Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass+Cold Pitch Playbook


Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass+Cold Pitch Playbook

Bree Weber - Cold Pitch Masterclass+Cold Pitch Playbook


Send ethical cold pitches directly to the inbox of the right clients to get more of them. Cold Pitch Masterclass

A proven step-By-step framework to send ethical cold pitches to your wishlist clients — without sounding sleazy, feeling annoying or coming off desperate — that will have prospects responding enthusiastically to get on your books.

Your business was supposed to give you $20K months and time off when you felt like it…

But now you’re working harder than you ever have before on projects that don’t excite you, for clients you don’t love, and for fees that you really wish were bigger.
And that’s when it’s going well.

Because you are a business owner, you know:

No clients = no business, no money. Yet, bills!

You need a reliable system to generate leads (aaaand that’s always on the to-do list)

Consistent action is what makes a difference…but it’s so hard to see what’s actually moving the needle

It’s hard to get clients, but finding clients you love is Mission Impossible (accessible only to the elite of the elite at their best)

Referrals can be great! Except when they dry up, and you’re left staring at big, yawning gaps in your calendar

And let’s not forget that familiar, chest-tightening anxiety when you realize you’ve been so ‘distracted’ You were so consumed with client work that it was easy to forget to bring in more clients. Because you and me both know this. ‘trusting that something will turn up’ isn’t a business strategy.

And while cold pitching seems like it *could* be the key to a Pipeline full of ideal clients

It’s exhausting to even think about it. It makes you feel a little tense.

  • Because you could spend hours at a time Research – but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll hear anything back
  • Personal pitches This could increase your response rate. But it feels like a full-time job, not the sustainable and scalable lead generation system that you need.
  • You can get through the assault. Second-Guessing (how can I determine what my ideal client requires? Do I only pitch one project? Multiple projects? What’s the right way to do this?..) – The thought of them responding and asking for more details, then rejecting you leaves you in fetal position
  • You’ve been the unwilling recipient of SO MANY horrible pitch emails and *errrgh* telemarketers –  and there’s no way you’re going to be one of those skeezy, sleazy spammers 
  • Worst of all?Even though you want your collaborators to be experts, it is not a good idea. you’re sure they’ll see you as a sad, desperate freelancer that’s begging for work (cue Oliver Twist)

But there’s something you should know…

You don’t need to sell yourself.
It is as easy as solving a problem.

You can Take proactive control of your business and your pipeline.

You can Cold pitch your ideal clients

You can You will get an enthusiastic response.

It’s possible to do this without sounding sleazy, annoying, or seeming desperate.

Ethical cold pitches solve problems and start conversations. They remove the pressure from you and provide more value for your prospect.

Really! These are some examples. Actual replies to ethical cold pitches I’ve sent:

Your business will look completely different when you have a system that identifies the problems of your ideal client and how to best help them.

  • You’re in control of your income and schedule
  • You don’t have to play the client ‘waiting game’ (*jeopardy theme song plays*)
  • Famine and feast can be stopped
  • Ideal clients are not in your network.see ya, kiddie table)
  • You can be confident that you have a reliable process for lead generation
  • You can plan ahead without feeling antsy or embarrassed because you’re not working
  • You can earn what you want, buy a new car, or take as much time off as you need.

…whether you’re a seasoned creative or brand-spankin’ newbie.

How could I possibly know that? Well, let me introduce myself…

Hey, I’m Bree

And I had zero clients on April 1st 2020. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Worst April Fool’s joke ever, COVID.

But things weren’t really amazing even before then…

I struggled for $2k monthly in 2019 and hated the feast or famine lifestyle. I didn’t love the clients I was working with or get super jazzed about the projects I was on. And money, damn it.

I was just trying to earn my stripes and pay my dues, and become worthy clients and large-ticket projects.

Which meant my New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to make $5k every month with clients I desperately wanted to work with on projects that I was actually excited about.

Ya know… the whole reason I went freelance to begin with.

COVID had different plans for us all. My clients began to fall like flies. Within just a few weeks of the pandemic’s arrival in the US, I had lost all my clients.

I figured out how to get off the feast or famine hamster wheel — but only after I lost all my clients.

I had no savings or fall back. It felt like I was starting fresh. Again.

So, I used my COVID stimulus check to pay my rent and I tried something new…

I tripled my income in 30 days. In the middle a pandemic. After losing all my clients.

All of that revenue was generated by ethical cold pitching.

I was a little worried it was a fluke, until I started…

  • Hitting consistent $10k months
  • Book 3-6 months in advance (then I finally had the need to create a waitlist).
  • Working with brands that were on my client wishlists since day one
  • Feeling like I could get clients whenever there was a gap in my project schedule

This transformation has been driven by ethical cold pitching.

I am proud of my 100% open rate, and 100% response rate. 60% of my cold pitch leads to paid projects.

And since I’ve started sharing my proven framework with creative freelancers and service providers, they’re seeing 75% response rates and 50% conversion rates, too.

Now, it’s your turn.

Cold Pitch Masterclass will teach you everything you need to start ethical cold pitching.

This is what you get as soon as you join Cold Pitch Masterclass

6 value-Video modules for packed video that don’t work

  • How I tripled the income of my family The Ethical Design was created in just 6 months Cold Pitch Framework (hello 6-Figure freelancer club!
  • The core differences between Traditional and Ethical Cold pitching (including why it is so important) no one Likes a traditional pitch)
  • The power of ethical cold pitching to control your prospect pool (aka why ethical cold-pitching is 400X more efficient)
  • You need to shift your mindset To make sure that your pitch is believable before you begin to craft it (so you can beat the inner critic at its own games)
  • Who can you start pitching today? — even if you don’t have a portfolio, tons of experience, or fancy results (spoiler: the list is bigger than you think!)
  • What you can pitch for conversion conversations Information about profitable paid projects. Hint: Leaving the responsibility on the recipient to figure it is a fast track towards the delete button
  • What you should include in every pitch What you should keep and what to leave out so you can create a fast and efficient cold pitching system.
  • How to craft your pitches, so your prospect can’t help but keep reading — and reply! (And you can begin landing wishlist clients for sparkly projects that make your kitchen dance!

Each captioned section is bite-sized-It is small, easy to digest and focuses on a particular part of the process. You can pitch your dream clients faster than anyone else. “Great! I’ll send through the invoice now”.

With lifetime access, you can always retake the masterclass if you need it.

You’ll come away with a reliable lead generation system you can use to consistently book up your calendar with wish list clients.

You’ll have a new understanding of what cold pitching can really do for your business as well as your clients.

You can also make a lot of mindset changes to increase your confidence and feel more confident about sending pitches. yep, really!

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