Thomas Frank – Creator’s Companion (Ultimate Brain Edition)


Thomas Frank – Creator’s Companion (Ultimate Brain Edition)

Thomas Frank – Creator’s Companion (Ultimate Brain Edition)

Manage Your Entire Life
Content Creation Process in Notion
Icons showing the entire content creation process
Creator’s Companion Notion can be your central tool to create YouTube videos, blog posts and podcast episodes.

Stop Juggling Tools. Get more done.
Are you tired of managing projects in Todoist and storing ideas in Evernote? Do you want to stop putting your ideas in Evernote? You’re not alone.

There are no more switching between tools to create scripts, collect ideas, or manage tasks. Creator’s Companion It is an extensive, flexible template that converts Notion into an effective and useful tool. It’s a truly all-in one tool This guide will help you manage your content creation process.
Capture and prioritize ideas, plan your editorial schedule, collect research, write scripts to optimize for SEO, analyze content performance and manage brand deals all from one place.
Plus, optional integration with the Ultimate Tasks template, you get a full-fledged task & project manager built into every content project.
Notion makes it easy to work faster by automating the entire process.

This is the tool I use myself.
Thomas Camera
Hi, I’m Thomas Frank, and I’ve been a full-time YouTuber, podcaster, and blogger for more than 8 years.
Together with my team, I’ve built a YouTube channel with over 2.4 million subscribers and 136 million views, a blog with 400k monthly visitors, and a long-running podcast.
After years of trying to manage multiple apps for our content management, I came across Notion in 2018.
Over time, we started using Notion for more and more – replacing other note-taking apps, task managers, and spreadsheets we used in the past. Notion is used for content creation across five active web properties.
Creator’s Companion This is the exact same system my team uses to manage all of our channels. It’s the product of over three years of real-world use and testing.

Start with an Idea “Published”.
Creator’s Companion It will increase the speed and efficiency of content creation.

You’ll find features and views that aid in idea capture, SEO, research & scripting, editing, publishing, and more.
💡 Capture Every Detail
Never lose an idea for a blog post or video. The Idea view allows you to quickly capture and organize all your content ideas.
If you haven’t worked on an idea in a while, it automatically goes to a safe archive. You can no longer add new ideas and information to a list that is three miles long.
With the Audience Submissions form, you can even let your audience submit ideas using Notion’s integration with Typeform or Google Forms (via Zapier).
🏆 Find out More
Title, thumbnail, and subject are the three key ingredients to creating a video that is successful.
Not every idea is created equal – so if you want to get more views and waste less time on ideas that don’t work, you need to validate your ideas.
Validation view can help you determine which ideas are worthwhile. This allows you to see the best ideas and prioritize them intelligently.
📋 Get Organized
Creator’s Companion It helps you to build a content network, allowing you to stay on top of each project and publish more (while maintaining high quality content).
The Project Manager view allows you to see the status of each project across all channels and lets you manage your content calendar.
📚 Make an archive
Do you need to refer to an old script? You want to see all videos sponsored by a brand? Do you want to know when you took a particular piece of b-roll footage?
Other project management apps don’t do a good job at turning your finished projects into a library.
Notion excels at this job. Creator’s Companion Use Notion to add your completed projects to a per-channel archive.

Work smarter and faster.

Keep track of your sponsors. Keep track of keywords that are SEO. Create checklist templates. Check out posts that need to get updated. You can find many more…
Tasks, Subtasks, Projects
You want to integrate your task-management directly into your content planning.
The upgraded Tasks & Projects Version of Creator’s Companion Fully integrates my Ultimate Tasks template. Each video, podcast, or blog posting project has a task view, where you can add tasks (and other sub-tasks).
These tasks will be displayed in your Inbox today, next 7 days, and other smart views.
Put simply, if you’d like to add tasks directly to content projects AND see them amongst all your other tasks, you’ll either want this version or the Ultimate Brain version! (Read more below)
🧠 Second Brain Integration
Want to tie your content-planning into your second mind?
The Ultimate Brain Edition of Creator’s Companion Includes the popular Ultimate Brain template – my all-in-one second brain system for Notion.
Ultimate Brain lets you seamlessly manage tasks, notes, projects, and goals in Notion – and includes both GTD® lists and P.A.R.A. organization, a la Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain.
The bundle comes with a fully integrated version of both of both templates – meaning you’ll see all the notes and tasks you add to your content projects inside Ultimate Brain’s dedicated Note and Task dashboards.
You can watch the video to find out more!
Tutorials and support
It is dangerous to travel alone. Fortunately, you don’t need to.
Creator’s Companion Includes exclusive access to Circle’s private support community
In the Tutorials section, you’ll find a full quick-start guide with videos showing you This is exactly How to set up your channels, capture ideas and start producing content.
You’ll also find in-depth reference videos explaining every part of the template. I’m not marketing it as a Notion course, but it might as well be.
You can also find answers to your questions in the Support section.
Creator’s Edition Companion
This is a sales page, not an ice cream shop – but you’ve still got flavors to choose from.
Base includes all of the core views, features, and functions. You can manage as many YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs as you like.
Ultimate Tasks Edition includes everything in Base and integrates my Ultimate Tasks template, which is used by more than 10,000 people! directly into Creator’s Companion.
Ultimate Brain Edition is the ultimate version. It is packaged with my complete second brain template for Notion and both are deeply integrated.
Note: I sell Creator’s Companion Gumroad, so clicking “Buy Now” will send you to Gumroad’s checkout page.
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