Art for Introvert – Become a Philosopher – An Introduction to Logic


Art for Introvert – Become a Philosopher – An Introduction to Logic

Art for Introvert - Become a Philosopher - An Introduction to Logic

Professional course

a Philosopher

Tailor-Learn the Foundations of the Profession

  • From the meaning and purpose of life to Moral dilemmas: Explore the big philosophical questions
  • Unlock your potential as an innovator and self-starter-Reflective thinker
  • You can improve your knowledge by practicing
  • Get a Certificate to Verify your skills and knowledge

Things you’ll learn

Critical thinking
We’ll show you how. to Detect factual contradictions and resist verbal manipulation. Think independently.
Сross-Discipline benefit
We will demonstrate how philosophy combines different knowledge fields and why each question has its own meaning. a Philosophical side to it.
Articulate point-of-view
You will be able to You can voice your opinion and be an expert on philosophical questions.
Systematic thinking
We will show you how philosophy can affect all spheres in your life. to This knowledge can be applied in every day life.
We will teach you the fundamental methods of philosophical analysis that allow us to uncover implicit meanings in cinema, literature, painting, and cinema.
Course program
More than 100 hours

6 modules

Who is this? Course for?
Those who want to Be a philosopher
We will help you to understand the nuts and pieces of philosophical science by separating your knowledge.
Those who want to Develop critical thinking
We’ll show you how. to Analyse information and present your point of view based upon reason.
People with a scientific or creative mindset
We will demonstrate the interconnection among all the scientific areas, and teach you the philosophical strategies to problem solving-solving.
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