Nathan Brine – Taoist Alchemy Level 1: Foundation


Nathan Brine – Taoist Alchemy Level 1: Foundation

Nathan Brine – Taoist Alchemy Level 1: Foundation

*️⃣ Taoist Alchemy 1: Foundation

In 10 classes, you will learn a standard system of Taoist meditation. The course presents the 9 Primary Methods, which were used throughout the alchemical course of (neidan), handed down by Wang Liping.

*️⃣ About this course

☞ $250.00
☞ 27 classes
☞ 3 hours of video content

*️⃣ about Nathan Brine

Nathan He has been teaching Chinese language inner art for more than 20 years. He started Taoist Follow 1997 and immerse yourself in Taoist Meditation, temple arts, martial art, inner work (neigong), energy work (qigong), as well as inner alchemy are some of the many areas that have been studied. For many years Nathan Lived in China and studied Mandarin Chinese language. Afterwards, Nathan He returned to Canada to study educational examine of Taoism. There he received an honours degree in Asian Languages Tradition and worked towards an MA on College of British Columbia. This allowed him to expand his knowledge of Classical Chinese and theology. Taoist canon. After assembly Wang Liping, Nathan He left graduate school and devoted his life to studying Taoist alchemy. In 2015 Wang Liping approved Nathan To show and write a series about Dragon Gate Alchemy. From 2016 to 2020 Nathan Lead lessons and workshops in Vancouver, Canada, and around the world. After his first guide was published in 2020, Nathan I opened an internet program, and the person in-particular instructed me to concentrate fully-time on guide writing.

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Course Requirement Nathan Brine – Taoist Alchemy Level 1: Foundation
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This course is available and delivery within one day! In 2015 Wang Liping approved Nathan to show and write a sequence of books detailing Dragon Gate alchemy. File Size: 250, Format File: 13 MP4, 13 MP3