Ali Abdaal Cohort 6 – Part-Time Youtuber Academy PTYA


Ali Abdaal Cohort 6 – Part-Time Youtuber Academy PTYA

Ali Abdaal Cohort 6 - Part-Time Youtuber Academy PTYA

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel can be grew from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers, and it can be turned into a sustainable income stream.-Generator machine. Without quitting your day job😉

YouTube: Making Money

4 years ago, I started making YouTube videos. My final year in medical school Cambridge University. I started with 0 views, 1 subscriber, and $0 in revenue. Although I didn’t know much about editing, publishing or filming videos, I was able to pick up the basics.

18 months later, my YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers I was making as much as my full-time job, and it was a great deal.-Time job as a UK-based doctor.

My channel has just passed the June 2022 mark. 3 million subscribers And it makes over £100,000 ($130k) each month, with 5-My weekly effort is 10 hours. This is just the revenue channel makes from Adsense, sponsorships. If you add courses, affiliates, or products, our total business revenue is over $350,000 per month. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.

⚗️The Secret to 100,000+ Subscribers

Over the last 4 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes To build an audience starting from scratch, Ensure value consistency, Monetise in non-traditional ways-Spammy way.

I’ve spent over $30,000 in courses and coaching programs to try and find the secret sauce that helps grow a channel and a business.

And you know what? There’s no secret. It’s just a matter of:

1. Creating content your target audience finds useful

2. Posting it on YouTube once a week

3. Repeating this for at least 2 years

That’s all it takes.

I personally guarantee that if you follow this 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine.

For starters, you’ll learn incredibly useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ income, and you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world. You might even get messages from people about how your content’s changed their life.

But as with all things, getting started and maintaining quality + consistency is easier said than done.

The Challenges of Being a YouTuber

  • It feels daunting to create videos for 2+ years. You won’t see much growth, or money, in the early stages.
  • You’ll have to get over the fear of judgment from friends, family and strangers on the internet.
  • You’ll have to work out what you’re going to talk about + why anyone would care what you’ve got to say.
  • You’ll need to learn about cameras, microphones, lights, video editing and post-production.
  • You’ll worry that you’re going to run out of ideas.
  • You’ll be thinking about the YouTube algorithm, while also trying not to think about the YouTube algorithm.
  • You’ll end up negotiating with brands and having to develop your own negotiation skills to do it.

And you’ll have to do all this (and a lot more) while juggling your job, relationships and health, and also doing your best to enjoy the journey and avoid burnout.

This is hard. It takes a lot of work.

But it’s also really fun, and if you can make it work, it’s genuinely life-changing.

The real “secret”, if there’s one at all, is that you need to build a SYSTEM around your content production, so that you can efficiently pump out useful content that grows your audience and revenue, without it taking up large amounts of your own time.

Instead of thinking of your YouTube channel as a personal project, you want to think about it like a machine. A machine that takes inputs in the form of ideas, refines them into valuable content that your audience loves, and efficiently monetises itself across multiple asset classes.

I’ve built such a system for my channel and business, and I can help you build yours.

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy is a 5-week live online course from 11th July to 12th August where I’ll teach and help you implement everything I know about growing your YouTube channel into a sustainable machine that churns out valuable content and generates healthy passiveincome. Without you having to quit your job.

During the 5 weeks, we’ll have a combination of live zoom lessons, open live Q&As, detailed individual feedback on your videos, exercises and tasks to help supercharge your YouTube journey while connecting and having fun with hundreds of other YouTubers on the same path.

The systems we’ve developed and teach on the course grew my own channel from zero to 3 million subscribers (with $1,500,000+ in annual revenue) while working full-time as a doctor. We’ve shared them with over 1,700 students in 5 Cohorts, resulting in fantastic results and glowing testimonials already.

By the end of the 5-week course…

You’ll have kickstarted your YouTube channel (if you haven’t yet), with 5 published videos.

You’ll have the next 3-6 months of content planned out, and a streamlined system to sustain this.

You’ll be comfortable in front of a camera, with techniques to boost your charisma.

You’ll get my recommendations for gear and studio setups for all budget levels, so you can level-up your production value while being focused on your content.

You’ll know how to refine your niche, and you’ll have a system that ensures you’ll never run out of content ideasThe Idea Generation Machine.

You’ll have a method (the HIVEs Framework) for structuring your videos in a way that appeals to your audience and to the YouTube algorithm.

You’ll understand how to accelerate your growth by efficiently repurposing your content to multiple platforms with the Artery Method.

You’ll understand the various monetisation options available to creators, and you’ll know how to use them to generate passive income.

You’ll know the value of building a team as soon as you can, and you’ll have a roadmap for outsourcing your editing and hiring extra team members.

What You Can Expect

Core Live Sessions with Ali

These are held on Mondays between 1400 – 1600 BST. This is where I’ll deliver the core course content and systems. Each live session has 60-90 minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q&A where you’ll be able to directly ask me any questions you want.

