Andrew Bustamante – EverydaySpy – Workplace Dominance


Andrew Bustamante – EverydaySpy – Workplace Dominance

Andrew Bustamante - EverydaySpy - Workplace Dominance

Top 3% of Wealthy Americans Have
#1 Income Secret YOU DON’T KNOW!
You’re a smart, hard-working, loyal employee… and you’ve been sold a massive income lie.
From your first day of school to the last time you logged off work, you’ve been told:
  • You need an advanced degree for the best jobs
  • Hard work and loyalty always pays off
  • Retirement is a certainty you can count on
You heard it growing up, you heard it in college, and you hear it every year at the annual company meeting.
But no matter how many times people repeat it, the truth still creeps into your head at night…
  • Your degree guarantees you nothing but debt
  • Your hard work pays stockholders before it pays your bills
  • Your retirement is a daydream that may never come true
You want to put your kids through college, care for your aging parents, and protect your financial legacy. 

But the numbers never seem to add up…
     61% of employees stay less than 10 years in a job
     People over 40 are 65% less likely to win a high-paying position…
     And 80% of retirees live just above the poverty line.
It’s not fair, but it is the reality for 97% of Americans.
That doesn’t mean it has to be your reality.
When I left CIA, I took a low-level corporate job.
I had a young child, a growing family, and a mortgage that kept me up late worrying about the future.
I was my boss’s favorite employee — hard-working, quiet, and loyal. 
And I was miserable.
I watched other people get promotions, praise, and rewards they didn’t deserve. I saw peers take credit for work they didn’t do. And worst of all, I felt jealous of them.
Until I realized I had a top secret edge that nobody else knew about… I just needed to use it.
CIA gave me a system to plan, execute, and dominate intel ops in any situation.
And I discovered that the recipe to get more intel in the field is the same recipe to make more money in your career.
Using this simple process, I shot up the corporate ladder, passing my boss and his boss, and increased my salary by 56% in a matter of months.
Today my net worth is 300% more than it was when I started my corporate career in 2014. And in the next 5 years it will surpass 700%!
Now it’s your turn to use the same elite spy system to massively increase your earning potential.
I call this powerful, proven system ‘Workplace Dominance.’
Workplace Dominance is your proven method to break into the top 3% of earners in America.
Get ready to master:
  • The secret to instant credibility without wasting time or money grinding out another formal degree
  • A simple technique to flip your coworkers from selfish critics into die-hard fans who see you as the key to their success
  • The bulletproof process for boosting your income every year and winning the financial freedom you’ve always wanted
Workplace Dominance gives you a proven system to increase your lifetime earnings by 700% (or more!) and create an unbreakable financial legacy RIGHT NOW!

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