Marijuana Business License Directory


Marijuana Business License Directory

Marijuana Business License Directory

Now Available: Marijuana Business License Directory

Comprehensive listing of 6,229 state-licensed companies from 21 MMJ and rec programs
Includes expanded business contact info not available from the state databases
Instant Excel download so you can take immediate action on leads
Any updates included FREE, delivered digitally, with revisions noted
100% satisfaction guaranteed – published by the team at Marijuana Business Daily®

Straight from the database of the most trusted provider of business intelligence for the cannabis industry, the Marijuana Business License Directory is an all-in-one sales lead and competitive intelligence resource for industry stakeholders.

The team at Marijuana Business Daily has pulled together all the hard-to-find information on licensed dispensaries and rec shops, cultivators, infused product manufacturers and testing labs. The directory is delivered immediately via digital download of a tabbed Excel workbook (yes, you get a print version too!)

Just a few ways to use the Directory to advance your business (or flesh out your business plan!) include:

Find new clients for your ancillary business, with contact information including the license holder’s business name, location, website and even business phone number in most cases
Accelerate your company’s expansion by understanding the business landscape in a particular state
Conduct competitive research and heat mapping of cannabis businesses to determine the best opportunities for your company

Get immediately download Marijuana Business License Directory

Save Time, Money and Aggravation

The MJBizDaily team spent spent over 1,000 hours researching, validating and supplementing the 6,229 license holders listed in the Directory, creating the most complete single-source resource available. The tedious work has been done for you … allowing you and your team to dive into creating new business opportunities from the leads and competitive intelligence.

The information included is complete, correct, and accurate as of September 2016. BONUS: updated digital downloads will be provided as market conditions warrant through August 2017, with changes highlighted!
Jumpstart Your Sales Leads and Competitive Research With Organized, Verified Electronic Records

All entries have been validated wherever possible to clarify operational status and to confirm phone and website whenever possible.

In addition, the Directory includes a detailed profile for each medical and recreational cannabis state, covering the critical market statistics and unique state regulations important to understanding how best to leverage the listings. Click here to see a sample state summary page.

The Directory places thousands of leads on your desk with the click of a button, ready to call and take action as soon as your instant digital download arrives.
Quickly Access Comprehensive Listings and Contact Details for 21 State-Regulated Programs

The Marijuana Business License Directory includes critical details not available via every state database. Much of this information is difficult to find, and includes:

Business name
Business address
Phone number
License number

The Directory covers all 21 states – including Washington, D.C. – currently issuing licenses to marijuana businesses, including preliminary license-holders in Maryland. Medical and Recreational license information is listed separately, ensuring you can quickly assess each market in a given state.
Get Notated Updates Throughout The Year – Included FREE With Your Purchase!

Businesses from markets not currently issuing state-level licenses are excluded from the Directory. Notable states in this category include California, Michigan and Montana.

As these markets issue preliminary licenses, the Marijuana Business Daily team will get right to work verifying the information on the new businesses and updating the entire contact file.

Get immediately download Marijuana Business License Directory

These updates will be sent to you FREE as part of your Directory purchase, through August 2017. Best of all, the revisions and additions will be notated so you can quickly spot the new information.
100% Guaranteed

Your copy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you do not find the comprehensive directory including expanded company contact information useful, simply contact us for a fast money-back refund.

The Marijuana Business License Directory is now available, and is delivered in both digital and print editions. The digital version is immediately available for download upon purchase and print editions ship via Priority Mail. Order now to get yours as soon as possible!

Got questions? Call Customer Service at (401)-354-7555 x1.
License-Issuing States Included as of September 2016:

Alaska (Rec)
Arizona (Medical)
Colorado (Medical & Rec)
Connecticut (Medical)
Delaware (Medical)
Hawaii (Medical)
Illinois (Medical)
Maine (Medical)
Maryland (Medical)
Massachusetts (Medical)
Minnesota (Medical)

Nevada (Medical)
New Hampshire (Medical)
New Jersey (Medical)
New Mexico (Medical)
New York (Medical)
Oregon (Medical & Rec)
Rhode Island (Medical)
Vermont (Medical)
Washington (Medical & Rec)
Washington, D.C. (Medica

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