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Andy Cantu – Lux Travel Hacks

Andy Cantu - Lux Travel Hacks

Be a World Leader-Class Luxury Travel Hacker In 90 Days Or Less
Learn How to Fly First Class and Stay in 5-Star Hotels, And Travel You can be a millionaire for free (or pennies on the dollar)

Flying First Class is no longer just for the wealthy…

It’s that feeling you get when you fly economy.

Sucks, huh?

The worst part? Economy flights still cost hundreds of dollars, and this is just domestic flight.

You can easily spend over $1,000 on an international economy flight.

And an international business/first-class flight? You can easily spend $4,000-$10,000+ without having to work a sweat.

It is what it is.

That’s the asking cost.

Luxury travel is expensive, and tickets for luxury travel can be purchased for as high as 55,000 dollars.-Figures per capita, what do they do? 

Do you YOLO and eat your savings?

Do you need a loan to pay it off?

Or do you hope you’ll win the lottery.

Unfortunately, most people believe that. To fly first class, you must do the following:

That’s what I used to believe.

For most my life, I believed that traveling in luxury was the best way to travel. Reserved for the powerful and wealthy

To fly first class, you must be a Wall Street banker, doctor or CEO.

Or you could have had wealthy parents or hoped your boss would pay the bill.

But it turns out, it is all a fabrication.

You can fly first class for cash, of course.

But there is another way…

How I Accidentally Became A Survivor Travel Hacker

I discovered travel hacking as a common practice for most people. I had accumulated a lot of points and had to decide how I would use them.

I could have traded my points for cash.

This was what I saw on the website for my credit card company.

“Get up to 2x more value when on travel purchase”.

It sounds amazing, I thought.

Perfect timing, too, since I was desperate for a vacation after so many hours of work.

So I logged in to my credit card company’s travel portal and booked my Mexico trip for free.

Little did I know, I made 3 critical mistakes…

Travel Hacking Mistake #1 Book your trip using credit card portals

Portals such as the one shown above can be dangerous.

This was my first big error.

Yes, I got a “free” Trip because I had a lot more points.

But I was leaving 5-10x the points value of the table

I received a few nights at a 3 star hotel for my points, but that was it. All-All inclusive Mexico: Resort

I didn’t fly first-class lol.

This is not the vacation I had in mind.

I only realized this after years of trial and error.

Portal redemption is the worst way to redeem points.

There are no entry barriers

It is possible for anyone to do it.

However, it’s not necessary to use one.

Portals are “convenient.”

Remember, Portals can also be literally “in-house” travel agencies Credit card companies own the property.

Then again, you might be asking yourself when credit card companies give a damn about you.

Even if the property was yours, Right Types of credit cards that were approved Right Portals are still considered a death sentence for certain types of points.

This leads me to my next mistake…

Travel Hacking Mistake #2 Not using the Right Type of Card

The key to successful travel hacking is to use the right credit card to earn the right points.

Too many people mistakenly see a 1 on a card.-2% Unlimited Cash back with no annual fee and the ability to think:

“OMG this is so amazing, where do I sign up?”

Don’t worry, I made this mistake too.

These cards sound great to credit card companies.

These cards often have large advertising budgets and are endorsed prominently by celebrities.

Damn you, Samuel L. Jackson.

But unlimited cash is not always possible-Back cards sound cool They are not always the best option to travel hackers.

You need to Focus on cards that give you the most points for travel.

This is the only way to beat credit card companies at their own games.

Travel Hacking Mistake #3 Booking economy flights and staying in average hotels

You can look up the definition of “average hotel” You’d see this picture:

Holiday Inn is a great place to stay.

They are clean and comfortable, offer a free continental breakfast, and have complimentary WiFi.


If you like what you see, great!

You don’t have the right to settle for an average life.

My first travel hacking trip was, as I mentioned earlier in this article, to a 3.5 star resort via an economy flight.

This is what 95% people choose to do when they attempt travel hacking.

They get a free economy at best-Plus flight and a few nights at a hotel in 3-3.5 star hotel.

