Ross Jeffries Magick and Psychic Influence


Ross Jeffries Magic and Psychic Influence

Ross Jeffries Magic and Psychic Influence

  • Step Into Anyone And Know Their True Intentions
  • Shift The Thoughts Of Others Without Saying A Word
  • Remotely Program Others Dreams
  • Pre-Influence Events And Circumstances In Your Favor
  • Immediately Manifest Who You Need For Your Love Life, Companionship or Career
  • Create A Glamour Of Irresistible Attractiveness
  • Master The Seven Basic Skills For Profoundly Powerful Mental Influence
  • Influence Your Own “Higher Self” To Turn Your Wimpy Daydreams Into Super-Charged, Power-Packed Rapidly Manifested Realities
  • Do Real, Effective, Verifiable, World, “Magick” And Get What You Hope For, Want and Desire!!!

Dear Speed Seduction Psychic Influence Friend And Fan Who Wants To Get The Most Out Of His Life (Or Whomever Else With An Open Mind Reading This Message!)

Would you like to enjoy incredible power and influence with the most important, special, people in your lifelovers, co-workers, business -people friends…and have them happily give you what you want without your having to say a word? Would you like to silently draw to you and powerfully influence whomever you need for your love life, dream career, business or other needs, and smile to yourself at the effortless way in which who and what you want just seems to “flow to you”…while your friends try in vain to figure out your “good luck”? Would you like to be able to psychically someone…without even having to utter a word?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this could be the most important message you have ever read.

Here is why: after 14 years researching the best in the self-help and human potential fields (with certificates in NLP, Hypnosis and Silva Mind Control), and 3 1/2 very intense years of research in the world of psychic influence and magick, I’ve distilled the very, workable best from around the world, plus innovations of my own to bring you the only, real-world, verifiable, intelligent system of “magick” and “mental” influence that exists in the world today.

In the very same way I’ve taken and used ONLY what works, in the real world, with Speed Seduction, I’ve done the very same precise, powerful synthesis and creation when it comes to the otherwise stupidity and superstition-riddled world of magick and psychic influence. And in so doing, I’ve…


No, it does NOT take Psychic Influence “psychic ability“. In fact, I think the very notion of certain people being “psychic” is one of the dumbest ideas in the world. Even more so, as you study with me in this Workshop, you’ll rapidly learn and come to see that functioning and communicating on a “psychic” or “magickal” level has NOTHING to do with individual ability, and everything to do with the way the universe just naturally works, anyway. (In fact, we are all naturally connected on these levels, anyway. We simply have to learn to design the right states of mind to…

Powerfully Tap Into And Use It!

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As you think through your own life experiences or the experience that those around you have related, you can see this is a powerful statement. Almost everyone has had some of these experiences, accidentally, from time to time, or talked to someone who has.

But just as Speed Seduction takes attraction from a woman out of the realm of “accident” and into the realm of something YOU create and control, so too, does my new method teach you to..

….Enjoy The Benefits Of Tapping Into And Utilizing At Will A Deeper Level Of Influence, Power And Connection…That Most Folks Will Only Touch On By Accident!

Does that seem like an outrageous, even boastful claim? Well, please keep reading even if you are skeptical….because frankly…..

……….I Used To Think Almost All This Psychic/Magick/Powers of Mind Stuff Was Complete And Total BS!

That’s right, knowing your good old Guru of Speed Seduction, I’m sure you can agree and realize that I am about as far from a sloppy-thinking, tree-hugging, “New Ager” as you can get. I don’t’ believe in saving whales. . I don’t believe in sloppy thinking, ponderous, archaic rituals, and drawing magick symbols on the ground. I don’t own a crystal ball, a Quiji board or a magick wand, and you wouldn’t catch me dead at a sweat lodge. And as for eating sprouts or tofu…

…..Give Me A Juicy Blood Red Steak Any Day Of The Week!

Now, I don’t mean to offend you if you’re into any of the things I’ve described. What I’m trying to say here, is I believe in substance, not symbol. I believe in results, not ritual . And just like I’ve thrown away all of the traditions of “dating” that keep men trapped, lonely and begging for female company to come up with the powerful tools of Speed Seduction®, I’ve come up with an equally powerful model that throws away all the stupidity, all the dumb beliefs and useless steps and makes the power of remote/silent influence available and useable….immediately, right now, …to all!

In the words of one student who took a version of this training I offered in the Bahamas…Psychic Influence

“I have been aware of and playing with psychic influence for 15 years. You present a model, which matches and validates my experiences in an astounding way. You explain this model in a clearer way than I have even been able to imagine myself articulating it until now. You are doing for psychic influence what Jose Silva did for hypnosis and meditation.”

