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About special products:
– The products on this page trial are very special and valuable, high priced and not available in the market.
– We have invested a lot of money but many reasons we are not allowed to sell it. so we want to share courses for customers who are lucky enough to see and enjoy them.
– We have encoded the product name and author as reverse characters. So you just need to pay attention to the product name in the product’s display image to choose the right course to learn.

How to receive?
– Please add to cart the course you are interested in and then go to the free checkout & track your download course at here.
– You will be redirected to the cloud server to download. However, we also need costs to operate and maintain the courses, so you need buy a pentium account only $14.99 unlimited download and enjoy like the original course.
– Instructions to open .rar files on Windown or Macbook. To learn on your phone or ipad you need to sync them with your device.
– We hope you understand and support us so that we have the motivation to continue to contribute. Besides, you also have more responsibility without giving up in the learning process. If you have any questions or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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