Network Marketing Launch Program


Network Marketing Launch Program

Network Marketing Launch Program

FinallyA Proven Network Marketing Training Program That Solves The #1 Problem In Network Marketing…Duplicating and Exceeding Your Sponsors Success!

How to Surpass The Success Your Network Marketing Sponsor Has Achieved…Using Today’s Biggest Resources…The Internet!

Dear Network Marketing Business Owner,

Let’s face it! You just don’t see many new Network Marketers building teams of one-hundred and especially one-thousand or even more these days like they used to. Why is that?

Because being able to build one-hundred and one-thousand person teams in Network Marketing is DEAD!…that is, if you try to do it the Old-School way.

Let’s face it, have you accomplished what the “old-timers” did when you hear about them building two and three thousand person teams or are you struggling to get even a few “productive” people on your team?

There’s a reason for that and I’m going to show you how new Network
Marketers are kicking the old-timers butts by using today’s technology and resources to add people to their teams.

That’s right, if you want to make any money in today’s Network Marketing arena, you have to do these a little differently. You have use things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the other social media to stand a chance. Keep reading and I’ll show you why…and more importantly…how.

Hi, I’m Terry Wilson and I’ll show you how new Network Marketers, JUST LIKE YOU are now not only adding people to their team…but are kicking their Sponsors butts…AND HOW TO DO IT!
CASE STUDY: “Network Marketing IS the best money making business opportunity that exists for new entrepreneurs”.
Are You Tired Of Not Achieving What You Thought You Would With Your Network Marketing Business?
(Read the scenario below and tell me if the statements sound
anything like your situation)
  • You bought your Network Marketing business…
  • Your hopes were high…You know there’s a ton of potential in Network Marketing.
  • Your Sponsor told you that they would help you build your business.
  • You’re seeing other people in the Company succeeding, reaching their dreams. Only problem is…you’re not seeing the same results.
  • You thought it would be easier to sign people up…but oftentimes you don’t know what to do next to find people and grow your business.
  • You had already made plans with the money you were going to make in your Network Marketing business. (i.e. like financial freedom, getting out of debt, more time with your family, vacations, peace of mind, less stress, etc.).
  • Frustrated it’s not going like you hoped it would and don’t know what to do about it now.
  • You went out on a limb and maybe even in to debt to buy your business and can’t afford to lose that money.
“Bottom Line is That You Want…and NEED to succeed at this…and FAST?.”
So Why Is This Scenario So Common In Network Marketing?
Because 2 Things Have To Happen For You to Be Successful With Your Network Marketing Business, BUT One Of Them Hasn’t Happened!
The 2 Required Parts of Network Marketing Success Are:

1) “Buy” Your Business
2) “Build” Your BusinessThe Fact is that new Network Marketers are told about HOW to buy their business during the initial presentation about the opportunity.To Complete This Part All You Do Is…

  • You hear about the business opportunity from someone
  • You learn about the opportunity at a presentation
  • You decide you want what the business opportunity offers…(money, freedom, etc.)
  • You buy the business opportunity with either your hard earned money or with a credit card
  • You own the opportunity (your now a business owner)
  • You make tons of money (not yet)
The Problem Is With #2 from above, “Building Your Business”

This Part, “How to BUILD Your Business”, Is Not Talked About To New Network Marketing Hopefuls Because It’s The Part That Network Marketing Companies Can’t Control and Can’t Guarantee You Succeed At.

Because everyone has different levels of experience in “Building a Business”, Network Marketing Companies don’t take on the challenge of helping you with that.

In other words…they only tell you about WHAT’S POSSIBLENOT HOW TO ACHIEVE what’s possible.

This Is The Challenge
  • This leaves you to figure out how to build your business ON YOUR OWN! And unfortunately, most people don’t have experience in building a business and simply don’t know what to do next when reality hits that people aren’t knocking down their door to join their team.
  • The vast majority of all people who buy in to a Network Marketing business, admit that they have NO EXPERIENCE starting or growing a business and didn’t realize how hard it would be.
  • Most new Network Marketers say that they don’t hear much from their Sponsor once they’ve signed up or put their money in. They didn’t tell you this was going to happen…did they? (Don’t be too hard on them, they ARE very busy as they continue to work on growing their own business).
  • Not only are they busy, the truth is, that most Sponsors really don’t know how to show someone else how to do what they’ve done. (I can’t tell you how many Sponsors contact us and enroll their “new team members” in our Program in order to train them due to this exact truth).
  • Too many new Network Marketers try to start their business on their own and without any formal help, training or plan to follow, and lose their invested money because “they don’t know what to do next” …when they don’t have to. There IS help!
“In my opinion, no one should buy a Network Marketing business unless they enroll in this training at the same time. It’s that effective at forcing you to build your team and make money”. Amy R. Orem, Utah
This Is How It All Happened…

