The Social Man – Fearless


The Social Man – Fearless

The Social Man - Fearless

To All The Single Men Who Have Been Friend-zoned, Labeled As A Nice Guy, And Have A Deep Fear Of Approaching Women…But Still Want Gorgeous Women Coming Home With Them, Night after Night, Or Even During The Day…

I’m About To Show You The Secret To Getting Laid Whenever You Want

Let me ask you a question.

How would you like to be able to read a woman’s mind?

Wouldn’t that be great?

You wouldn’t be afraid to approach her…

Because you’d know if she’d be open to you or not…

You’d know exactly what to say to her…

And everything you say would be like the perfect aphrodisiac…

You’d say EXACTLY the right thing at EXACTLY the right time.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Especially when you compare it to…

Getting HUMILIATINGLY rejected…

Having your hopes CRUSHED AND STOMPED ON…

Going home alone, miserable, with NOTHING but porn on your laptop…

Being the one guy out of all your friends… that doesn’t have a woman in his life…

But hey.

Listen up.

I’ve got some good news for you…


As you read every word on this page, you’ll learn EXACTLY how you can basically read a woman’s mind…

You’ll learn what it takes to get rid of your fear of talking to women…

And you’ll find that instead of being afraid to talk to women…
You’ll be THAT GUY…

The cool, charismatic guy EVERY woman goes crazy for and fantasizes about…

And you’ll find yourself with a new SUPERPOWER…

How to get laid whenever you want -with no rejection, EVER AGAIN.

“There’s a point when telling the truth begins to sound like bragging – I have a ton of girls in my contacts and I decide which one of them I want to hang out with, when I want to hang out with them, and if I want to have sex with them or not (they’re always up for it). But I clearly remember what it felt like to struggle, to feel lost at a party, clutching a red solo cup wishing I could just go home. How long ago was that? It seems like a lifetime but, there’s no point in indulging the past and there’s no point in denying the present. I’ve become a player and especially covert one at that.” -Ethan, Boston MA

Yesterday evening I went out, and saw a group of girls. I took a deep breath, let go of my emotions and pushed myself to join them.

I used Nick’s fearless approaching technique and I was prepared to get a lot of rejection.

As it happened I didn’t get rejected. They were slightly bitchy in the beginning, but as they got to know me they respected me. I took a selfie with all five of us. Things progressed smoothly and the hottest one out of the five really took an interest in me… Let’s just say that she left my place the next morning 😉 You rock, Nick!!!

-Kyle, Miami FL
This Is Why You’re Not Going Home With The Women You Want

Ever see a guy muster up all his courage to talk to a woman, only to get rudely, humiliatingly rejected?

I always tell my clients that when it comes to sleeping with women, effort doesn’t matter.

Or maybe you know a guy who -no matter how good, genuine, or smart he is – can’t come up with a single thing to say to an attractive woman.

I always tell me clients that when it comes to sleeping with women, being a “good guy” doesn’t matter.

Look – there are a lot of guys out there who “just don’t get it.”

Maybe you’re one of them. I used to be one of them.

But there ARE a FEW guys who just “get it.” They see a bae, they chat her up, and go home with her that very same night.

Why do these guys seem to have this magical ability to take a girl with a major bitch shield, diffuse it in thirty seconds, then having her giggling and touching them within a few minutes???

It’s because every woman, from the hot girls with the perfectly round asses and tight stomachs to the cute, quiet girl in your apartment complex whom you’ve had a crush on for months, all respond to the same actions…
And You Don’t Know What They Are…Yet

You know the saying…

“Actions speak louder than words”.

See, in the past, you might have said the right words to a woman…

But what were your actions saying?

You say one thing, and she’s hearing something else totally different.

Your words say: “So where are you from?”

But your actions say: “I’m scared shitless!”

And that’s exactly what’s been happening when you’ve been talking to women!

Most guys have zero clue about what their actionsare saying to women.

Truth: there’s a dirty secret that most coaches don’t tell you…

And it’s the reason why it’s not your fault you haven’t been getting the results that you want…
Nothing Has Worked For You Yet… Because Most Coaches Don’t Teach You How Women Think!

That’s the real cause of their success.

If none of them have told you, “Think About It From Her Perspective…”

They left out the most important part of the puzzle!

It’s no wonder other programs haven’t been working for you!

