Bruce Frantzis – Five Elements Virtual Workshop: Wood Element


Explore how Energy Arts, qigong and Taoist Meditation can help you embody a fuller, happier, and healthier Life.

Bruce Frantzis – Five Elements Virtual Workshop: Wood Element

Bruce Frantzis - Five Elements Virtual Workshop: Wood Element

Explore how Energy Arts, qigong and Taoist Meditation can help you embody a fuller, happier, and healthier Life.

Learning elemental practices at the time that a particular energy is strong and present in the environment. Hi Folks,

Balance…it can be a tough nut to crack in today’s fast paced and complex world. Trying to get what seem to be so many different aspects of life to work together often feels like an impossible riddle.

But in truth, while the details of life may change quite a lot from generation to generation, the fundamental human experience remains remarkably the same throughout time.

We all want to be healthy and strong, have a smooth internal world that is both peaceful and vibrant, and and live connected and meaningful lives. When you break things down to their core essence, they don’t seem as complicated.

In the framework of Chinese five element theory, everything in the universe is composed of five core elemental energies: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Working in harmony with these elements has always been a hallmark of traditional Taoist energy practices. These methods were a powerful way of boosting a human being towards their ultimate potential, or simply nudging them toward balance, health, and contentment in daily life.

Each season brings a particular elemental energy into the world. Spring is the season of the Wood Element.

Learning elemental practices when that energy is present and strong in the environment is one of the best ways to move past a cerebral understanding, and into the direct experience of what that energy is doing inside of you. It also builds you up to take the best advantage of the opportunities offered in the next season of the cycle.

In the body, the Wood Element is closely associated with the health and function of the liver and connective tissues (ligaments and tendons). When healthy and balanced, the energy of the Wood Element makes your body strong and pliable. It can also awaken or heighten intuitive capacities and subtle perception.

At the level of your emotions and mind, the Wood Element enlivens your ability to “do,” to release stagnation, take action, and move forward. From a meditation perspective, it helps you to move your intent beyond your physical body as well as connect with others in a compassionate way.

Some of the aspects of Wood Element practice that I plan to touch on are…

Beng Chuan (the Wood Fist of Hsing-I for health and strength)
Developing the elasticity and strength of your ligaments and tendons
Working with the lower tantien and “growing” its energy all the way out through your arms and legs

Here is what we’ll be covering In the upcoming Wood Five Elements Workshop:

Introductory Quickstart Session:
Immediate Access to pre-recorded lessons taught by Master Frantzis on the Wood Element and an introduction to Beng Chuan (the Wood Fist of Hsing-I for health and power).

May 21-23, 2021:
3-Day Virtual Workshop: Over 10 hours of instruction, taught live by Master Frantzis and Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

May 25 – 27, 2021:
3-Days of Guided Practices: Three guided practice followup sessions are included in the course to review and absorb what you learned during the weekend workshop. Led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.
During this workshop, you’ll be participating in Live classes taught by expert trainers. You’ll also receive lifetime access to recordings of all the lessons and practices.

I’m looking forward to this workshop and to helping you understand a bit more about the Wood Element. I spent decades searching out this material in China and Asia, and even more years practicing and embodying it to a high level.

Finding a lineage master who could communicate the depth of this knowledge was rare. Now that I am able to share these practices at a deep level, I do so as openly as possible because of just how dramatically they can benefit people’s lives in today’s hurried and hectic world.

They have enriched my life beyond measure, and I hope that it will do the same for you. Enjoy the spring, and we’ll see you online.

Stay good,

Bruce Frantzis
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“Stress is just a fancy word for tension. Nobody is going to the hospital for a relaxation attack.” – Bruce Frantzis


Enrollment for the Spring Five Element Workshop is NOW Open.

Taoist and Chinese masters throughout the ages have deeply understood the importance of remaining in balance and harmony with the Five Elements. This virtual workshop will help you take the first steps in working with the Wood element this season. You’ll be learning from world-class teachers, be supported by a global community of practitioners, and will be absorbing the entire experience through a live-stream learning platform that captures all the subtle details.
energy arts events senior instructor craig barnes demonstrates tai chi movement


Authentic Knowledge

Learn from an internationally recognized lineage master and author with 50+ years of experience teaching thousands of students around the globe.


