Roland Frasier – AI Powered Expert Apprentice (Special Group Buy)


Roland Frasier – AI Powered Expert Apprentice (Special Group Buy)

Roland Frasier - AI Powered Expert Apprentice (Special Group Buy)

“Revolutionize Your Coaching or Consulting Business In The Next 30 Days Or Less With AI-Enabled Service Delivery & The Perfect Tech Stack, Even If You Can’t Spell ‘AI’”
Join me for a 30-Day Coaching Sprint I will personally guide you through the process of integrating. AI-Tech enabled-For coaches, speakers, authors, experts and consultants: Smart solutions, strategies, tactics, and strategies!
Are you ready for the revolution?
AI (Artificial Intelligence) isn’t just the future anymore… It’s NOW!
And this is the window of opportunity Short
If you ever dreamed to start a successful business, turn your knowledge or experience into consistent, reliable, and regular cash flow, or take an existing speaking, author/expert, coaching or consulting business to a higher level, then Right now is the best opportunity there has ever been…
If you have ever been frustrated, delayed, or even given up on taking the next step in your business because it all just seems too overwhelming, you don’t want to deal with complicated systems, or you’re afraid you just don’t have the technical skills to get it all set up, then this is going to be the most important thing you read this year…
Do you want to take advantage of the Artificial intelligence is the future of power Revolutionize your work process and deliver value to clients. You will also save time and money by avoiding unreliable, hard work.-To-Find workers and assistants
This Is What You Are Looking For…
Right now, you’re just seconds away from having access to the Automated service business solution is the easiest ever
A solution that will allow you to transform your knowledge into something else Regular cash flow It is important to understand what it takes. NO TECH KNOWLEDGECompletely automates fulfillment and marketing, and uses the most efficient technology AI-Tech automation and enablement are available today…
Eliminate Professional developers and designers are needed to create high quality products.-Convert websites and webpages…
Never again You will not need to spend hours setting up shopping baskets, payment configurations, and dealing with payment processors.
It’s effortless Create complete email campaigns and create compelling copy that is targeted to your audience.
This is your chance to finally launch and grow your business. Trouble-Free scalable coaching and consulting empire Use Cutting edge technology The latest developments in AI Tech-Services that are enabled
Join Us for a 30-Day Intensive Coaching Sprint To Revolutionize Your Consulting or Coaching Business Using Cutting Edge Technology AI Tech-Delivery services that can be enabled
Our comprehensive AI It’s super easy tech-Enabled solutions are combined with expert training, workshops, seminars, and author support. This is to help coaches and consultants just like you understand how you can begin using AI To You can dominate your competition and skyrocket results for your coaching and consulting business, without having to know anything at all about tech and even if you can’t spell “AI”!
You’ll learn how to master the basics of AI How to leverage some very advanced strategies Give you the edge, even if you don’t know anything about AI and just touching your computer causes it to crash…
The AI Powered Expert A cutting-edge program that explains how to use Untapped AI Tools and tactics to launch or increase your coaching and consultancy business, dramatically improve your efficiency, deliver, and grow your business You will get significantly better results For your clients.
Here’s what to expect in THE AI POWERED EXPERT
  • Learn the steps-By-Steps to understanding the basics of AI Broken down in an easy-To-Learn how to It works and how you can use it to your advantage “get” this stuff (it’s really not hard using the tools and tactics we will show you, and you do not must be “techie” It’s not difficult to do.
  • Learn about the different types AI These principles can be applied to coaching and consulting This will allow you to choose the right tools and settings for each job. This is almost like having a mentor. All the work is done for you You can make minor adjustments to the design to make it more personal to your clients.
  • Best practices AI Coaching and consultingThis includes how to identify the appropriate use cases and how to implement them AI Solutions (we will walk through real examples of how you can do this on-the-fly so You can see how easy and effective it is It really is.
  • How to use AI Tools and techniques to increase efficiency and deliver better results for clients The power of AI The perfect tech stacks are a must.-We will show you how to blow, and which tools to use. Do all the heavy lifting Many are completely free or very low cost for you. Fully paid Your clients!
  • Examples and case studies of how to AI This has been applied successfully in coaching and consultancy (we’ll give you several copy-And-Use templates to make it easy to fulfill your orders Any clientIn Any situation.)