Up until now…

The only way to know what actions women respond to,

Is to spend A LOT of time with women…

Not just as friends…

But as raw, passionate, lovers…

And I’m guessing if you’re here… you aren’t quite able to do that yet.

But by the end of this page, I’m going to show you how you can learn the actions women respond to…

These Actions Are The Keys To Seduction!

The guys that get the women they want know these actions.

And before we’re done here, that’s going to be YOU.

Imagine feeling like A GOD on top of the world, waking up next to the naked instagram-famous drop dead gorgeous model you went home with the night before, and going at it again…

Imagine going to a party, and having the 9’s and 10’s at the party ignore every other guy there, just to be in your presence and attempt to seduce YOU…

Imagine meeting pretty girls while walking on the street, and having every word that comes out of your mouth be the exact words they wanted to hear…

Imagine NEVER letting anxiety and fear get in the way of attracting women EVER again…
As You Are by Nick Sparks

That’s what happens when you know the right actions.

But who am I to be teaching you?

My name is Nick Sparks. I run a popular self-development website, and have a best-selling book on the subject.

I led coaching at The Social Man for YEARS, and I’ve helped men improve their social and dating lives for over a decade…

I’ve charged thousands of dollars for weekend programs, appearing on national news outlets like CNN, Psychology Today…

And my videos have millions of views on Youtube. I have a success rate with my clients that puts the rest of the industry to shame…
How to Hold a Converation
But Before All That, I Was The Chubby Dork Who Always Got Friend-Zoned…

Trust me, if you’re a fellow “friend zone warrior,” or you struggle to approach women, I know painfully, EXACTLY how you feel.

For the longest time, women were a complete mystery to me.

Growing up fat, I had all the confidence of a wimpy little chihuahua with women.

I remember being told all the time, how quiet I was.

“Nick, why aren’t you saying anything? Nick, why are you so quiet?”

It was tormenting. Not just because I heard that over, and over, and over again…

But because I felt like I had so much to say, but couldn’t ever get the words out of my mouth.

For whatever reason, something would just… stop me.

Eventually, I learned how to speak up.

But that didn’t do a damn thing!

I became talkative, nice, and waay too friendly to get girls to like me.

I remember being really excited to see my friends Samantha and Kirsten the first day of sophomore year of high school. I asked them, “Hey guys! What are your schedules this year?”

Get immediately download The Social Man – Fearless

I had NO CLUE what was coming next.

“Sorry Nick, we don’t want to be seen talking with you.” And just like that, they walked off.

Man, that CRUSHED me. Was I really so worthless that women wouldn’t even want to be seen with me?

And for the next few years, whenever I did try to get a girl to like me, it was as if I had a giant red stamp on my forehead that said “Friend zone the hell out of this guy!”
I Thought My Prayers Were Answered When I Found Dating Advice

So when I stumbled upon the world of dating advice, I thought to myself, “This is it… finally! I’ll finally start getting laid and stop feeling like such a loser…”

But it wasn’t quite the ‘golden ticket’ that I was hoping for.

Occasionally I’d get girls on dates, maybe get a kiss on the cheek…

Even laid once or twice, when I went to college…

But I was still had no idea how to have all the sex I wanted with the gorgeous girls that I’d see out at parties.

Most of the time, I’d just strike out.

My inability to get the hot girls around me made me feel like a total failure as a man.

As I know now, it was all because I didn’t yet know the same “language” women were speaking…

The actions we were talking about earlier are a major part of this “language”.

See, it’s NOT a language like you’d normally speak…

When we think of language, we usually think of words – English words, Spanish Words, Chinese words, and so on.

But the “language” women speak to communicate their sexual desires isn’t just about words…

(Hell, the words barely matter!)

Seducing women is about everything – actions, body language, non-verbal expressions…

In fact, women almost never communicate their sexual desires with their words – even when they’re turned on, they’ll voice their arousal with their bodies and actions, INSTEAD of words.

As my clients and I now call it, women communicate with… The Secret Language of Seduction.

And every man alive who knows The Secret Language of Seduction… has zero fear of talking to women, and knows exactly how to get them in bed.
So How Did I Figure Out The Secret Language Of Seduction?

I discovered it, where no man had EVER been before…

See, everything changed during the summer between my sophomore and junior years at the University of Michigan.

I needed a place to stay for the summer, and as luck would have it, my friends had an open spot at their place.