It doesn’t have be this way.

Actually, I’m going to show you…

You can Stay in the most baller 5-Star hotels The world is Fly business/first class You can get whatever you want for nothing (or pennies per dollar).

Call me crazy, but the Waldorf Astoria is my preferred choice over Holiday Inn.

Luxury travel has never been easier

I am not just going to show you travel hacking.

This is LUXURY travel hacking.

This means that the goal is not to travel for free.

The goal is Enjoy maximum luxury while traveling for free

I like to call it travel hacking with steroids lol.

This means you can fly first class anywhere in the world if the seats fold down like this.

This means that you can still enjoy a full container of caviar at 38,000 feet.


The better question is: Why not?

Cathay Pacific’s first-class food is unmatched

This means that you should be able to Stay exclusively in 5-Star hotels with penthouse and upgraded suites All this for no cost, of course

My 2-Story Loft (got a free upgrade at Sina The Gray hotel, Milan, Italy). 

Here’s what you need to know…

My crazy trips can’t be achieved if you don’t follow traditional travel hacking strategies. In fact, Most people travel Hackers settle for poor experiences simply because it’s free.

The majority of travel hacking strategies include:

  • Saving every dollar possible by clipping coupons and pinching pennies
  • Only focus on economy flights.
  • You can use basic, outdated strategies to get the minimum dollar value of your points. 

My luxury travel hacking strategies, on the other hand, include:

  • Increase your monthly spend by finding ways to do so (Yes, we want to spend as much as possible without putting our own money at risk.
  • Find ways to make every trip as luxurious and comfortable as possible As low as possible (minimum 5 in business class)-…) Upgraded rooms, star hotels, etc.
  • Cutting-Edge strategies that will get you ahead 5-Your points have 10x the value

You want to know what the crazyest part is?

My strategies don’t require that you spend more money.

It’s all in the details HOW You should maximize the value of your points. This is what matters most.

None of this was accidental.

In fact I struggled for many years Before I discovered how to maximize the value my points, You can beat credit card companies at your own game.

I don’t even want to think of the money and points I lost by not properly travel hacking.

It reminds me, I should probably introduce…

Hey, I’m Andy Cantu 

I am the founder Lux Travel Hacks. Since the age of 10, I have taught people how to travel hack. You can leverage credit cards and points to travel luxury around the world for very little. Look, I am not a millionaire, and my parents weren’t wealthy enough to help me afford luxury travel.. I’m just a regular guy (I dropped out of college) and I discovered how to leverage credit cards points to travel like royalty. And now? I’d love to help you.

My Methods can be used by anyone Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, social influencers, and even regular people 9-5 jobs (average salaries).

With Lux Travel HacksAnyone, regardless of their income or monthly financial situation, can participate. Upgrade their travel lifestyle Fly first class and live in 5-Star hotels eEnjoy luxury without paying a dime

Flying first class is closer than you think

This may be surprising to you, but if it is, THIS page right now…

You are closer to flying first-class than you think.

In fact, you’re already half way there.

Some people are already 80.-90% of the journey is completed.

Crazy, huh?

How is this possible?

Well iIf you have a credit or debit card (any card), If you accumulate any type of points, you will be at least 50% closer to boarding a first-class flight.

The only thing left is to learn how to optimize your credit card and points spend so that you can…

Get 5-10x the Value for Your Points

That’s not a typo.

If you have credit card points, Credit card companies don’t have the right to offer you the lowest value.

This is a huge mistake.

I mean literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in points value over the years.

This is not an exaggeration FYI.

And I will help you maximize your points, fly in first class, stay at amazing hotels, and travel in ways that you never knew existed.

