Sandra Chau – The Branding Shoot Method 2023


Sandra Chau – The Branding Shoot Method 2023

Sandra Chau - The Branding Shoot Method 2023

Internationally-The Creative Director and Stylist of repute Sandra Chau She reveals her visual brand storytelling method.

Finally, create a brand with consistent, elevated visuals that sells.

…the kind that give you the confidence to command your dream price, pursue new opportunities, and share your Instagram handle (because you’re finally proud of the way your brand looks!).

You took your business from a pipedream to a reality as a business owner.-You should be proud of your fledged reality

It’s been a labor of love, and you have put your heart and soul into making it.-Of-A-Kind, impactful products and services

It feels like you’ve hit some roadblock lately.

It’s all right in front of you every time…

You open Instagram to post, but end up scrolling through your camera rolls trying to find one on.-Share your brand image

…Your friend asks you to share the URL to your shop. You mumble something about it “not really being ready” It’s still live after three years

You are onboarded by a client, and you know that you should reach out. However, you feel a looming sense dread that they will take one look at your Instagram account. “she’s not legit”

You may feel the need to raise your prices, but you know deep down that your dream clients and customers will not see the value in your brand if it looks like this.

You know you need to be your business’ number one cheerleader.

But if you don’t shout your brand from the rooftops how will they know about it?
This has taken up a lot of space in your brain lately, truth be told.

You now know that the missing link between where your are right now, and getting the right people to notice is having on-Brand images to use

…and not just any image.

The Eyes that are consistent and elevated-catching type images — the ones that do the selling for you.

It would be fine and everything if you had $10,000+ available to pay for a team to create it all…

…or an artistic eye to bring them to life.

However, unlike most solo business owners, you can limit your budget…

Your specialty is in creating products or services that are valuable to your dream clients. Not curating images like a creative director of a well-Oil production team.
Naturally, you have a lot of questions.

  • How do you take show?-Stopping images that make my brand stand apart from the rest?
  • How can I tell stories and evoke emotion through my visuals to connect with my dream clients or customers?
  • How can I curate great props to ensure I always have something I can use? How do I create different looks from the same props
  • What brand colours should you use and how can I incorporate them in my shoot?
  • How do I make photos look natural and not forced?
  • How do I get lots of meaningful images out a shoot so that I can extend my brand images months in the future?
  • How can I get images of others than myself?

Once you have created those images, that is if they are ones you are proud of, you’ll have more questions…

  • How do you decide if a photograph is worthy of being included?
  • How do I combine it all to create a brand that is unique and cohesive?
  • How can I choose which images to share on social networks and on my website, so that they stop the right customers and clients scrolling?
  • How can I strategically use my photos in order to communicate the product’s value to retailers?
  • How can I plan for my next shoot to ensure that the photos are unique and true to my brand, but also different?

Let alone THIS big, glaring question…

Where do I begin?!

I can assure that you are not the only one asking. 😉

You can see two solutions from where you are right now.

Option 1: The Do-It-Take the initiative to be yourself

(Which, in all honesty, you may have already taken this route before!
This is how it looks like…

  • Spending a whole day scrolling TikTok, digging deep into YouTube and searching hashtags for Instagram to find magic photography, branding and styling advice that you can use. You will find yourself pulled in many different directions by all the competing information.
  • You can find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram by looking at the images of brands.–A paste approach that will eventually make you blend in with everyone else
  • You can enroll in photography or marketing courses.-Online course addict confessed! These courses can sharpen your skills but leave you feeling confused and lost about how everything fits together.
  • Enlisting a design-A wise friend to help you with the “branding” side of things, but quickly discovering that a stand is possible-Our brand is more than just a logo. (There’s still that problem with creating a cohesive visual brand image!)
  • You are trying to take your own photos, but you have trouble finding the right lighting, knowing which props to use, or how to maintain consistency across your visuals.
  • Or you could give up on unique photos altogether and instead look through stock photo libraries to find images that match your brand vibe. However, these images are far too generic and don’t convey the value of YOUR products and services.

You see, you could take this approach and do it ALL on your own — but that would be a HUGE amount of work.
Despite the time, days, and weeks that you’d spend on this stuff, DIY would eventually leave you with a mess.-A brand that is inconsistent or elevated is a mishmash.

There’s another approach you could try…

Option 2 The Outsource-Everything in One Place

(While you may not have completed this one in its entirety yet, I’m sure you thought of it!)

This looks like…

You can hire professionals to do it for you. We’re talking…

  • A brand strategist and stylist will plan your shoot and ensure it tells your brand story.
  • Models: $1k+
  • A hairstylist/makeup artist to get your models ready for camera (or just a Sephora run).
  • A photographer to bring your brief to life and get all of the shots that will engage your ideal customers or clients… plus edit the photos for you: $3k+
  • $1k+ to hire a social media manager to plan what to post, when to post it, and schedule it so it’s ready for the world.
  • A content writer to curate the conversion-Worthy captions: 500+
  • Studio/venue hire: $1k+
  • Props/rentals: $100-$1k+
  • You can also add on extras like flowers, new clothes, and so forth.): $2k+

This will allow you to get to the heart of the matter and may take a little longer than the Do.-It-Yourself Approach (although this will require you to work around the schedule of the service providers that you choose), but it will not cost you much.

We’re talking about upwards of $10,000

Multiply that number by the number times you want the process repeated each year to get your annual grand total.

You could choose any of these options…

But, are they really going be the quickest or most affordable?-You can reach your goal of creating consistent, high-quality images that catch the attention of your ideal customers and clients in an easy way.

What if there were a third option?

One you couldn’t find on Google…

A simple way to accomplish all of this without having to hire pros (and without spending the tens or thousands it would take to hire them). 


The Branding Shoot Method®
Your A-To-Z blueprint for capturing the attention of the right clients and customers with consistent, elevated visuals — all in a 5-Module, self-You will be able to complete the course in a time-controlled manner, with styling videos and bites.-You can find templates, lessons, and worksheets in various sizes.

This is my signature method, which has been tested by hundreds of creatives around the world who have gone on to book their highest-paid jobs.-Selling products to clients for a fee, landing magazine features and collaborating with luxury brands (Dior & YSL ring a chime?)
Now, I’m giving everything I’ve done to help them get there…to you.

Here’s the deal. . .

If you’ve tried everything possible to create brand visuals and still don’t have the right results, “I’ve got NO idea what I’m doing” Sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and just wish an expert could tell you EXACTLY what to do…


If you feel quite good about your brand, but are missing out on dream customers and clients, If you had the right tools, you could easily flip this script to your advantage.

It is important to take a simple, straightforward step-By-Step system

One that draws on the exact method I’ve developed over 10+ years’ experience directing and styling campaigns for tons of luxury brands all over the world – brands like Plann, Naked Lab, SOL Loungewear, Tea Nomad, and Mishku Studio.

It’s time to bring down the curtain

Take a look at the refreshed curriculum 2023

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This course is available and delivery within one day! A photographer to bring your brief to life and get all of the shots that will engage your ideal customers or clients… plus edit the photos for you: $3k+