April and Eric Perry – Steps to Everyday Productivity


April and Eric Perry – Steps to Everyday Productivity

April and Eric Perry - Steps to Everyday Productivity

If you have not yet attended our free training, “How to Finally Stop Drowning in Piles,” we would love to have you join us! In this simple and powerful class, April and Eric Perry teach four steps anyone can use to get a better handle on life, home, goals, projects and tasks.
Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to get rid of piles?
We constantly have stuff coming into our lives. Receipts, flyers, bills, kids’ school papers – you name it! But what do you do with the papers you can’t act on right away? You aren’t quite ready to file it, so it goes into “the pile.” And as the pile grows, so does your feeling of overwhelm.
But you don’t have to live in overwhelm…

When you build an optimal, fully-functional Command Central, the piles simply go away.

Which program should I buy?

STEP Self-Study has the full 8 modules – the complete program to help you get your Command Central up and running. This is a great program if you are able to jump in and are excited and comfortable keeping yourself accountable. You don’t have to have a lot of previous organizational skills or habits; we can help you grow and progress with whatever foundation you currently have.
STEP Mastery is the same 8 modules, with additional support and a lot of accountability. It includes:
  • •An All-Access Pass for Your Spouse: Come into the program together with your own unique logins, and create a system that works for both of you.
  • •An Exclusive Facebook Group & STEP Coaches – Questions? Celebrations? Join us here and share your process and progress. You’ll love seeing the constant stream of “before and afters!”
  • •Three Live Q&A Calls – Submit your questions and chat live online. Can’t make it? No problem…we’ll send the recordings with the text of the conversation and time stamps to guide you through.
  • •The STEP Library – There is so much content located in these extra resources for those who are wanting to take their program to the next level. It is truly incredible!
This is a good fit if you feel more overwhelmed, if you need more support, or if you are not as confident moving forward on your own. It’s also a great option for those who are motivated, a self-starter, excited, and maybe wanting some amazing resources to fine tune and really create an amazing system to run your life.
Both programs give you access to our team to ask any questions, but the accountability and help from fellow members in the Facebook group and Live Q&A is truly beneficial.

What You’ll Get When Your Command Central is in Place…

  • •Go from an overflowing inbox to inbox zero…and maintain it!
  • •Establish clear, easy-to-follow routines that enable you to move beyond the daily grind.
  • •Learn to have margins in your life instead of operating in “rush” all the time.
  • •Create a home and office that fill you with a sense of peace and relief, instead of dread and exhaustion.
  • •Wake up everyday feeling in control and clear-headed, knowing exactly what you need to do and when to do it.
  • •Give everything a home: No more rushing around in the morning hunting for files, keys, homework, or that missing sock!
  • •Cook dinner on clean countertops with ease, because yes…you’ve got it all planned.
  • •Feel joy at the sight of your clutter-free and organized living room. No more ‘piles’ of stuff everywhere!
  • •Give your family a renewed sense of purpose and increased togetherness.
  • •Breathe better.
  • •Experience higher energy levels.
  • •Silence the constant list-making in your head.
  • •Feel excited when you sit down to do your work.
  • •Finally have the “brain space” to pursue your dreams.

Hey! Do you want take a peek into the 8 modules? Let’s walk through them.

Module 1 – STEP Quick Start: Set up the 5 parts of your Command Central that work like “magic” to get your system up and running right away!
Module 2 – Workspace Clean-Up: Choose and clear a space for your Command Central.
Module 3 – The Command Central: Collect the tools you’ll need (you most likely have everything you need right now). Then build your Command Central with a step-by-step checklist – you’ll have a working set-up in no time!
Module 4 – Gathering the Piles: Gather all of the papers from your physical environment and the ideas and commitments floating around in your head.
Module 5 – Flowchart Processing: We’ll give you a simple flowchart featuring eight questions you can quickly review as you process your papers and tasks. It’s like learning to ride a bike…a little slow at first, but pretty soon you won’t even have to think about it.
Module 6 – Your Weekly Review: Schedule and execute a powerful Weekly Review that will keep your system going for the rest of your life.
Module 7 – Projects and Dreams: Complete those projects you’ve been dreaming about–because now your system is totally put together, and it’s easy to do!
Module 8 – Your Ideal Life: Learn a few simple ideas that can establish a strong foundation, a solid vision, AND specific ideas to help you to get there.
Each module has videos, audio, transcripts, checklists, photos, and step-by-step instructions carefully crafted into incredibly simple lessons. All materials can be accessed immediately from your phone or computer and can be completed at your own pace.

And did you know?

For our Mastery members, we’re going to add a whole gift package to your account – this STEP library!
Create Your Day: Features seven specific questions you ask yourself each morning to help you to live your life with purpose, get the right things done, wake up excited, and go to bed content.
Building a STEP System for Kids: Teach the children in your life the basics of a STEP system to help them with home routines, paperwork, and school projects now–and all the “life details” later.
Evernote Tips for STEP Success: Learn how to utilize this amazing app to organize all the details of your life. Evernote is not only a digital filing cabinet that keeps important information at your fingertips, but it can also serve as a complete digital STEP System. Done-for-you templates can be saved to your own account, and building your “Command Central” is done!
Seven-Step Plan to Organize the Home and Office: Apply the principles of the STEP program–and the best ideas from professional organizers–to physically streamline your Home and Office.
Seven Keys to Stress-Free Productivity: Powerful and simple, this will show you seven parts of the STEP program that you can apply immediately, teach your friends, and achieve immediate results.
How to Streamline Your Projects: The goal within the STEP program is to have a simple, targeted list of Current Projects that we are moving forward each week, next action by next action. If you feel overwhelmed by the projects on your plate, this exercise will help you visually streamline them into a completely doable list.
Decision-Making Matrix: Using the principles of Essentialism by Greg McKeown, here’s an opportunity to consider some of the big decisions in your life and find creative ways to move forward (without stress!)
Organizing Digital Files and Digital Photos: Digital clutter can weigh us down as much as physical clutter, but there’s a solution to that! Our goal in this resource is to show you one simple, doable path to getting your digital files and photos totally organized.
Planning as a Couple: If two wheels on our bike were spinning in opposite directions, how far would we get? We probably wouldn’t go anywhere. This resource will walk you through the main principles we’ve learned about planning as a couple over 18 years of marriage, 4 children, and 3 years working side by side in our business. (Hint: it hasn’t always been pretty, but it’s gotten way better. Even fun…)
Systems for Life Made Easy: Do you find yourself doing repetitive tasks that kind of drive you crazy? We’ll dive into David Allen’s five-step Natural Planning Model to show you that systems can become a blessing to our personal and professional lives.
STEP in the Life of the Perry Family: This fun resource recorded with our 16-year-old daughter, Alia, will show you several specific ways we utilize STEP in our house.
Introduction to Life Architecture: Would you like to step back and think about your “whole life” structure so you can better implement the day-to-day tasks on your list? STEP is about getting the right things done, and this incredible tool will give you insights into how, exactly, you can plan ahead to create a life you love to live.

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