A few years ago, I got a call at my office, from a long-time friend, Jen. Jen said “Terry, I need some help“. She said “I just bought in to one of those big Network Marketing Companies because I had an opportunity to be on a great team, but I’ve been trying to get people to join but with no luck and now I don’t know what to do”. (Jen called me because of my having started several, successful businesses from the ground up and she thought I could give her some “how to start a business” advice).

Knowing that it was going to take a lot of time and effort to put together detailed,  customized help and training for her, it was still very important for me to help her.

Back up a bit to the “The Disgruntled Employee”
You see, just a few years earlier, I was just like Jen. I was tired of working for someone else and being controlled by someone else. I was a Sales Manager and responsible for bringing in several millions in company revenue a year but was only making an embarrassing $55,000/year plus a few bonuses every now and then. I was worth more than that and I knew it!

I absolutely HATED working for somebody else! I was tired of working nights and weekends for a Company who didn’t appreciate me while the bosses where all home spending time with their families while I was missing out on all of the important events of my family’s lives.

Knowing that I wanted to work for myself where I could be in control of my income, the hours I worked and have the flexibility to be there for my family, I started spending every extra second I had learning about different businesses and which one would be the best fit for me. Eventually, I landed on a business I absolutely loved and was very successful getting it up and going. Since then, we’ve started several others, one of which is a Consulting and Training business for new entrepreneurs. And this is where Jen came in.

Wanting to help her, I started doing for her, what I do for many of my consulting clients and I started sending her daily business training. As I sent her more training over the coming weeks and months, we worked together to fine tune it and tweak it to the point it was very specific and customized to starting a Network Marketing business.

Jen took the daily training very seriously and completed the Training and something we call “Action Steps” as I gave them to her and within a couple of weeks, had added a couple of people to her Network Marketing team. Over the course of the next couple of months, still following my training lessons, Jen went on to build a very admirable team of over 30 new team members. As she added people to her team, she would call and ask if I would start sending her new team members the training I had given her, which I did.

The training was working, and we kept the training going for the rest of the year, though on a slightly less frequent basis to allow for the completion of certain Tasks. Throughout the remaining year, she went on to build a large, very successful and very profitable Network Marketing team of just over 400 team members and was making just over $125,000/year from her business.


Because I took a completely different approach than what Jen was taking. You see, Jen was trying to build her team by doing what she was told to do (the old-school way). She invited people to come to her house, sit through a long presentation full of hype, and then at the end, she told them that she wanted them to join her business. Let’s be honest, this approach has turned people off for years but it was all she knew to do.

Today’s a very different business environment than it was when the old presentation method was used. Now, we have new resources that have completely changed the way people receive information and get excited about opportunities.

Bottom line, I’m an Internet Marketer and I make my living attracting new customers by using the best resources that we have available today…the Internet. I simply showed Jen how to use those resources to attract people to her team who were already out there looking for an opportunity like she was offering. It worked and it worked very quickly. And guess what…the old timers’ method doesn’t stand a chance to what we can do today for you and your Network Marketing business!

What Happened Next!

Later, and shortly after reaching one of her long-term goals, Jen called me and said “YOU HAVE GOT TO SHARE THAT TRAINING!” As it turns out, once Jen got further in to the Network Marketing Industry, she got to know a lot of other Network Marketers who were having the same issues she had when she was getting started and who were desperate to find something that would teach their new team members, how to duplicate her results and build their own team.

So knowing that so many people were having the same challenges and needed help, that’s what we did. We put the training in video format and made it available to those serious Network Marketers who are willing to put in the work and follow proven steps and who didn’t want to lose the hard-earned money they had invested in their business.

The Training Program has become so effective at helping the people who go through it be successful, that we’ve developed a saying here in our office that has become our mantra with the students, “You only fail if you quit”. Basically meaning that the Program is so effective that if you’ll only do it, you will succeed.

