Will Freemen – How To Fuck Women Properly


Will Freemen – How To Fuck Women Properly

Will Freemen - How To Fuck Women Properly

Sex has existed for as long as man has walked on this Earth. It’s a sacred, carnal act that our world revolves around. It’s infiltrated every aspect of life and there’s no escaping it.

So you might as well get good at it.

In How to Fuck Women Properly, Will Freeman sets out to provide the definitive ‘How-To’ guide on making women’s toes curl.

When Will sent me a copy I knew what to expect: That he’d put everything out there. If you haven’t read How to Get Laid on Tinder, he takes a very candid approach to his writing and research. The same goes for his latest book.
What You Didn’t Know About Sex…

Because of the inescapable presence of sex, we seem to have exhausted much of what there is to know about sex. There’s a ton of books and websites out there, not to mention thousands upon thousands of videos of porn where you can see things you couldn’t even dream of.

Yet, there are some gaping holes (pun intended) when it comes to sex ed. A significant amount of advice that’s missing, especially on behalf of men, is on subjects that most others are too afraid to talk about. Even though they’re writing about sex, a lot of these writers don’t feel comfortable writing about certain kinks, fetishes, tips etc.

This is all too common in the self-development niche. For example, I just reviewed a book on how to deal with a breakup. This is a subject that is rarely touched on because guys are afraid it will portray them in a bad light to expose themselves.

Will has no problem ‘going there’.

For example, Will shows you his technique for getting a girl to lick your ass. A lot of guys may think ‘that’s gay’ so they’ll avoid writing about it, but not in How to Fuck Women Properly—there’s plenty of insights like this.
This Book Goes Deep!

This book is comprehensive, covering everything from how to leverage your image to attract women, to cuddling or ‘aftercare’ as Will dubs it. I could write pages about these concepts, however, I’d like to just hone in on a few specific topics that stood out to me:
Become a BEAST In the Bedroom!

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Books about sex are focused on the act of sex itself, obviously, but not nearly enough focus on what goes on beforehand. And for those that do, they wholly miss the mark. For example, you here about foreplay all too often, but Will goes even further into preparation.

Think about this: When a sprinter goes to run a race, they’ve spent numerous hours practicing. They have to condition their mind and body to prepare for what’s in store. Sex is no different.

Will lays out a number of strategies and techniques for killing it in the sack. One major aspect is his focus on lasting longer and controlling your ejaculation.

He suggests using a Fleshlight, something that is rarely, if ever prescribed on men’s interests sites with the exception of Good Looking Loser (whose philosophy on sex parallels that of Will’s).

(Will posted this excerpt on his site. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect with his book).
The Best Drugs and Supplements to Make You Go All Night Long

Another phenomenal chapter is the section on drugs that can enhance your sex life. He covers a ton of information and products in this chapter. In fact, that chapter alone is worth the price of admission.

He talks about Cialis (which he has previously done in this article), his experience on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), as well as other drugs like GABA. His insights have definitely given me a new perspective on making the most of my bangs.
Building Experience in the Bedroom

Lastly, I want to touch on the chapter where talks about what to expect in your first time with a new girl. Reading about this subject always stands out to me, because it’s something I suffered from when I was just first getting laid.

Again, it’s one of those subjects that most guys don’t touch on because they’re too embarrassed to talk about the time they couldn’t get their dick hard or popped after a few strokes—we’ve all been there yet few are willing to share their experiences for the betterment of others.

This is what Will has to say about it:

Your first time with a new girl is always going to be the most exciting but because of that excitement it will also be the hardest to control your ejaculation.

Your game plan shouldn’t be to put on your best performance but to put on a decent performance and last at least ten minutes. The key is not to put too much pressure on yourself because that will work against you.

You definitely want to do more foreplay when you’re with a girl for the first time. She will naturally be less immersed than a steady partner because her brain will be overactive from nerves. To relax her and get her immersed you need to use lots of physical.”

In Closing

I’m in the camp that too much info on sex can actually be detrimental. This is because sex isn’t supposed to robotic and technical—it’s raw, pure emotions and lust.

That said it’s essential to have a few excellent sources on ‘everything sex’. This is not only to learn about the best positions and techniques, but how to create a body and mind capable of fucking women properly.

Get immediately download Will Freemen – How To Fuck Women Properly

Will’s book fits that role perfectly, and I highly recommend you give it a read.

This is what you will get in Will Freemen – How To Fuck Women Properly

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