Stephen Gilligan – Hero’s Journey – 6-Day Seminar


Stephen Gilligan – Hero’s Journey – 6-Day Seminar

Stephen Gilligan - Hero’s Journey - 6-Day Seminar

This is new workshop by hypnosis master Stephen Gilligan. It’s 6 Day practice workshop, that was at the end of 2012 in Moscow.

Language: English/Russian (Russian translator, that annoys by translating every sentence of Stephen).

The Hero’s Journey is a myth that Joseph Campbell found in every culture, in which life is lived as a great “call to adventure,” a creative journey that brings something new in the world. We will explore the Hero’s Journey as a map for living a profoundly fulfilling life of healing, transformation, and creativity. You will learn techniques for (1) identifying a life calling, (2) transforming “demons”, (3) developing guardians and resources, (4) realizing personal transformation and healing, and (5) bringing transformational gifts back into the community.

This is not merely an intellectual journey, but a deeply experiential process requiring the ability to flow in and out of creative states of consciousness, in both safe but also challenging situations. We will explore generative trance as a major means for realizing a great life journey. You will learn many ways to develop generative trance, release the multiple levels of “neuromuscular lock” that underlie “stuck” states, and move into “creative flow” states that allow generative change in many areas, both personal and professional. Far from a stuporous state of passivity, generative trance is a deeply mindful attunement to the creative consciousness that allows extraordinary change. Special emphasis will be on how to develop, sustain, practice, and apply generative trance in multiple contexts and for many applications.

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You Will Learn:

The map of the Hero’s Journey, and how it can be used to live a life of deep meaning and creativity

Many techniques for developing generative trance in self and others

How “brain maps” create reality, and how generative trance can change “brain maps”

How generative trance can create new realities, heal wounds, improve competencies, and improve significant areas of life

What makes a trance positive or negative, and how to transform “negative trances” (such as anxiety, depression, self-criticism, bad habits) into positive resources

How to develop and maintain the “disciplined flow” states of creative consciousness

How to make transformational changes while in generative trance

How to establish a deep connection with the creative unconscious

How to change limiting beliefs and resistances

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Get Stephen Gilligan - Hero’s Journey - 6-Day Seminar immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page This is new workshop by hypnosis master Stephen Gilligan. It’s 6 Day practice workshop, that was at the end of 2012 in Moscow. File Size: 982.6 MB...