Rabbi David Ingber – The Way of Kabbalah Advanced Program


You’ll savor the richness of a tradition that sees the movement of the Divine in all things — and experience the true depth of your life.

Rabbi David Ingber – The Way of Kabbalah Advanced Program

Rabbi David Ingber - The Way of Kabbalah Advanced Program

Develop a deep understanding and practice of Jewish mysticism to empower your spiritual awakening and personal growth.

Discover an evolutionary, interspiritual approach to an ancient lineage offering practical guidance for your daily life.

Are you eager to deeply understand Kabbalah (or take your study further)… and discover its profound connection to other wisdom traditions?

Are you excited to understand and honor the ancient roots of Kabbalah and apply the principles in a modern context to your daily life?

Do you revel in spiritual teachings that fully engage and activate your mind as well as your heart?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re ready to dive into the beautiful mysteries of Kabbalah, a path once shrouded in secrecy and now being revealed to everyday seekers around the world.

With deep roots in Judaism, Kabbalah literally means “receiving tradition.” It was passed down orally from rabbi to rabbi to preserve the sacred message explaining the relationship of the eternal, mysterious Divine and the mortal, physical and finite world.

This received wisdom is much more than an exploration of the mysteries of the universe… it’s a profound adventure inward.

A Holistic Path for the 21st Century

Kabbalah offers a uniquely integrated, holistic pathway to spiritual growth — from deep wisdom and healing insights to practical advice for evolving our world.

It’s about aligning your energy with the deeper structure of the universe and seeing your life through the lens of the “Sephirot” — 10 spheres that represent a kind of “energetic anatomy” of the universe.

In the teaching of Kabbalah, you’re a microcosm of the Cosmos, where G-d is continually incarnating, healing and evolving… a unique expression of the Divine in motion. Through this sacred wisdom you can become fully radiant and alive.

For centuries, these Jewish mysteries were withheld from even observant and committed Jews, and only recently taught outside of the Jewish faith.

We’re now blessed to be able to understand, practice and apply this powerful path in a modern, global context — one in which serious seekers of wisdom have the chance to develop the “divine eyes” that the ten Sefirot represents.

Each of these spheres is a prism through which to view part of the universe and your role in it. They offer qualities of being that allows you to relate to the world from a stance of wholeness and balance, choosing just the right qualities to harmonize opposing energies and polarizing interactions.

Discovering the 32 Paths of Wisdom

Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a “path of wisdom,” as well as holy vibrations, or emanations of the structure of the universe. When combined with the ten energies represented by the Sephirot, these 22 letters give way to the 32 paths of wisdom, uniting to create a whole and divine human.

While 32 paths may seem daunting, we’re truly multi-dimensional beings and Kabbalah helps us to see the patterns in our complexities and master them.

Each path of wisdom represents a type of energy and together constitute a kind of energetic anatomy of the universe. As you activate, integrate, and balance these underlying qualities, you become a fully expressed human being — and a reflection of the Divine.

As if that is not enough, more advanced realms of Kabbalah recognize reincarnation and the soul’s evolution as a key to repairing the world. In addition, advanced “magical” practices and invocations of blessing in Kabbalah bring a sacred quality to our daily lives.

Kabbalah is also concerned with the healing of the world. Kabbalists particularly see our role as humans as Tikkun Olam — a phrase that means, “repairing the world by reassembling the divine shards that have broken.”

By engaging the practices of Kabbalah, you can repair that which has been broken and liberate the inner light of the Divine in your life.

Seeing the World With Divine Eyes

In The Way of Kabbalah Advanced Program with Rabbi David Ingber, you’ll receive advanced teachings and practices that bring alive the Tree of Life — the symbolic map at the core of Kabbalah — as well as open up more advanced practices with letters, relationships, and paths of wisdom.

Kabbalists have always been scholar-mystics with families, careers and worldly responsibilities. This powerful mystical lineage does not emphasize monastic practice but instead, a life of integral wholeness in which every aspect of our lives becomes radiant with the light of the Divine.

Rabbi David will show you how to balance masculine and feminine energies to create the sacred union of opposites as well as guide you on a spiritual journey in which you receive practical guidance for walking the 32 paths of wisdom to create a life that’s wise, loving and whole.

You’ll expand your understanding of life and the Cosmos. You’ll begin to see with divine eyes, open to a deeper meaning of words, numbers and symbols, and live with more joy.

You’ll savor the richness of a tradition that sees the movement of the Divine in all things — and experience the true depth of your life.

