Meditation Gives You The Power to Unblock Your Mind… So You Can Unlock Your Full Potential.
meditation-temple Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you embark upon the path of meditation:

arrow Daily stress robs us from being who we really want to be… but meditation gives you the mental capacity to curb reactivity, conquer the overwhelm and reclaim your power and presence!
arrow In order for healing to take place in the body you must first create a healing state of mind… meditation has long been known to cultivate this healing state and help you access it faster.

arrow Everyone should know the special breathing techniques found in meditation… not only to improve their overall health and vitality, but simply put… a well oxygenated body lives longer!

arrow Did you know the Lakers used meditation to win the NBA Championship? It’s true and many athletes use meditation to perform at their highest levels by putting their mind in “The Zone”.

arrow True meditation clears confusion and aligns your mind with your heart… giving you the ability to start “consciously” creating a blessed and magical life!

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Sounds Great! Show Me The Science…
“What Really Goes On In Your Brain When You Meditate?“
Practitioners of meditation have long credited their practice as contributing to their physiological, psychological and spiritual well- being. However, only recently have scientists in the West confirmed these claims through scientific research and come up with a possible reason as to WHY this is the case.
Scientists can now study the electrical activity in the brain and have discovered that certain states of consciousness are connected to certain brainwave frequencies. Coming as no surprise to meditation
practitioners, they have found that meditation slows the electrical activity in the brain, resulting in a more frequent brainwave activity that is associated with healing levels of consciousness.
Additionally practitioners report that meditation generates a sense of “oneness” with God or the Universe. Scientists have confirmed that this “sense” is actually invoked by a decreased activity in the parietal lobe,
a region of the brain that’s responsible for our perception of boundaries
between ourselves and others, giving a feeling of being more connected
with the rest of the world.

By identifying the link between changes in brainwave frequencies, levels of activity in the brain and changes in both conscious states and biological responses, researchers are coming closer to understanding the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Deep relaxing meditation encourages a shift from the dominant over-thinking, stress-related brain activity that is created by our fast-paced society, to a more balanced mix that includes our other higher states of awareness. Seems like the yogis were on to something!

Is Meditation Safe?

Over the years there have been so many different approaches to meditation, vague instruction, complicated techniques and new-agey nonsense that it’s no wonder meditation used to get a bad rap in our culture.

The good news is today we have enough evidence-based research to prove how meditation is a natural process that allows you to return your nervous system and your inner mental state to one of balance and harmony.

Additionally today’s mainstream media and mindbody doctors have all given a big stamp of approval to meditation, deep breathing and emotional clearing techniques.

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