The only problem?

My friends were Nicole and Ashley, and the open room was in their sorority house!

But while most guys would NEVER be allowed in a sorority house, I was known as the safe guy. The nice guy. The friend that every woman could trust not to “try anything” on her.

So for three full months, I lived in a den of hot, sexually-adventurous college girls.

Because I was the safe guy, and there was no way they’d want to sleep with me… they didn’t have their guard up.

They trusted me, and all the secrets, habits, and thoughts of the women most guys would kill to be with for a night… were demystified to me.

Some nights we’d have late-night conversations, talking about why they hooked up with the guys they did.

Other nights, before Nicole went out to parties, she would flat out tell me “I don’t care who, I just need some ass tonight”.

And those words came out the mouth of a woman!

Nicole would whine, “I’m smart, I’m cool, I’m hot ( she was smokin! ) , why can’t I find a guy?”

She’d reject very good looking guys , because of how drunk they got or how self-obsessed they were…

“It’s desperate,” she would say.

What was even more surprising to me was when they’d come back home at night… with the most ordinary looking dudes I’d seen around campus!

Hell, they weren’t just ordinary … some were boring, barely spoke, some of the guys Nicole and Ashley hooked up with even smelled .

Crazy, I know, but I saw it with my own eyes.

Yet clearly, there was something these guys knew that I didn’t.

After living with Nicole and Ashley for three months and literally hearing and dissecting every thought they ever had about guys, I decoded the under-the-radar way that women communicate their sexual desires…

Or what my clients and I now call it : THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SEDUCTION.

Late nights…

The walks of shame…

Why these beautiful women would respond within a minute to one guy…

And ignore the other one for days on end…

EVERYTHING became obvious to me!

Like when I discovered talking using the ridiculously simple polarity method…

Using the polarity method, saying “Huh, really?” to a girl could actually mean “are you interested in having sex tonight?”

Get immediately download The Social Man – Fearless

And saying “that’s so interesting” can actually mean “Great, we can do it now in the bathroom, or later at my place.”

But the polarity method is only a tiny fraction of everything that I learned!

I learned that women crave sex just as much as men, but don’t want to be obvious about it, because they don’t want to be called “sluts”.

So instead of communicating with plain language like us guys do, they talk with a sixth sense, or as you have probably heard of it, “female intuition”.

Once you learn to decode the female intuition like I have… well, say goodbye to porn.

After learning the secret language of seduction , it wasn’t long before I figured out not just how to RESPOND to this sexual female intuition… but how to ACTIVATE it, with this new, secret sexual language, meaning…
I Started Having All The Sex I Could Handle, With ZERO REJECTION

I’d simply “drop a hook” with a woman to see if she’d bite. And usually, she did…

Because SO FEW men know how to speak this secret seduction language, when a woman meets a man who does, she wants to play.

(And if she hasn’t had sex in a week or more, you better be ready for it THAT night).

I was like a kid who’d discovered cookies after eating broccoli my whole life.

My sex life went from non-existent, to LEGENDARY.

Two years later, by the time I left the University of Michigan, I had slept with nearly a hundred women.

For the first time in my life, I was able to approach hot women without fear. I knew I could open them up, turn them on, and sleep with them.

The best part?

Because I was seducing women using this secret language, I never got rejected.

Sure, a few women who were in committed relationships would coyly smile, as if to say “I know what you’re up to, and I’m loving it but I just can’t,” …

But for many others, the temptation to play with a man who could talk this secret language was too much to resist.

My friends who were gone that summer noticed the difference when they came back, and began asking me for advice. Before long, I turned into the group’s unofficial coach.

After graduating, I moved to New York City and joined Christian Hudson and The Social Man, where I spent SIX years coaching men around the world.

During that time, I refined my methods again and again, building on top of each client’s success.

My clients became legendary for their 100% success rate, and after a few years, I knew it was time to capture all of my secrets on film.

And now, it’s your turn to learn these secrets from the comfort of your own home with…
FEARLESS: The Secret Language of Seduction

Fearless is the rejection-proof way to seduce the woman you want, using the secret seduction language of women – and it’s so much easier than you could ever imagine.

Fearless destroys your fear of talking to women.

It replaces a bone-dry sex life with as many sexually adventurous women as you could possibly handle.