Now, I don’t know how YOU would imagine enjoying these abilities .I don’t know if you could picture getting virtually anyone you wanted in a crowed party, audition, hiring situation, or event that requires judging to see you and ONLY you, and to see you as the most attractive, desirable, magnetic person that they need for themselves, right now. . I don’t know if you could visualize your life after you’ve learned to empower your wimpy, wispy daydreams into super-charged deliver on demand blueprints for the universe. And I certainly couldn’t imagine the profound sense of connection and power you’d enjoy with people wherever you go, in every walk of life.

Maybe you can’t imagine using these skills to get your dream career, find your ideal lover/lovers, make more money, enjoy more real world fun, draw to you only the people YOU would love to be with and make your life a non-stop celebration. Maybe you wouldn’t use them to experience how truly good, deep connections feel…connections much more genuine and profound than those that come through words…connections that can so nourish and enliven us in what can be such a disconnected/ fast paced world. Perhaps you would never use these skills to enhance your ability to instantly tell who is real and draw only these genuine people to your side, and imagine the benefits of being able to do that.

But something inside tells me you could!

How I Discovered The Seven Basic Skills That Make Silent Psychic Influence Of Others And Your Own “Higher Self” A Profound and Measurably Reality!

Like, I said in the beginning of this message, I spent years studying different systems of “magick” “wishcraft” and psychic/remote influence including the best of Western Chaos Magick, Hindu/Tantric teaching, Hawaiian Huna(which is VERY powerful) and a host of other random, scattered systems. I took tons of MOSTLY worthless Workshops and slogged through more garbage books than I care to or possibly can relate. And, at best, through lots of trial and error, I had gotten things to where they were ALMOST working.Psychic Influence

But it seemed no matter how hard I tried, it seemed like something always was missing. Sure…I got some interesting “near hits”, but nothing I could really measurably say, “it’s real!”

A Friend Helps Me Find The Missing Pieces!

But one day in my search, I’m taking a psychic training course with a friend of mine. And I was NOT getting any results with the particular “remote viewing/influencing” exercise we were doing.

Anyway, my buddy accidentally gave me the key. He walks up to me….grabs my arms…FORCES them into position and says, “MOVE your arms, dummy! GET YOUR PHYSICAL BODY INTO THE PROCESS!”

Wham! It was like something clicked “on” inside, and I suddenly realized that properly incorporating posture, breathing, movement and micromovent of the body and were the missing keys that every “system” of magick, mental influence or “psychic ability” had left out!

In fact, I later learned, there are a total of seven basic “sub-skills” you must master in order to powerfully influence others at a distance. Trying to do this without all seven is like trying to light a fire, without oxygen; you might get a few sparks, but NOTHING EVER IGNITES! Use all these elements, together, and you get a roaring-bon fire of mental/remote influence, power and ability you can powerfully use to make your dreams come true!

(By the way now, if in the past, you’ve gotten little or nowhere with psychic or magick systems, or just think it’s mostly bunk, YOU’RE RIGHT! Most every system not only leaves out at least TWO of these vital elements, but also adds in tons of stupid, archaic, useless junk that is about as productive as having three extra wheels on your automobile!)

Now, Enough Of The “Story” Of All This Came To Be. Let Me Tell You Just Some Of The Secrets You Will Learn In This Amazing 18 Hour Video Course That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

  • How To Pre-Influence Events And Circumstances In Your Favor-Why wait for that business meeting to start or for the evening of “meeting people” to begin, before you start getting results? Learn to reach out and “pre-influence” events energetically so they roll around in your favor as you wish them to! Get the leg up on the competition before THEY even step out the door!
  • How To Step Into Almost Anyone And Know Their True Thoughts And Intentions-( What would that be worth finding out BEFORE you enter a potentially disastrous business deal, negotiation, relationship or even marriage?)
  • How To Shift The Thoughts Of Others Without Saying A Word And Without Even Having To Be In Their Presence-This can be used to shift general emotional attitudes of others towards you and pre-dispose them to be more co-operative, friendly, seducible OR it can be used for more specific thought “guiding”, as in seduction, business deals, promotions, hiring and similar areas of endeavor!
  • Secrets Of Command Presence! How To Radiate Authority, Power And Silently Give The Message You Are A Person To Be Given Priority And Respect!!!
  • How To Program Others To Dream What You Wish – Here it is, my fabulous “Dream VCR”. Learn to influence others erotically AND OTHERWISE when they are dreaming and asleep! Married, single or somewhere in between, THINK OF THE POTENTIAL! This is the “stealth” technique that you can use to have people thinking the thoughts about you that you want and ENJOYING taking the actions you want them to take!
  • Two Different Methods For Remotely Influencing Those In The Same Room Or Building As You(These methods are ideal for “line of sight” influencing of others, whereas the other methods I will teach you don’t even require you to be in the same city!)

How To Connect With And Influence Your Own Higher Self And Use The Energies Of Your Body And Breath To Turn Your Previously Wispy, Wimpy “Wanna-Be” Daydreams Into Supercharged, “DELIVER ON DEMAND” Blueprints! only with Ross Jeffries Magic and Psychic Influence

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