Billy Gene – 5-Day A.I. Crash Course for Marketers



Billy Gene – 5-Day A.I. Crash Course for Marketers

Billy Gene - 5-Day A.I. Crash Course for Marketers

Triumph for Some people are tragic for most.
“The A.I. marketing revolution is here”
This opportunity is your chance to grab it. “fast-movers” RICH!
$194 A.I. Marketing Crash Course.
Complete it and if you don’t make your money back in 30 days I will refund you.

Why are 2,428 of 2,438 not questioned? for Are you eligible for a refund? Because it’s freaking great. Look what’s inside…
Phase I: The once-In-A-Chances for generation for Marketers to make “The 4-Hour Workweek” You can make your dreams a reality while still getting paid as much as the 1%.
Who’s teaching?
I’m a Marketing expert, who has worked with some the largest franchises around the world. for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, ranked #129 for The Entrepreneur 360 Award and Tony Robbins Impact Award Recipients.
A.I. Expert and futurist whose clients include Tesla, the Japanese government and Google. This person has the most viewed Ted Talks on A.I. in history.

What are they teaching us?
The A.I. The A.I. for Doing more with less.

Our unique business model eliminates overhead and multiplies profits exponentially. Perfect for The non-Techy boot-The busy market professional with limited resources or the strapped beginner.

You should work smarter than you do harder.

After this you won’t need to write, memorize, film, record, speak, or hire. No I’m not exaggerating. Our tools and strategies are so scary, cool, and wildly lucrative.
Clone yourself.

We’ll show how to clone yourself figuratively and have 10 people working simultaneously so that you can actually get work.-Balance in your life

Then during phase 3 one of our guests will explain how to literally clone yourself, I’m serious 😏.

Phase II: A.I. Phase II: A.I. for The entrepreneurs who hate selling but love to make sales.
Who’s teaching?
I am a marketing educator, with over 175,000 students from 75 countries. Also, a global speaker.
An A.I. prompt engineer A company worth over $1.5 million dollars
What are they actually teaching?

Who to buy.

All clients are different. However, you need to know what to offer to attract clients who are willing to pay more for their time.

What to Sell.

I’ll show how to find buyers willing and able to pay top dollar for your social media posts, and how artificial intelligence can be used to determine what to say to convert them into customers.

Tool-set & skill-set to deliver.

Phase III: Ethically Profiting From The Dark & Confidential Future of Artificial Intelligence.
Who’s teaching?
He is the 5th most intelligent person in the world and has been working with A.I. He has been working in A.I. since the 1980’s and is now responsible for Millions of dollars in annual sales
The 43rd fastest-The USA’s fastest growing company with $333 Million in sales in the last year
A real estate investor who has made more than $200M in sales.
I am the program director of marketing and sales at a software company that powers 22,000 agencies and 1.2million businesses around the globe.
Serial entrepreneur, fast-growth CEO who’s started and sold multiple online companies.
Managed 9-He is a celebrity in advertising and he owns a SAAS business that he plans on selling for $1 Billion.
What are they actually teaching?
P.S. Imagine this: You have the opportunity to ignore it. Don’t be like that.

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