But let me perfectly clear, if you’re looking for a get rick quick program, this is not for you. This program requires work, persistence and determination! There is no guarantee that you’ll achieve the same results that Jen achieved or for that matter, that anyone else has achieved.

With that being said, the reason it has been so successful is because it provides exactly what Network Marketing hopefuls need…the exact Training you need to add people to your team as well as very specific “Action Steps” or assignments needed to make it happen. Also, it contained very specific instructions of how to use today’s technology to attract people who are already on the Internet looking for business opportunities…JUST LIKE YOURS!

So if you’re not willing to go through the steps and put in the effort, please don’t continue. If you are…keep reading because we’re confident that this is exactly what you need to add people to your team and start making money in your Network Marketing business. Just like it has for so many others.

Evaluation Time: If There’s A Proven Outline or Program That Is Known For Helping Network Marketers Get The Results They Want…Would You Do It?
“So That’s How It All Started, And Since Then, Our Training Has Been Used By Thousands of Network Marketers and Some Of The Biggest Teams in Network Marketing.”


The Program is specifically designed for Network Marketers who are either new to Network Marketing or have had their business for a while but have not grown their team like they wanted…but refuse to give up.

The Network Marketing Launch Program is a platform of video based training that gives you very specific Action Steps to perform and that practically forces you to add people to your team.  The only reason you won’t is if you don’t perform the Action Steps.

Knowing that if you’re struggling to get your Network Marketing business up and going, and that you’ve probably already spent a fair amount of money on “buying your business, we realize that even though you could desperately use some help, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend, we’ve made the Network Marketing Launch Program super affordable no matter what your financial situation is.

Let Me Show You Why Network Marketers
Turn To The Network Marketing Launch Program For Help in Growing Their Business and Achieving the Success Their Sponsor Has.
“No one has put together training like this for the Network Marketing Industry until now”!
Let’s Show You Everything You Get When You Start Your Network Marketing Launch Training Today!
  • One-of-a-kind training specifically designed for Network Marketing.
  • Two types of training. 1) Basic and 2) Intermediate. The basic training will give you fundamental Network Marketing training that should be completed before moving on to the Intermediate Section. The Intermediate Training will show you how to use the Internet and resources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to find the people who are already looking for a business opportunity like yours.
  • You’ll Be Taken Through The Exact Steps, In The Specific Order You Must Take Them, That are Required to Start Making Money with your Network Marketing Business in the Fastest Way Possible.
  • You’ll Learn Specific Techniques That The Biggest Team Owners Use To Build Hundred and Thousand Member Teams.
  • You’ll Be Given Assignments To Do, That Will Force You To Add People to Your Team – We call them “Action Steps” and if you do them…You WILL NOT Fail.
  • We’ll Answer The #1 Biggest Question In Network Marketing – How Do I Add People To My Team Without Bothering My Friends and Family.
  • We’ll Answer The #2 Biggest Question In Network Marketing – “What Are The Top Team Owners In Network Marketing Doing That I Am Not” (Yes, believe it or not, there are specific things that must be done. Once you know them, you will have the secrets to growing a huge team).
  • And Just As Important As What To Do…you’ll learn what NOT do to when growing your huge money making Network Marketing team.
  • You’ll Be Taken Through Life Changing, Proprietary Exercises That Are Praised For Getting Results.
  • And Much Much More…
Industry Leading Features
  • Streamlined and Easy-to-Use Video Training – The user admin panel at Network Marketing Launch is straightforward and ridiculously easy-to-use.  This makes for an easy to follow program because you simply move from one training video to the next when you are ready.
  • Unique Access to Training Area -You’ll receive a username and password that gives you access to your Training Queue allowing you to access your training anytime it’s convenient for you.
  • Progressive Business Training – Training starts at the fundamental steps of a starting a Network Marketing business and advances you through more advanced, proven steps that will grow your team to the size you want…as fast as you want.
  • Instant Access to Your Training – Immediately upon enrolling, you’ll receive access to your training allowing you to get started as soon as you’re ready. The intuitive members area which is laid out so you can navigate it with little or no instruction.
  • 100% Web Based Training – Your Network Marketing Launch Program runs 100% on the web so it can be used no matter where you are which means there’s no software or infrastructure to install.
  • Life-time Free Updates-We’re constantly adding new material, training videos, tips and secrets of the top Network Marketing teams and it’s all yours for free as it comes out.
So Are You Excited About Launching Your Network Marketing Business Yet? If so, NOW Is The Time To Take Action!


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