Moolah FB Page Strategies


Moolah FB Page Strategies

 Moolah FB Page Strategies

Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Reach

Grow Your Business

(Even if you have a low budget or are starting completely from scratch.)

Growing an audience is about more than the # of eyeballs you get on one post. It’s about creating meaningful engagement on your entire page. Cause having an amazing product, having amazing content is only part of the equation.

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A great product needs a great audience. That’s why we are here. Page Strategies is open for registration until Thursday night. And this round of the program comes with TONS of bonuses to help your business grow today.

Building an audience is tough

(but it doesn’t have to be)

You can have the best product in the world, BUT if you don’t have a HIGHLY ENGAGED audience to sell to, then all your work is for nothing.
Maybe you dream of having an audience of fans that recommend your brand to others. Maybe you want to transform that into recurring revenue.

Maybe you want to use your audience to make a massive impact on the world. Or maybe building businesses on social media is your business.

Does it seem like everyone else is growing these HUGE audiences?

It kinda feels deflating, right?

The problem is…

It feels like your business just can’t reach your target audience?

That you need to “pay to play”?

And that NOBODY (except the big names in your niche)

…has any real opportunity anymore?

Is this you?

It doesn’t have to be.

There is a better way.

Hi, I’m Rachel Miller

Creator of the Viral Funneling Technique to boost your content…

…and the Fast Track Plan.

…and the Bumper Sticker System.

These timeless strategies have allowed me to grow MASSIVE audiences:

QuirkyMomma (built it to over 2+ million fans – sold it)
OneCrazyHouse (built to over 500K in 18 months)
CrazyCatLady (built to 51,304 in just 4 months – with $5 a day in ad spend)

Audiences that are profitable,
Yes, Reliable – Recurring – Sources of Income!
More importantly…
I’ve now taught over 2600 entrepreneurs, CEOs, website owners, small businesses, bloggers, coaches, consultants, agencies, social media managers, and many more (in almost every niche) how to do the same.

Many have learned the skills to grow their audiences…

And, yes, many have built MASSIVE audiences.

Roland Fraiser used the tactics from this course to build his page from 100 fans to 989,600 fans! Don’t believe, go see!
Kimberly McLeod used the strategies to grow her audience from 0 to 1,152,000 fans!
Carrie Loper used the strategies to grow her business page from 24,000 dead “likes” to 888,875 raving fans!
Fynn Ting, just during the last class, grew her Facebook page to 114,450 fans
…And that’s only scratching the surface…

I’ve helped 34 people (and counting) bring their businesses more than 10 MILLION in reach from a single Facebook post.

And I’ve helped literally THOUSANDS of people grow their audiences.

There is nothing I love more than helping other people build their businesses by attracting, loving and serving their audiences.

I am so looking forward to seeing your success too!

So what’s the secret?

Introducing the PAGE STRATEGIES course

I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to help some of the leaders in the online marketing space:

Okay, you’ve seen people like this grow their audiences FAST.

Yet you still might be thinking…

Sounds great for “influencers”, Rachel, but…

What about me?

Can I do this too?

There’s no better way to show you that you can achieve the same audience growth than to show you people just like you bringing people to their business – organically.

What is Moolah’s PAGE STRATEGIES?

Page Strategies is a six-week video training program that teaches you how to create a highly engaged audience of raving Facebook fans.

We have helped 34+ people bring their businesses more than 10,000,000 in reach in a single Facebook ™ post.

We have helped literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people grow their audiences.

Each section has video tutorials ranging in time from 5-10 min long – as well as accompanying checklists and worksheets.

In addition to the course, we’re including a Private Buyer-Only Community, and 4 LIVE Coaching Calls to make sure you’re on track for your goals.

With less than 2 hours a week, and with $5 a day (or less) in ad spend, we take the guesswork out of building your audience – so you can EXPLODE!

So… What’s the secret??

The program covers everything you need to know to grow a Facebook page FAST.

Get immediately download Moolah FB Page Strategies

Whether you are starting at 0 and want to get to 10K…

OR you have a page and are ready to bust out to 100k, 200K or MORE!

What’s included in the

Page Strategies program?

Your Fan




Your Two Customers: You only need to focus on keeping these two “customers”.
What Your Reader Wants: There are three basic “needs” that your page solves.
Find Your Die Hard Fan: This 1 hour trick will help you connect to your readers.
What Facebook Wants: Following this “Do & Don’t” list will bring results.
Your ‘Bumper Sticker’: People interact with content that defines who they are.
Niche Neighborhoods: Make your competition work for you be a neighbor.
Page Types: There are four page types. Find yours and attract customers.

Your Content



Get immediately download Moolah FB Page Strategies


Solve Page Pitfalls: These three things will totally sabotage your page’s growth.
Feed Facebook & Grow: What sizes? What Content? What Text? We tell you.
Types of Content : Oh the posts that you can create – more than you think.
Parts of a Page: Is your page fully optimized? We review the page parts & tell you.
Video Posts: Want killer video content? Want viral videos? Here is the strategy!
LIVE Video Posts: The secrets of how to make your lives pain-free & engaging!
Wildcards, Convos and Statuses: Explode the engagement on a page with these!
Importance of Virals: Why viral? What will a viral actually DO for a page?

Your Growth




Value of scheduling: Consistency. Follow our schedules. Don’t remake the wheel.
Baby Page: What you should be posting & when if you have ZERO likes.
Targeting Stage: What you should be posting & when if you are 1 – 25K in size.
Growing Stage: Here is what you should be posting & when as growing (25-50K).
Duplicating: What you should be posting & when (50-100K and beyond).
Hits page: Do the work once and re-use the content again and again.
Conversation Banks: Copy what works! Need Fast engagement? Grab a title, a headline, or conversation!

Your Viral




Going Viral: What are the reasons why you would NOT want to go viral?
Types of Engagement: All the ways our readers engage with us – You want all!!
Viral Funnels: The sharing strategy that causes content to grow and grow.
Messenger Chat: Your page needs response systems – You can copy our systems.
Crossposting: Get more traffic using relationships with other pages.
Getting Leads: How you can get more leads AND keep them warm??
Growing Groups: Take advantage of groups with these tips.

Your Ads




Ads Overview: What type of ad will help you reach your audience goals.
Pixel: Why you need it and what you should do with it.
Targeting 101: Do you know where the people most likely to engage ARE?
Ad Strategy for Engagement: Build an asset of an audience with these ads.
Ad Strategy for Like Ads: These tactics help you attract real fans, real likes.
Ad Strategy for Conversions (sales or leads): Need more sales – these ads WORK. See examples of real ads, really working!

Your Audience




Get immediately download Moolah FB Page Strategies

Audience Insights Overview: What are your followers really like? Snoop on them.
Getting Information From Facebook: Facebook warns us! NO more wondering about the stats.
Custom Audiences Types: These audiences will biggie-size your brand.
Custom Audiences Strategy: Selecting and growing your custom audiences.
Using Lookalike Audiences: When a audience does a good job, make a LAL!
Facebook Funnels: Lead your readers into a sale (or another conversion).
The Waterfall Strategy: Make life-long fans. You don’t want a single sale, EVER!

Here’s What You’ll Get in Moolah FB Page Strategies

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