Core Live Sessions with Elizabeth

These sessions are held once a week, on Tuesdays between 1400 – 1600 BST. Elizabeth’s sessions build upon Ali’s core lessons and dive into the weekly themes usually using other YouTuber case studies. Each session will be 60 – 90 minutes of teaching followed by an open Q&A too.

Guest Sessions

Below you’ll find a list of the confirmed guest speakers we’ve got for Cohort 6. We’ve got a couple more special guests dropping in too and we’ll add them here soon!

Who’s the Course For?

Basically, the course is for anyone who wants to take YouTube seriously. If you’re committed to growing your online brand and putting yourself in the best position to build, sustain and succeed at this YouTube thing, we’re here for you, and we promise you’ll get large amounts of value from the course.

The specifics of what this looks like can get a bit complicated, because (a) the course is pretty varied, and (b) the specific value you’ll get from it does depend on your YouTube experience level. We’ve tried to break things down (very roughly) by subscriber count. Naturally, this is an imperfect metric, but it’s the best we’ve got to stratify people, so please take the specific breakdown with a pinch of salt.

Who’s This Course NOT For

This course isn’t for you if…

1. You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to make 1 video per week during the 5 weeks.

2. You’re looking for a magic bullet that’ll get your channel to grow without any effort. There’s no secret here. It’s just about putting in the work, doing it consistently, and stacking the deck in your favour in whatever way you can.

3. You’re hoping that starting a YouTube channel will be a get-rich-quick scheme. Again, that’s not how it works. There are no shortcuts.

4. You’re looking for a guaranteed path to 10k, or 100k, or 1M subscribers. There are no guarantees in this game. It’s like signing up for a writing course and expecting to have 1M readers per month for your blog, or 100,000 sales of your book. That’s not how it works. We’ll do our best to teach you the systems and processes that have worked for us and our students, but we can’t ‘guarantee’ any specific result.

Having said all that, one thing we can guarantee is that if you create useful videos, publish 1-2 times per week, and do this for 2 years, your life will change. We can’t put a number on it (no one can), but if you can stick with this for 2+ years, you’ll learn useful skills, you’ll generate ‘passive’ You’ll be able to make friends and earn income. You might even get messages from fans about how your videos have changed their lives.

Our only objective on this course is to make it easier for you to maintain that level of consistency. If that sounds like something you’d like, we’d love to have you. If it’s not what you’re looking for, then sorry for wasting your time in reading this far, and we wish you the very best of luck. Regardless, feel free to email us if you need a hand with anything!

The Course Curriculum

This is exactly what we’ll be covering every week of the course from 11th July to 12th August, broken down week-by-week. If you’ve got any questions about any of it, feel free to shoot us an email 🙂

WEEK 1: How To Succeed On YouTube

In the first week we establish the foundations of content creation on YouTube, where among other things we’ll cover:

What it takes to succeed on YouTube and the trajectory of YouTube success,

Understanding both who we are and who our target audience is, and how to combine these in picking and refining an appropriate niche,

The importance and role of production value on YouTube,

Specific gear recommendations at every level for: audio, video, lighting, and editing.

WEEK 2: Conceive Your Ideas

In the second week, we’ll tackle two main YouTube concerns: what to make videos about and how to get people to click once you’ve made them. We’ll cover:

Establishing the value proposition of our channel, both implicit and explicit,

What makes a good YouTube title and thumbnail, and how to improve and test your own,

The Idea Generation Machine and how to create 5 Months of Content in 5 Minutes.

WEEK 3: Keep Them Watching

In the third week we’ll break down the two most important steps of YouTube growth – how to keep people watching, and how to create a unique and lovable online brand. Among other things, we’ll cover:

Understanding how to design effective hooks for your videos,

How to structure and script your videos using the HIVES framework,

The ABCDEs of Personalisation: aesthetic, branding, confidence & delivery, and editing.

WEEK 4: Hack the System

In the fourth week, we’ll focus on how to apply business strategies to maintain and grow a sustainable online business. We’ll cover:

Strategies for systemising idea generation, writing, filming, editing and publishing,

Creating and growing content buckets for your YouTube channel,

How to outsource editing effectively – where to find editors, how to select them and how to train them to be able to recreate your ‘unique’ style.

WEEK 5: Grow Your Empire

In the last week we’re going to focus on growing your empire by building your audience and your team, and we’ll deep dive into all aspects of YouTube monetisation. We’ll cover:

Why you should be repurposing your content across multiple platforms and how to effectively do this using our copy-righted technique → the Artery Method,

Understanding all methods of YouTube monetisation (with numbers) from ad-sense and CPMs to affiliate links to sponsors to personal products,

Understanding how Proof of Work influences YouTube growth.


Lifelong access to the PTYA Community where we hold regular events to help and support you long after the course has finished.

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