The Power of a Profound Teacher

The quality of our engagement with any spiritual teacher depends a great deal on his or her authenticity. At The Shift Network, we searched for years to find a teacher who could bring alive Jewish mystical tradition in a way that would speak to you.

We’re delighted to have found that teacher in Rabbi David Ingber. Rabbi David was steeped in the Hasidic tradition in his younger years, then went on a profound multi-faith quest in which he drank in the wisdom of many esoteric traditions and practices.

He then re-engaged his lineage with a more interspiritual, holistic and integrative lens. He is able to make esoteric ideas not only practical but relatable to many other systems. Given that we honor the wisdom of many lineages, Rabbi David is the perfect choice to begin mining the gems of insight from Jewish mysticism and your understanding of the profound linkages to other major traditions.

Rabbi David is both a scholar and a heart-teacher. He can transmit the essence of a teaching on a philosophical level and ground it in stories from everyday life. Because of his ability to bridge many worlds, he’s been recognized as one of the most influential rabbis in America.

More Than a Course, a Journey Into Wisdom

In this program, you’ll not only be able to receive a lifetime of scholarship and practice that has been distilled into 6 illuminating months. You’ll also participate in a virtual community of seekers of wisdom from around the world.

During this powerful program, you’ll:

  • Understand the deep principles of magic and work with the vibratory patterns of the universe through language, number and sound
  • Learn the letters of the Hebrew Alpha-Bet, one of the oldest, most powerful vibrational tools for transforming consciousness
  • Use the 22 letters to circulate energy through the body and energetic system
  • Receive the advanced foundations to understanding the Tree of Life and 10 Sefirot, and relate to Kabbalah as a spiritual practice
  • Discover the Bible from a Kabbalist perspective, uncovering the deepest layer of meaning and interpretation
  • Practice specific yichudim to unite Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Discover how to balance different energies in your being when engaging with your family, work and other worldly activities
  • Identify your unique soul mission — and your lessons in this lifetime
  • Learn the 6 words of a blessing practice that can become a daily spiritual journey
  • Explore the Kabbalistic Creation myth — from the Constriction to the Breaking of the Vessels to the Rectification of the Vessels
  • Learn the Sod Ha’Keruvim, the Mystery of the Cherubs, a language for enlightened love and living
  • Deepen the profound journey of Tikkun Olam
  • Learn more about the meditative, magical and philosophical schools of Kabbalah
  • Understand how to be in effective energetic action in the world, based on understanding endurance and surrender, and pushing and pulling.
  • Discover the mystery of Tzimtzum — and the power and application of creative constriction (rather than expansion)
  • Learn the practices used by centuries of Kabbalists to “release sparks of Divine Light”
  • Discover a deeper understanding of non-dual consciousness
  • And much, much more!

Module 1: Abracadabra
Working With the Magic & Power of the Hebrew Alphabet

A key foundation of Kabbalah is a deeper understanding of the power of language, which connects us to the subtle structure of the universe. By becoming aware of the specific meaning and creative power represented by letters in the Hebrew alphabet, you open to a relationship with the the manifesting power of words, which are the bridge between our consciousness and the material world. When the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word,” it’s speaking to the primary world-shaping power of language.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn the letters of the Hebrew Alpha-Bet, one of the oldest and most powerful vibrational tools for transforming consciousness
  • Study the shape, meaning, name and number of each letter, understanding how language creates reality
  • Practice the sound, breathing, and quality of each of the letters, learning the unique meditation practice associated with combining these building blocks of Creation
  • Practice using the letters to circulate energy through the body and energetic system
  • Explore the mysterious meaning of the Book of Formation, or Sefer Yetzirah, a 3rd century treatise on the magical power of Hebrew Letters
  • Understand words as the creation of multiple seed letters and sounds, each of which combine for the full meaning

Module 2: Walking the 32 Paths of Wisdom

The ten Sephirot combine with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to create 32 paths of Wisdom. In Kabbalah, walking one path alone does not lead to wisdom. Yet, fully embracing and balancing all of these wisdom paths brings real maturity, growth and healing.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore the connection between each of the Sefirot and the letter associated with that energy
  • Learn how to combine letters for healing, for self-awareness and empowerment
  • Practice the ancient meditative technique of the “231 Gates,” combining breath, movement and sound
  • Read the Bible with the eyes of a Kabbalist, uncovering the deepest layer of meaning
  • Discover the meaning of the most powerful Divine Names in the Jewish tradition and related chants that infuse your being with these sacred qualities
  • Choose a Hebrew name and discover how to embody it