Because you’re learning the the secret language of seduction, the “under the radar” way women communicate their sexual desires, you’ll know how to open her up, excite her, and turn her on… all during the simple, innocent conversations that you already know how to have.

This means you get to be your authentic, genuine self – and not have to pretend to be someone you’re not – even if you’re currently known as a quiet guy, or the safe, nice guy like I was.

And it’s utterly rejection proof, because you learn exactly how to read her signs, and know precisely when she’s ready for the next step.

There’s no need to be rich, good-looking, or “be packing” between your legs… just learn how to speak the same “language” as women, and your sex-life will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

You’ll get results the very same day you watch Fearless, because you’ll finally understand what women have been telling you the whole time.

Your confidence will shoot through the roof, because you’ll be unstoppable, attracting all the gorgeous women thatused to paralyze you with fear.

Your boys will drop their jaws in awe and jealousy the next time you go out together… they’ll wonder how YOU consistently attract the hot women they were eyeing the whole night.

Can you imagine how AWESOME your social media profiles are going to look?

You’ll feel like A GOD among men when you unlock the powers that Fearless bestows upon you.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you inside Fearless:

The “TAR” method to become fearless and get incredible, positive responses right away from everyone around you (especially the women!)
A sneaky secret that has prevented my coaches from being rejected for the last 2 years, and ensured my students never get rejected either… If you talk to women in this counterintuitive way, you simply CANNOT get rejected
The sneaky but ethical attraction “trigger” that makes her forget about how you look, and causes her to fantasize about how good you are in bed…
Do this ONE THING while you’re talking to a girl, and she’ll think you’ve always been a natural with girls (when you do this… not only will she start becoming incredibly turned on, SHE’LL actually take the initiative in touching and rubbing against you)
How to make a woman work to win you over within one minute of talking to her (women will swarm you like bees in every social situation after using this simple technique)
How to avoid creeping out the women you want (you’re probably already doing this because if you’re like 99% of guys, you’re making this subtle but CRUCIAL mistake that makes her “just want to be friends”)
How to “lock her in” to a conversation with you… (it doesn’t matter how many friends she’s with or how many other guys approach her… when you do this she’s YOURS for the night)
6 facial expressions you can use to control her emotions… these are SO powerful, and don’t require you to say a single word!
The natural way to “physically escalating” with women… (this is so smooth that she won’t even know you’re doing it until – she’s already in your bed!)
And MUCH, much more…

Check out what others are saying after learning Fearless and The Secret Language Of Seduction:

“It’s not a whole wealth of information that you kind of lose yourself in. It’s very, very actionable. I got results the very same night!”


“It’s one system that was really uncomplicated and like kind of everything you need to know. Women are absolutely obsessed with me now! Between you and me, I haven’t opened up an “incognito browser” ever since I got Fearless.”


“Feeling less pressure, ironically that actually has me feeling more excited to approach people, more excited to engage in conversations. I got lucky every night I used the polarity method!”


“Much less pressure when you’re approaching people or like he said, dropping hooks. So much better and more effective than memorizing lines!”

“I’ll actually be able to go out and socialize and not be so dependent on everyone else’s feedback around me. That it dictates how my night is going to go. I feel like a rockstar now when I go out.”

“I knew it was going to be amazing. It just blew me away. Also, I can’t believe how effective the facial expressions were – it was incredible.”

“Hi, I love you guys. No single change in my life has ever more of a dramatic, immediate impact than this. I use this on a stunning 20 something hottie walking into the venue. I was standing all alone in the space surrounded by no one. As she passed behind me, she brushed her breasts up against my back as she went by. Whoa, what fun we had later that night…”

“Six simple actions that, I feel like, I can go home right now and put into action and start to get the results that I’ve been looking for a long time.”

“I think it’s the best thing you could possibly do. It’s that naturals aren’t scared of doing. Never thought I’d be a natural, but here I am now!”

You can already begin to feel how incredible your dating life is going to be once you learn what’s inside Fearless.

It’s simple.

It’s powerful.

And you’ll be able to get over your fear of approaching women and start attracting and turning on the beautiful women you’ve always wanted… as soon as you finish watching the videos.

Imagine, never being afraid to make the first move…

Completely getting rid of your shyness and approach anxiety…

Being able to effortlessly walk away with the 9’s and 10’s that you’ve always wanted…while the douchebag assholes that don’t deserve them go home alone (or settle for whatever they can get)…

Imagine, instead of being seen as the nice guy, the “good friend” in her eyes… you’ll be the man she’s insanely fixated on, seducing you, pleasing you, and doing everything she can just to get a moment of your time.

