Option Alpha Signals


Option Alpha Signals

Option Alpha Signals

    Read the Entire Report in Just 30 Minutes. Get insights from 12 months of backtesting research of more than 1,476 different technical analysis indicator variations.
Option Alpha’s TOP 5 Indicators. We revealed our Top 5 indicators (with specific settings) that resulted in the highest overall returns, safety and consistency long-term.
6 Optimal Settings Cheat Sheets. Specifically designed to be your “quick reference” directory with the optimal indicator settings for each of the eight dominant performance metrics we tracked.
25 Real-World Portfolio Simulations. See how various simulated portfolios were able to outperform the market by more than 2,602% on average.
And So Much More… We’re barely scratching the surface.

Part I: Backtesting Report Framework

See the Parameters & Assumptions We Used to Maintain Consistency

We examined technical analysis in its purest form. As such, we’ll show you the entire framework including stocks tested, volume requirements, transaction costs and technical indicators selected.
Part II: Top Performance Category Winners

Focus On the Indicators That Work Best So You Can Earn More Money

More than 70% of stock traders lose money, but with our report you won’t become another statistic. You’ll never be overwhelmed by having to “guess” which stock to trade or which direction.
Part III: Optimal Settings Directory

Save Time & Make Smarter Trades With the Optimal Settings Matrix

Say goodbye to unorganized, blind investing and start relying on proven technical indicator signals that help you win consistently. Quickly find the best indicator that fits your overall trading style.
Part IV: Backtested Model Portfolios

Real-World Portfolio & Trade Allocation Simulations

See how our TOP 5 indicator settings performed against the SPY under 25 different real-world constraints with varying starting account balances and percentage allocations per trade.
Part V: Stock Indicator Summaries

Learn How to Setup Each Indicator Even If You’ve Never Traded Before

Even if you’ve never traded some of the indicators we included, we’ve provided step-by-step examples and summaries that show you exactly how each one works so you can get up and running fast.
Part VI: Extended Backtesting Results

Detailed Appendix Revealing the Performance of Every Backtest

The main report already summarizes everything for you. But, if you prefer digging into the data yourself we’ll give you access to our massive 200+ page appendix with individual backtesting results.
About the Author…

Kirk Du Plessis is a full-time options trader, real estate investor, and stay-at-home Dad. A former Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Banker for Deutsche Bank in New York and REIT Analyst for BB&T Capital Markets in Washington D.C., he founded Option Alpha in 2007 and currently serves as the Head Trader.

What started as a small blog has quickly grown into one of the industry’s most respected authorities on options trading with more than 5.4 million visitors each year and 47,000 active members representing 42 different countries. Each day hundreds of new people join this rapidly growing community.

Kirk’s been interviewed on dozens of investing websites/podcasts and was recently featured in Barron’s Magazine as a contributor to their Annual Broker’s Review. When he’s not helping thousands of people turn options trading into a passion and income stream they love, you’ll find him spending time with his beautiful wife and wild kids or working on his 1974 Pontiac GTO in their home state of Pennsylvania.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this report really meant for?

Anyone who wants to invest in the stock market but is skeptical of what really works. And it’s that simple. This report was truly designed for everyone who has or ever will buy stocks. So spread the word because we are going to single handedly change an entire industry for the better.
Can I look inside before purchasing?

Yep, of course you can. Simply  to view a short sample of the report. Be advised however that some of the proprietary information maybe be hidden until you purchase a copy.
Can’t I backtest stocks myself already?

There are many software companies and systems out there that allow you to backtest individual stocks or strategies one at a time. But how long would it take to backtest 1,476 different indicator variations and tabulate the results from 17.34 million trades?
Will the best signals work in non-US markets?

While we can’t confirm that for certain since we didn’t test non-US stocks, we are confident that the size and scope of this report is more than conclusive in its findings which should be applicable to other liquid financial markets.
What are my secure payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and PayPal. All payments and information are protected by the most secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection with bank level security.
Can I share my copy of the report with others?

No! You are purchasing a “Single License” to this report which is protected by strict copyright and trademark law. We do offer an  which gives you limited rights to distribute and reference results, charts or data for use in company publications, reports or presentations on your website.
What’s the format for this report?

You’ll receive this report as a high-resolution PDF (digital format) from inside our secure download center. Currently there are no plans to print hard copies as of right now.
How do I get the report after I purchase?

Instantly, once you enter your billing information and confirm your order on the checkout page. You’ll be taken directly to the download page where you can access the entire report and all supporting resources and guides.
What skills/knoweldge do I need?

None! We wrote this guide assuming that you have never used technical analysis before and offer a vast appendix which summaries each indicator with multiple examples.
I have a question that isn’t answered here…

We are always around to help answer any questions you have. Just contact us via the support page or tweet at us

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