Module 3: The Spiral Path
Unifying Masculine & Feminine

In many mystical lineages, the sacred union of masculine and feminine is at the very heart of reality. Kabbalah builds upon the core notion of opposing energies and wholeness, creating something akin to Western Tantra. The very fabric of reality is revealed by the higher union of masculine and feminine in a dance of polarities rather than the war of opposites.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Receive the archetypal images and stories that form the basic structure of Kabbalistic Tantra
  • Practice specific yichudim, unifications to bring about inner union of Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Learn the Sod Ha’Keruvim, the Mystery of the Cherubs, a language for enlightened love and living
  • Cosmic Union and the Divine Love Triangle: how we bring the Messianic Consciousness in everything we do
  • Explore the concept of SoulMate or Zivug and Attracting the Teacher
  • Deepen your understanding of the practice of Shabbat and how to rest in the embrace of the Beloved

Module 4: The Unification of Energies
Lights, Vessels & Healing

Just as white light can be broken down into its component colors, the undifferentiated light of the Divine can be divided into qualities of life, represented in the vessels of the Tree of Life.

Engaging in the work of Kabbalah with our body, mind and soul activates different frequencies of light in our consciousness, healing the vessels — or energetic containers — through which our soul incarnates.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn the Laws of Light and Vessels: How does the Infinite Light make itself known to us?
  • Explore questions such as How do Vessels or Containers behave ?What makes a Vessel strong or weak? andHow do we strengthen our Vessels?
  • Learn the Kabbalistic Creation myth — from the Constriction to the Breaking of the Vessels to the Rectification of the Vessels
  • Practice the Art of Vessel Repair, learning the tools to identify and test the power of vessels and how to reconstruct them when they break
  • Study the meditative techniques of the Chassidic Masters for D’vaykut, or clinging to G-d

Module 5: The Soul’s Evolution Through Time

Kabbalah has profound teachings about the nature of the soul’s journey over multiple lifetimes. Largely unrecognized within traditional Kabbalah teachings, multiple incarnations of the soul allow us to work on developing all the 32 paths of wisdom over many lifetimes.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Identify your unique soul mission and the lessons of this lifetime, and why
  • Study the rich imagery and powerful understanding of Soul Cycles as taught by the Lurianic School of Kabbalah
  • Explore different soul adhesions (dybbuks) or soul gestations (ibbur)
  • Learn to identify basic Soul Constellations and how they impact your choice of family, partner and work
  • Practice using the Tree of Life, the 32 Path of Wisdom to release past-life patterns

Module 6: Repairing the World
Tikkun Olam

In the Kabbalah of Rabbi Isaac Luria, the primordial lights of Creation were too intense for the earliest vessels and the vessels broke. This shattering, or “breaking of the vessels” was a cataclysmic event, alluded to in the Bible and hinted at in the Zohar but not fully expressed until the 16th Century.

This shattering serves as the background for all human life and specifically, the work of the Kabbalist whose job is to discover the light hidden in the broken, material world. Locating sparks of light and releasing them is called Tikkun.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Study the underlying mythological background of this profound Kabbalistic assertion
  • Receive the practices used by centuries of Kabbalists to “release sparks of Divine Light,” becoming an adept at light location
  • Explore the implications of this mystical approach on our everyday life
  • Learn what to do with the “shells,” that hide the inner Spark of Divinity
  • Apply these concepts to social meditation and evolution so that we can create Cosmic Tikkun

Module 7: The Practice of Blessing
The Mundane Mandala of Mystical Mind

Traditional Jewish practice prescribes the practitioner to “bless 100 times a day.” This blessing practice forms the centerpiece of daily spiritual and religious observance and is sometimes referred to as “normal mysticism.”

There are six words of blessing at the heart of this sacred practice. Instead of just blessing food or offering morning or evening prayers, a Kabbalist sees life as an opportunity for blessing everyone and everything, creating an elevated field of consciousness throughout the day.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn the deeper meaning behind the 6 words that comprise the essence of blessing practice
  • Study the powerful hidden message of the Blessing Formula, revealing the Four Faces of the Divine
  • Practice the mantra and chant received for this daily, moment-to-moment Blessing Formula
  • Explore and deepen an awareness of the connection between word, letter, sound embedded in this ancient practice

The Way of Kabbalah Advanced Program Bonus Collection

In addition to the introductory training and transformative advanced course on Kabbalah and the 32 Paths of Wisdom, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course — deepening your understanding and practice.

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