You’d be able to walk up to any woman and in a few words know that you have her in the palm of your hands…

Your friends would know you as the dude who goes home with gorgeous girls every week, the guy who’s always hooking up with models and actresses…
How fantastic would that be?

Now, I bet you’re wondering…

How much does Fearless actually cost?

Back when I hosted the original live Fearless Seminar, attendees paid over $7000 dollars for the entire weekend…

But with all the feedback I’ve gotten from my clients over the 10+ years I’ve been teaching this material…

Along with how the world is changing, with just about every man woman and child alive glued to their phones…

Addicted to stimulation…

Yet ironically foregoing human connection in the process…

It’s clear to me that Fearless is absolutely NEEDED in the hands of every single guy in the world today.

So you’re not going to pay anywhere close to the $7000 that my original clients paid me!

I’ve decided to make this incredibly affordable – so that every guy could get access.

I’ve given a select few groups of men access to the original seminar for $297… but you’re not even going to pay that!
If You Take Action NOW, You’ll Get Fearless For A Price You Can’t Tell ANYONE

You’ll see that making the choice to invest in Fearless is an absolute no-brainer.

But The Social Man is absolutely committed to improving every areaof your life, and over delivering.

That’s why Christian is ALSO including some incredible bonuses with Fearless, to round out your training and have you prepared for ANY situation that comes your way.

The first is unreal. It’s called the Instant Confidence Upgrade.

In this course – normally sold for $497 – you’ll automatically “install” confidence into your mind… kind of like Neo in that scene from The Matrix.

It’s like upgrading your subconscious mind with the inner voice of a man who’s been successful with women for his whole life.

You’ll develop the unmistakeable aura of a man who wins, and you’ll find women going out of their way to get your attention and talk to you.

And if you currently feel like you’re “bothering” women, or that you need to apologize every time you talk to them, that will be replaced with automatic assertive certainty.

So every step of the process – from approaching, to escalating, to relationships – becomes natural, fun and easy.

Again, in the past, Christian’s charged $497 for this course alone, but since it’s such a perfect match for Fearless, he’s going to include it for free.
Bonus Box #2:
R-Rated Texting ($197 VALUE!)

The Social Man doesn’t even sell this as a standalone course, but if Christian did, he knows he could ask and get $197 for it.

Why? Because come on… what guy doesn’t want the formula to get dirty with his girl over messaging?

You know what I mean… titillating conversation, photos that “you better not show any of your friends,” and so on… this is exactly how you turn your phone into a little pleasure device.

Do you want your woman to be waiting on the edge of her seat for you to text her back?

Do you want her to send you nudes without even having to ask?

Do you want to know how to arouse your girlfriend or wife at the push of a button?

Do you want to make her so horny that she BEGS you to come satisfy her?

Do you want her to fantasize about you when you’re not around?

This is the secret stash of texting techniques that can be used to do all that and much more…

Oh and by the way… if you do it like Christian teaches, women LOVE it. Did you know that they do more Google searches for “sexting” than men do? They’re dying for men who can bring out their naughty side, and you’ll know exactly how with this program.
Bonus Box #3:

Did you ever see Happy Gilmore? He could get the ball to the green, but he couldn’t putt it into the hole.

Yeah… when it comes to women, you don’t want to be Happy Gilmore.

That’s why you’ll love the Art of Seduction. In this course, Christian gives you the step-by-step to go from the front door, to the bedroom, to the morning after.

It’s simple, it’s natural, and you’ll be one step ahead… which means no more nervousness or uncertainty. You’ll know exactly what she wants you to do, so you can slow down, and enjoy every delicious minute with her.

You’ll have more fun and a lot more action after watching the Art of Seduction.

Altogether that’s over $700 in FREE bonuses alone.
You’re Getting An Absolute Steal…

And because I’m SO excited about getting Fearless in your hands, for ONLY the next few days, I’m going to offer you the original 9 Hour Fearless Seminar… for $297


Yes, you read that right – only $67 for the original Fearless Seminar and over $700 dollars in FREE bonuses!

Go ahead, click the button below and join the rest of us inside Fearless now:

Here’s What You’ll Get in The Social Man – Fearless

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