth Detector: Recognizing your true intuition.
Fear Buster: What to do if fear or anger show up.
Space Cleanser: Instantly suck negative energy out of any space or place.
Intuitive Awareness Questionnaire: Supplements the Life-Path Optimizer to help you recognize the right answer.

Plus you also get: This workbook goes hand-in-hand with the toolkit to lift your vibration easier and faster. The step-by-step practical exercises also have additional tips, examples and information to strengthen your understanding as you progress through each module.

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What People Are Saying About Christie And The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit
“Christie does a great job explaining the importance of raising our vibration to Love or Above.”

I did have some positive changes in my life. I did not think I could afford to get a new car. A few weeks after listening to Christie I ended up leasing an electric car and saving enough gas money to easily afford the payments.

About 2 months after that I got a new job and received the salary that I wanted. Then two weeks later I received an email that they were going to increase my salary by $7000 a year. Christie does a great job explaining the importance of raising our vibration to love or above. I love her positive energy!
“I have learned to make choosing words like love, peace and joy a part of my life.”

I now give myself more time to decide things and really try to feel what my body is telling me. For me a yes feels like my heart is filled with joy and enthusiasm. So far, doing this has helped me to choose more wisely and I’ve experienced good results.

I have learned to make choosing words like love, peace and joy a part of my life. Once when my boyfriend and I had had an argument and the atmosphere was really bad, I decided to repeat such positive words silently to raise my energy level. The effect surprised me because shortly afterwards my boyfriend, who was nearby spoke to me in a kind and loving way. This was an amazing experience because I then realized that I was not only calming myself but influencing another person.

I’m so happy that this course has been helping me to change negative thinking patterns such as self-criticism and judgment into a more confident and loving attitude toward myself, others and life in general.
“With my life completely turned upside down.”

With my life completely turned upside down, I needed a different thought process and I needed to redefine myself. With this course I’m doing just that. I am meditating, reading, applying the tools, creating, redefining who I am, and reflecting love in my thoughts, words, and actions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Maureen Swearingen
“The whole program is filled with so much joy, love and clearing energy.”

I went thru the “Love or Above” so easily. I was so drawn to keep listening and learning all the techniques and statements and tools. I listened to the whole thing in a couple of days. It’s filled with Visualizations, Tools, Action items, Key points, Exercises.

The whole program is filled with so much joy, love and clearing energy. It is filled with lots of wonderful and amazing tools and energy to let go and fill up with. It has helped me to let go of thoughts, energies I am blocked in.
Csilla Sebestyen
“It is helping me to dust off my intuition and follow it.”

I bought the Love or Above course a few months back. I have to say I noticed a difference about a week or so after. It is helping me to live more at the Love frequency. I love that I got to meet my guides finally. That is one of the meditations she teaches is connecting to your guides and angels. It is helping me to dust off my intuition and follow it.

I love the muscle testing it has helped me so much in letting go of blocks and negative emotions. The Blessing Ball of Light works. I did it one day and had an awesome day, my drive to work was smooth, my interactions with my coworkers was happy and light and positive. I felt amazing that day.

I bought both the Unlimited Abundance and Love or Above for my sister. I wish I had the money to buy for everyone because the stuff really works. If you have no money and want to try this I know Christie has a free sample Get it and do those few free things it will change your life.
Dawn McGroarty
Bonuses Included
Enroll Now & Get 2 FREE Bonuses
Bonus #1: In-depth Insights – Intimate Interviews with Christie Marie on the Future Purpose of Humanity and Your Role Today

Join Christie in these eye-opening intimate interviews as she explores the future purpose of humanity and the role you play.

The 3 interviews you’ll get to enjoy are:

Raising Conscious Children
Indigo Generation
The Future of Humanity: What it Really Means to Your Energy & Life Purpose

Bonus #2: Love Or Above PDF Transcript Series For All Modules & Bonus Interviews

Everyone learns differently – so in your package we’re including a transcript of every Love or Above tool and exercise. You can choose to listen, read, or do a combination of both! Simply do whatever suits your learning style the best.
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Six Modules of “Love Or Above Spiritual ToolKit” with 12 powerful spiritual tools
Companion Workbook
30-day Money Back Guarantee from the date of purchase

Plus 2 FREE Bonuses, Instant Access To The Following:

Bonus #1: In-Depth Insights — Intimate Interviews with Christie Marie
Bonus #2: “Love or Above” Transcript Series

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