Bashar – 2022-12-17 – The Window The Door and The Gate


Bashar – 2022-12-17 – The Window The Door and The Gate

Bashar - 2022-12-17 - The Window The Door and The Gate

The The window of open communication is about to open! December 2022 will be our last session before the new era begins. Bashar This session has been titled “The Window, the Door, and the Gate”To reflect the various stages and As we approach open contact, there are various levels of preparedness that we can choose to exercise. He has a program for 2023 that reflects the window of open contacts and includes new exercises and Permission slips are required for this exciting occasion. If you are interested in raising funds, please join us. and Your vibration should be aligned with the frequency of increased contact.

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This course is available and delivery within one day! He has a new program for 2023 to reflect the window of open contact, along with new exercises and permission slips for this exciting time. File Size: 2.725 GB, Format File: 2 MP4, 2 MP3