You’ll Learn Directly From Masters Of The Game…
Our industry experts will share their decades of experience in serving their clients as consultants and coaches. You’ll discover how they’ve Leveraged AI to deliver 7-Figure results With exact time-Tested models and repeatable frameworks
We’ll give you the knowledge and skills to succeed. Confidently Incorporate AI The latest technology solutions to your business and start Revolutionizing the way you work
Don’t miss this chance Take advantage of the best deals-edge developments in AI to launch and expand your coaching or consulting business to the next level, save time, serve more clients with better services and, best of all, transform your knowledge, skills, and network into new or greater streams of cash flow (plus we’ll show you how harnessing the power of AI will have your clients begging you give you ownership in their businesses…without pitching or being “salesy”)…
Real World Case Studies
Here are just some of the real examples and case studies that show how you can apply successfully. AI Tech-Embedded solutions for your coaching and consulting business
1. Automated, personalized coaching and planning for development: Learn how you can harness the power of AI You can create individualized business, marketing and strategy plans for your clients based upon their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives. This allows for you to easily improve the efficiency and effectiveness your coaching process. AI It can analyze large amounts data and make tailored recommendations.
2. Virtual coaching assistants can be deployed: Learn how AI-Powered virtual assistants were used in order to offer coaching and support to clients in real-time, helping them overcome their particular challenges and achieve their goals.-Similar goals
3. How AI Automatically created complete marketing, messaging copywriting, content writing, content marketing content creation email writing sales and landing page design, social media posts and many other elements. All of this was created automatically and tailored to suit the specific needs of each expert.-Businesses that are based on experience.
4. Predictive analytics for performance improvement: Find out how it works AI-The powered platform was used for analyzing data from multiple sources (e.g. sales data, customer feedback) in order to identify trends and patterns that could be used to optimize business performance. This enabled consultants and coaches to make better decisions and help their clients achieve higher results, much faster than ever.
5. Learn how to automate coaching and feedback AI The system was used to automate coaching and feedback delivery to clients. It provided timely and relevant support for their performance. This allowed coaches and consultants to focus on higher-level tasks, which helped reduce their workload.-value tasks.
6. Virtual reality training and simulations – Get an inside view of how AI It was used to create immersive virtual realities training and simulation experiences that allowed coaches to offer clients experiential learning opportunities. This increased the effectiveness of the training process and engaged the clients.
7. Standard Operating Procedures: Learn how AI Designed to help businesses create standard operating procedures, including software development and clearing services.
After Completing the AI Expert Masterclass, you’ll:
  • Be able to Use AI To analyze data
    You will be able to use AI To analyze data and make personalized recommendations for growth, scale marketing, efficiency, just about anything you can think of and any requests your clients might have, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the coaching process.
  • Virtual Coaching Assistants
    Get virtual coaching assistants powered AI Realize your potential-Your clients and customers will appreciate your time and support.
  • Effortlessly Automate The Delivery of Coaching & Feedback
    Automate the delivery and feedback of coaching and feedback quickly, so that you can concentrate on what is important.-Value tasks and providing timely support for your customers and clients.
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
    Advanced predictive analytics are enabled by AI You can identify patterns and trends in data and optimize your business performance for clients.
  • Create AI-Powered Virtual Reality Trainings
    Create AI-You can create immersive learning experiences with virtual reality training and simulations for your clients to enhance the effectiveness of training.
  • Get a huge competitive edge
    Learn how to leverage AI Your clients and customers will gain a competitive edge that will allow them to stay ahead of their peers and help them achieve this.
  • Scale Your Business Faster
    You can scale your coaching and consulting business faster, eliminate staff challenges, reach a wider audience, and provide personalized support to your clients without sacrificing the quality of your service.
  • Identify & Address Problems
    Algorithmically identify problems and challenges that could arise and address them before they happen. AI To help you avoid costly mistakes and improve results for your customers and clients.
  • Provide Real Time Data & Insights
    Realize the potential to dramatically improve coaching and consulting by providing real-Time data and insights that help your customers and clients make better decisions and achieve better results.
  • Help Your Clients Win!
    Learn how to incorporate technology and AI-Enablement can be integrated into your coaching or consulting business in order to improve efficiency, increase productivity, free up time, and help you focus on what you do best: helping others succeed.
The AI Powered Expert This is a comprehensive 30-Fast day-Track coaching programKnowledge experts looking to break away from the grind of client service by harnessing the power and potential of AI To It increases exponentially Expand your empire.
You’ll get access to the complete AI Powered Expert Masterclass + 30 days personal, direct video-Coaching based from Roland Frasier to help you quickly launch or rapidly expand your coaching and consulting business…
The AI Powered Expert This course is different than any other on the marketplace because it doesn’t teach you static information that could quickly become outdated in an environment constantly changing from recessions, wars and pandemics to inflation, pandemics to demonetization.-globalization, tIt is a LIVING BREATHING programContinually updated using the Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform our lives. 
