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You get life-time access to our Forex price action trading system and the 5 setups. We teach you how to find signals, enter the best trades and how to read charts.
13+ Hours Of Video Study Material
Our courses are divided into different modules. Learn step by step how to trade price action, use technical analysis concepts, entry timing and market selection.
Weekly Forex setups
You will also join our private member forum with over 2000 posts where we share our setups, answer your questions and review your trades.
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Amazinghong Qy
about 8 months ago

Tradeciety is a team that dedicated themselves with generous sharing in Forex trading and with them I manage to go through my challenging moment where I encounter 80% drawdown on my trading account. Now, not only I am able to recover all my drawdown, full time trading has become my career. Credit goes to them.

Get immediately download Pro Tradeciety FOREX TRADING ACADEMY
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Hansen Wong
about 7 months ago

The best learning place to learn about forex trading so far! Learn alot technical and psychological basics and advanced through them. Not to mention the community is great too! Couldn’t be much happier!
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Nick Alsford
about 9 months ago

These guys are the real deal. Always willing to help and answer any questions.
They have helped a lot of people make a lot of money through their awesome teachings and never ask for anything in return.
Five stars isn’t enough for these guys.
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News Feed
Tak Yee
about 8 months ago

I have been trading for 6 years, stock, future, gold, fx and although I have learned a lot through all these years, I still can’t make money out of it consistently until I came across with Tradeciety. Tradeciety’s forum, articles and vdo have given me new insight regarding to trading and now I am fairly consistent with my profit as well as my performance (no system hoping anymore) and on the course to realize my dream as a full time trader. So many thanks to Rolf and Moritz ; ) Keep to good work going.
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What are you waiting for?
One-time payment. Lifetime membership. Start profiting.
Join now for $599 now only $347
One-time payment. Lifetime membership.
You only pay once and get immediate access to both courses.
Swing-trading system
Day-trading system
Module 1: The Foundation
Learn the core and advanced price action analysis tips.
Trend Wave Analysis
Support And Resistance
Supply And Demand Zones
How To Trade With Trendlines
Trading with Fibonacci Extensions
How To Use A Moving Average
Module 1: Routine, Routine, Discipline
Acquire the mindset and tools of a professional trader in order to maximize your profit potential.
Organizing Yourself And Creating A Trading Plan
Setting Up And Integrating A Trading Journal Into Your Routine
Identifying Your Flaws And How To Conquer Them
Other Factors To Improve Your Performance
Example: My Personal Trading Plan
Pattern 1: Powerful Reversals
How to find entries with our first reversal trading setup. Here you will learn how to read a price chart like a pro.
Trend And Momentum Analysis
Finding The Best Entry
How To Trade With Divergences
A Powerful Moving Average Signal
Get immediately download Pro Tradeciety FOREX TRADING ACADEMY

Module 2: Market Environments And Why So Many Traders Fail
Knowing how to identify market environment is the most important thing before even thinking about taking a trade with ANY strategy.
The Different Market Environments And How To Identify Them
When To Trade Our Strategy, Market Selection
Classifying Highs And Lows, Reading Momentum
Wave Analysis: Depth, Length And Frequency
Pattern 2: The Trap Pattern
Learn how to find and trade the powerful trap pattern and understand how to trade against amateur traders.
The Bollinger Bands ® Signal
Bull And Bear Traps
Fakeouts And Traps
More Entries And Setup Examples
Module3: Different Types Of Retracements And How To Trade Them
Learn how to identify and trade all the pullback patterns that exist in the markets.
Break And Retests – Quick And Easy
Simple Pullbacks – Our Favorite But Most Uncommon Setup
Complex Pullbacks, Reading Local Highs And Lows VS Global Highs And Lows
Flags – Essentially Breakout Trades, These Require A Lot Of Patience
Angles: When Is A Pullback Too Deep And Steep?
Pattern 3: Trendline Setup
With our third setup you can find great entries and understand price action like a pro.
How To Find The Best Setups
Finding Strong Trendlines
The Trendline Flip Signal
Advanced Re-Entry Setups
Module 4: Patterns, Studies And Additional Probability Boosters For Our Entries
See how to improve the odds on our good signals even more by utilizing our probability boosters.
Traditional Continuation Chart Patterns
Stochastic Oscillator: Advanced Reading Techniques
Pivot Points And How To Know Whether They Will Hold
News Items And Market Open Times/Drives
Beginning Trends Vs Established Trends Vs Overextended Trends
Trade Assembly
Module 4: Re-entries, Stops, Targets & More
Now you know how to find great entries. Here we learn some advanced price action signals.
The Best Re-Entry Patterns
How To Set Stops
When To Cut Losses
Managing Trades
Settings Targets
Module 5: Trade Management & Expectations
Finding good exits is an art and will increase your bottom line tremendously – learn how to do just that.
Most Of The Money Is Made In Your Exits, Possible Outcomes Over A Year Of Trading
Setting Goals Correctly
Take Profit Strategies
When To Go To Break-Even And How To Trail Trades
Further Exit Testing With Edgewonk
20 Trade Examples With In-Depth Commentary
Bonus: Trading Plans & More
To help you become a professional trader, we will show you how to find the best Forex pairs and setups every week.
How To Create A Trading Plan
Weekly Preparation
Forex Correlations And Risk
News In The Forex Market
Module 6: Adaptation, Progress And Consistency
Becoming proficient with our professional trading strategy is just the first step in your long and prosperous career.
Forward Testing, Back Testing, And When And How To Make Adjustments
You Have The Tools – Now It Is Time To Make It Your Own
Where To Go From Here – Creating A Sustainable Trading Career For Decades To Come
One-time payment. Lifetime membership.
You only pay once and get immediate access to both courses.
Learn our Forex setups, join the private community and begin your journey as a serious trader.
The all-in-one trading package
See what’s included
Forex video courses to our trading strategies
Works on all Forex pairs and timeframes
Price action, technical analysis, trend analysis and more
13+ hours of video material
Access to the private member forum
Weekly setups and watchlists *
Get direct help and feedback from Us
One-time payment. Lifetime membership
One time payment and lifetime membership
Get access to our Forex video course, private member forum and trade setups
Regular price $599 now only $347 (save over $250)

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Get immediately download Pro Tradeciety FOREX TRADING ACADEMY

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