That is why I created…

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Blueprint To Fly First-Class And Stay In 5-Star Hotels Free for 90 Days or Less

80+ Step-By-Step modules that are both for beginners and experienced travelers. Travel Luxury for Free

Get Instant Access Today for Only $997

What you’ll learn inside Lux Travel Hacks…

  • 80+ Step-By-Step Videos To Transform You Into A Travel Hacker to Fly First-Class, Stay In 5-Star Hotels, and Enjoy a Life of Luxury For Free (or Pennies On the Dollar) in Just 90 Days
  • The Art of Redeeming for Maximum Luxury: Learn How to Get Five-Your points will give you 10x the value (without changing your spending habits).
  • How to leverage Sign-up Bonuses You can quickly accumulate points if you do your job correctly
  • Dirty little secrets: What Credit Card Companies and Banks Want You to Know (And Why They Give You So Much Value For Your Points).
  • The Top 10 “Under The Radar” Credit Cards For Travel Hackers and How to Position Yourself To Get Approved Quickly
  • Why Applying For More Credit Cards Won’t Damage Your Credit Score The Long-Term.
  • The Fastest, Simplest and Most Efficient Way To Easily Rebuild Your Credit Even If It’s Tanked.
  • My Secret Spending Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Monthly Funds You don’t even need to spend any money.
  • You can watch “Over My Shoulder” Find out What Resources I Use To Book Cheaply First-5 Class Flights-Star Hotels No One Else Talks about.
  • How to Make Travel Hacking Work Even if you’re traveling with multiple people or a large family.
  • Sneaky Tips for Hotel Upgrades Upgrade to Penthouse and Suite Rooms without paying a single penny.
  • A List Of All My Favorite Airlines And Hotels For the World-Luxury Experiences in Class
  • Unlimited VIP Support from Me Directly
  • Free updates for your entire life To the Program.
  • There’s More!

Who are lux travel hacks for anyway? 

Better question: Who is it not for?

Seriously, Lux Travel Hacks Practically everyone can use it.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t travel at all. If you’re reading this, it probably doesn’t apply.

It’s the for everyone else. Shortcut You’ve been looking for ways to save money and travel in luxury.

This includes:

  • Digital Nomads Are you looking to make an online income and travel the world every few months? You can now stop worrying about the cost and instead focus on having fun and growing you business.
  • Travel Junkies: Traveling is your passion. Try new foods and immerse yourself into other cultures. Lux Travel Hacks This book will show you how to live out all your travel fantasies in luxury and for absolutely no cost.
  • People Who Travel You can do a lot for work You’re likely to have a lot of points if you travel for work. All you need is the right guidance to maximize your points and get maximum value. This allows you to: Lux Travel Hacks It is a no-brainer. The fun part is figuring out how to spend your points.
  • People Who Only Travel Once per year: Even if your annual trip to Hawaii is one, you still stand to benefit from it. Summer vacation to Hawaii is a great option. Lux Travel Hacks. A single big trip per year can run into the thousands. Lux Travel Hacks This course teaches you how to reduce that cost to zero. 
  • People Who Travel With Large Families Even if you’re traveling in a large family (4-6 people (or more) Lux Travel Hacks You’ll still be able to save your money. Are you saying that you can fly your entire 6?-Person family from New York to France first-class? It is possible depending on how much points you have. Even if it’s not possible for you to do it for free you can dramatically reduce your costs by as much as 90%. 

As you can see, There is no situation that you cannot handle. “lose” Join now Lux Travel Hacks.

No matter if you travel only once per year or if you travel with a group of four, it doesn’t matter how often.

Lux Travel Hacks It is guaranteed You will save a lot of money.

It’s the ultimate. “plug and play” No matter what your situation, the system works.

Join Lux Travel Hacks Get Today’s Deal for Only $997

For the longest period, I taught my luxury travel hacking secrets only to a small group of 1-On-1 VIP client

And while These clients paid me $5,000 for my services.I was unable reach as many people.

I’m just a regular guy who eats and sleeps …..You are aware Just like everyone else.

That is why I created Lux Travel HacksTo reach 1000x more people without having them coach you 1-On-1.

This means that I’m not going charge you $5,000. Lux Travel Hacks It’s still worth it, even though it’s not.

Instead, you can get the whole thing Lux Travel Hacks Today’s system includes 3 special bonuses, unlimited VIP support email support and lifetime updates for a one-Time fee of $997

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