Rachel Pedersen – Social Media United Elite


Rachel Pedersen – Social Media United Elite

 Rachel Pedersen - Social Media United Elite


Now is your time to learn and master the advanced skills of online marketing
The exact skills that have opened opportunities for me to charge thousands per month…


IF you’re itching to start running Facebook ads for yourself OR for clients…

IF you want to understand how to master sales funnels without feeling sleezy…

IF you’re struggling to prove the ROI to your clients…

IF you’ve been wanting to establish yourself as an authority…

Get immediately download Rachel Pedersen – Social Media United Elite

IF you are nervous about creating a Facebook group – and growing it to a massive online presence…

IF you reeeeaaaaally want to create your own course or membership and launch it – with or without a following…



Will teach you everything you need to know in one easy-to-understand program.

The EXACT systems you have been looking to master – in a training that is as easy as A-B-C.
Speak the Language of Marketing Pros

Understanding how the different facets of marketing come together makes sales calls with potential clients a breeze…

The moment you can speak the language of an expert marketing professional -and explain how the moving parts of the entire marketing process all come together to achieve the greater goal – you’re gonna slam-dunk clients left and right.

You marketing professional, you.
The Magic of Non-Monetary ROI

How many times have you heard the dreaded question…. “What is the ROI of that?”

It’s not a bad question, but it is one that can instantly disarm marketers. Learning how to answer this question (even if the monetary answer is $0) with ease and confidence empowers you to help your clients build brands with longevity and raving fans!
The Relationship Funnel

Ever wonder how to get social media visitors to become paying customers?

99.9% of the time, the answer is more than just ‘more marketing’. Instead of cramming customers into a stale sales funnel, learn how to nurture relationships with a genuine and caring touch that breeds a loyal customer-base that feels like family.

What To Expect In SMU Elite:
Week 1: The Complete Relationship Funnel

Selling is about more than just a static sales funnel. A part of growing a raving customer base has to do with how you nurture their relationship from start to finish.

The Complete Relationship Funnel teaches you how all the different trainings from Weeks 2-8 come together.
Week 2: Facebook Ads Made Easy

Get immediately download Rachel Pedersen – Social Media United Elite

Facebook Advertising can be really confusing… Trust me, I know. In this week’s training I’ll be teaching you the exact systems I’ve used for myself and my clients to generate 2-8.5x ROI on ad campaigns.

This week’s training will blow your mind – and includes everything from copy to creative, targeting to retargeting!
Week 3: Planning and Building Funnels

From creating super sexy lead magnets that your target market CAN’T resist – to building opt-in pages for list-building – and even how to create sales pages that actually sell!

This training puts all the moving pieces of a funnel together and helps you to organize what the actual funnels and pages look like.
Week 4: Webinars Without Worry

Have you ever had a nightmare about a webinar completely FIZZLING? Or even worse – has it happened to you?

Webinars Without Worry is the PERFECT training to learn the easiest setup for a fail-proof webinar – from slides to technical setup.
Week 5: Facebook Groups on Steroids

You may have noticed how some Facebook groups experience crickets with little community/engagement – while others are RAGING parties that everyone wants to be a part of!

I’m going to teach you how I created the latter – a group of over 4700 people in just 11 months.
Week 6: Securing the Sale

Asking for the sale (over email, webinar, or funnel). It seems so scary. Not anymore.

Securing the Sale is an essential part of building thriving companies – in this week’s training we will discuss how to finally secure the sale you built the relationship for…

Never fear the selly-sell-sell again.

Act Now & Receive These Bonus Offers!
BONUS Week 7: Email Nurturing Like a Pro

Ever notice how some emails catch your attention week after week? You look forward to reading them, like a weekly dose of chocolate.

In Email Nurturing Like a Pro we will be learning all about how to set up email automations that DON’T seem automated – so your readers feel like every email is written just for them!
BONUS Week 8: Implementation

In this bonus week we will be coming together on a bonus live Q&A call to focus on implementation and any areas you need extra assistance in.

This will also be a week where you can have me and the Elite community review your relationship funnel – and help make adjustments as needed!
BONUS: Elite Mastermind Community

Stay in touch with the Social Media United community in a private community for the Elite members!!
BONUS: Alumni Access

Get immediately download Rachel Pedersen – Social Media United Elite

Connect with alumni of SMU Elite – including those in The Social Clique – and dominate these skills!

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Get Rachel Pedersen - Social Media United Elite immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page Securing the Sale is an essential part of building thriving companies – in this week’s training we will discuss how to finally secure the sale you built the relationship for… File Size: 2.1 GB...