This program will teach you a lot about yourself. Never You won’t be out of date as you will constantly update and improve. Everything you need to know Use the power of AI.
Expect to be completely amazed You will be amazed at what you can achieve with it AIIt is easy to get started. You can go as deep as you like by asking the right questions. This program will ensure that you have everything you need upon completion. Quickly and easily get consulting clients To harness the power of AI For your business and the clients you advise.
You’ll be in a highly leveraged position to operate your entire business using a completely integrated technology that provides everything you need to fulfill your services to your customers, from marketing to billing to reporting and client communications.
Here’s what we’ll cover in the AI Powered Expert Masterclass:
  • Week 1 Lesson Topics
    Intro to AI The Perfect Tech Stack
    • What is it? AIWhat is it and how can it help you to accelerate your coaching or consulting business?
    • Different types of AI These are the applications that you could use to get immediate results.
    • Understanding the role AI Coaching and consulting: What are the key components? How to use them to your advantage to maximize your potential for success
    • The various types of tech and apps used by coaches and consultants, and how even the most tech-savvy can be used.-Individuals with disabilities can win big.
    • How to set up your ideal tech-Enabled coaching and consulting platform to help you start generating sales quickly without any frustration-Consuming configuration
    • How to tap into a steady flow of clients looking for your product or service to boost your business’s sales.
  • Week 2 Lesson Topics
     Use these best practices, strategies, and tactics to get the most out of your website. AI-Tech enabled-Coaching and Consulting: Enabled Solutions
    • Identifying the right use cases for tech and AI in coaching and consulting so you know exactly what you’ll need and when you need it.
    • How to implement technology and AI Solutions for your coaching or consulting business while avoiding getting lost. “technical weeds”
    • Leveraging AI This will allow you to save time and help you create marketing messaging, offers, copy pages, landing pages, emails, calls to action, and other content. AI Professionals have not shown to get better results. “copywriters” And “marketers” Can produce.
    • How to use AI To submit proposals for new project ideas and follow-up-Prospects can be uplifted in a fraction the time it takes to complete major tasks.
    • How to implement AI Fulfillment and Supplement with low-cost, high-quality-Credibility is a reality-Time experts with impeccable credentials can be part of your consulting group for pennies on a dollar.
    • How to deploy your AI-Enabled and tech-Using enabled solutions, you can service your customers, keep their happiness, solve their problems, and follow up to receive more coaching and consulting.
    • Use of the internet: The ethical issues AI Coaching and consulting
  • Week 3 Lesson Topics
    AI Tools and Techniques for Consulting and Coaching
    • A review of the latest cutting-edge AI tools and techniques commonly used in coaching and consulting and how to determine which tools you should use for yourself…
    • How to use AI To increase efficiency and deliver better outcomes for clients while lowering labor overhead and allowing you more dollars in your pockets!
    • Real case studies AI tools and techniques in action…
  • Week 4 Lesson Topics
    Real-World Applications of AI Coaching and Consulting
    • Case studies AI being successfully applied in coaching and consulting so you can see exactly how to copy or model what’s working right now.
    • The most important lessons we’ve learned and best practices from real-Applications worldwide of AI
    • You will benefit from these important insights to help you integrate. AI Tech-enabling services faster, easier, and more profitably than ever.
  • 30 Day Coaching + Consulting Sprint 
    Launch and Grow Your Coaching/Consulting Business in 30 Days or Less
    • Learn how to use AI Marketing can now get new coaching and consulting clients without compromising the quality of your customers.
    • The techie-Step free-By-Step by step guide to setting your computer up AI enabled coaching and consulting platforms, tech stack, technology-Enabled back-office.
    • Your first client: AI LIVE to get paid and virtual assistance with your consulting services for any client
    • Follow-Tech and marketing can help you improve your client services and marketing. AI-Enhanced strategies
  • Next Steps + The Road Ahead
    Next Steps + The Road Ahead
    • We’ll recap and summarize the most important lessons and of key takeaways from the training so you have the clarity and confidence you need to take meaningful action to get results!
    • Next steps in implementing the AI-Enabled and tech-Facilitated solutions for your coaching or consulting business
Each session includes in-Discussions, hands-on training, and depth training-You will find exercises that will help you to understand and apply the concepts.
The course can also be delivered online in a variety formats.-Modules for pacing enhanced by in-person workshops, Q&A sessions and individual hot-Focus sessions in seats
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