Automation First Academy – How To Create A YouTube Automation Video Team


Automation First Academy – How To Create A YouTube Automation Video Team

Automation First Academy - How To Create A YouTube Automation Video Team

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I’ve earned more than 1 Million in revenue with YouTube Search Automation Channels
3+ Years
I’ve over 3 years of experience in the Youtube Automation Industry.
Our programs were a huge success for over 300 people.

*️⃣ Why work with Youri van Hofwegen?

My story and experience:

YouTube Search Automation channels made me a millionaire! I started YouTube January 2019. Because I believed this was the only way to make videos, I started making them myself. I started my first channel that was search-based and started uploading videos every other day. After seeing some results for 2 months, it took me 4 months to reach monetization.

YES! Youtube was my new friend! I was so excited to earn over $1,000 in my first month with monetization. My channel was making $100 per week by the end of the year. This was incredible, but there was one problem. If I wasn’t working there were no new videos produced and uploaded, that results in no growth.

This made me realise I didn’t have a business but I was the business. This was the moment I switched to YouTube Automation.

I was able to live a completely different life by creating an automated team. I don’t have to be on camera or record my voice and back in the day I had to be working all the time in order to get videos out whereas right now I only have to manage it and make sure there are no issues.

I scaled my YouTube Search business up 30K+ per Month! You can build an empire by applying your skills to new channels. Now comes the best part. Because I’ve already done all the steps and dealt with the setbacks, I know how to make sure you get the information you need.

Search Channels are the most underrated YouTube Automation channels!

My greatest specialty is the fact that I rarely use the internet. YouTube Automation Business! I’ll show you an underground strategy that puts you ahead of 99% of the competition. If you are familiar with YouTube Automation Everyone then knows the automation channels that are based on browse traffic. Consider a video topic such as Top 10 fastest cars. These channels are extremely successful and can make you a lot of cash. But people forget or don’t know that you can make at least as much money with Search based channels. There are only 2 BIG differences: There is very little competition with search based channels because people don’t know about them, from our 300+ clients in the last year from other products 95% started a browse based channel because they didn’t know about search yet. This channel is also the most stable. YouTube Automation income. One of my channels that I barely worked at this year still earns 20k+ per monthly!

The Best YouTube Search Automation Learn in the Industry

After uploading a lot content about YouTube Automation I was able to answer many questions on my channel and get suggestions to make a course. Many of you pointed out that there are many poor courses in the industry. This inspired me to create the best. YouTube Search Automation Academy In the industry. A The company and course that we offer is constantly being improved! That’s why I’m proud to finally present the Automation First Academy!

Hessel B.

I started my youtube journey 2 years ago, and Youri provided a lot of insight on how to scale & outsource my channel. Youri helped me find great video topics and niches, and I began creating videos by myself.

After a few month, I was monetized. I began outsourcing with a team of freelancers to earn a few thousand dollars each month. I didn’t know how to find good freelancers at the time, but with the help of Youri I had completely setup my own team within a few weeks. I am currently generating over $100K in ad revenues with Youri. YouTube. I can now spend my time on other projects because 4 channels are fully outsourced and automated.

Marcus T.

In November 2021, I lost my 19-year-old job. I was a full-time Dj travelling the world. I went from making 100K a month to making 0 dollars a day. I was very upset about it. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do next.

Funny enough, my wife sent me this video of a guy talking about how YouTube made him money without showing his face. He made lots of money doing it. Guess who that guy was? YOURI! LOL! I took the initiative to watch the video because my wife just wouldn’t send me any ole’ trash. I watched it. I was immediately fascinated. Youri was the only one who explained everything and it made sense. Also he made me feel comfortable by stating that this wasn’t a get RICH QUICK scheme nor did he claim to be some GURU.

He then announced that he would be releasing an item I bought immediately. In about a week’s time I had my first video up.

Since day one, communication has been flawless. They have always been there to assist me with whatever I need.

If something isn’t right, they go out of their way to make it right. The service was better than I could have imagined. Why? Most companies make you wait a long time before they respond to you. Usually, they take your money away and leave you to figure things out on your own.

*️⃣ Why choose for Automation First Academy?
☞ YouTube

YouTube The best online business model right now.
☞ Everything organized

There’s no need to overload on information. Get the right information for every step, immediately.
☞ Time Savings

You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours trying to find information that’s actually useful. We provide everything you need.
☞ Costs efficient

Spending money on the right steps can save you thousands of dollars.
☞ Community

You’re surrounded with people that have the same goals and vision
☞ Freedom

For a better life, strive to achieve financial, location, and time freedom.

*️⃣ The Best YouTube Search Automation All the tools you need to program in the industry YouTube Automation!

YouTube Search Automation Channel Course

Include the following modules:

  • MODULE 1 The Fundamental Phase
  • MODULE 2 Ready to go
  • MODULE 3 The Blow Up Strategy
  • MODULE 4 Make videos
  • MODULE 5 Burj Khalifa CTR
  • MODULE 6 SEO Secrets
  • MODULE 7 Create The Blow Up Effect
  • MODULE 8 Steal my mind
  • MODULE 9 Steal my Brain (again).
  • MODULE 10 The Solution Solving Strategy
  • MODULE 11 $0 to $500,000


  • YouTube Automation Course
  • YouTube Automation Team Building Course
  • 7 Days Team Building Bootcamp
  • Exclusive Discord Community with other action-seekers!
  • Multiple bonuses that can help you reach your goals!
  • Buy Now to Get Unlimited Access to Every Future Program Update.

Get started YouTube Search Automation channel today!

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