Worldwide Community

Take advantage of the encouragement and support of practicing along with hundreds of students as you learn from practitioners with decades of experience.


A Multimedia Digital Experience

Experience the ease and comfort of learning from your home with multiple camera angles, clear audio, and live Q&As. It’s the next best thing to attending in person!


Access 12+ Hours of Live and Downloadable Teachings.

How to grow your Qi

Your strength, vitality, and health all depend on your Qi, or life force energy. One of the best ways to build energetic power is with Beng Chuan, the Wood Fist of the internal martial art of Hsing-I. Its focus is on making the fists “grow” out of the body with the energy of a persistent plant growing and expanding with a steady, inexorable force. This expansion increases and smoothes blood flow in and out of the vessels and specifically strengthens the liver.

Strengthening the Tendons

Strong tendons equal a strong body. They connect your bone to the muscle and allow for flexibility of movement. The tendons can be strengthened without extreme force and are a great way to increase physical power. In this course you will learn Qigong practices that will develop the tendons of your body.

Increasing the Body’s Elasticity and “Spring”

Much of the body’s inherent fluidity and stability is derived from the ligaments which connect bone to bone. What keeps you standing and gives you structure isn’t simply the bones, but also the elastic relationship between your ligaments. This course will be exploring techniques for increasing that elasticity and an internal sense of “spring”.

The Power of the Lower Tantien

The lower tan tien at the center of the belly is the energetic center that powers all of the body’s physicality. The stronger and healthier the lower tan tien is, the stronger and healthier you are. This course will pay special attention to extending the energy and power of the lower tantien all the way out through the legs and arms.

Nourishing the Internal Organs (Liver)

In Chinese Medicine, the energy of the liver is represented by the Wood Element. This energy spreads through the body and is closely associated with the health of your connective tissue and your emotional ability to be proactive and “do.” The liver is nourished and balanced by Wood Element, which increases its positive qualities throughout your body and mind.


The Universal Pulse of “Open & Close”

There is a saying in tai chi that “without opening and closing, there is no tai chi.” This universal pulsation between opening and closing is key toward finding a subtle understanding of how to connect… Wood element practices are one the best ways to explore the foundational principle of open and close.

Bruce Frantzis

Bruce Frantzis is the Founder of Energy Arts and has been called the foremost Western expert in Wu style tai chi and Yang style tai chi, holding direct lineages from China. He teaches six powerful qigong sets, as well as bagua zhang and hsing-i from the martial, health, and meditation perspectives. His passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition, a direct path to awakening your highest potential.
Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes is a Senior Instructor in the Energy Arts system and has been practicing and teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation, and the internal arts for over 30 years. He has studied actively with Master Frantzis since 1987 and has taught his own courses all over the world. He is one of only a few instructors who have been authorized by Master Frantzis to certify instructors in his system. Craig is known for his gentle yet thorough approach, and his ability to present complex material in a direct way that makes it come to life and take root.


Multiple perspectives and ways to learn


Get Started Right Away and Prepare for Your Workshop

When you register for the Five Elements Virtual Workshop, you’ll receive immediate access to pre-recorded lessons on the Wood Element sourced from our Five Elements for Qigong & Meditation program. Taught by Master Frantzis, these lessons will help you prepare for the workshop by giving you a framework for how to work with the Wood Element that you can begin to practice right away.

You’ll also get access to Beng Chuan introduction videos from our Hsing-I Mastery Program. This hsing-i technique is wonderful for health and for the expanding and condensing qualities of the Wood Element. These lessons will provide some excellent preparation for our Friday evening class.

May 21-23, 2021

Learn to Feel and Develop the Wood Element

Over the course of this weekend workshop, Bruce will be teaching you to understand and work with Wood Element energy. You’ll be learning about the nature of the Wood Element and also how to apply it to your life and practice.

On Friday you’ll begin by learning the Hsing-I Wood Fist, or Beng Chuan. This is one of the five basic techniques of hsing-i. On Saturday we’ll be focusing on the tendons and ligaments, and on Sunday we’ll be exploring extending the energy of the lower tantien out to the extremities. Teaching will also be supported by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

Teaching Schedule:

Friday May 21, 6pm – 8pm Mountain Time
Saturday May 22, 9am – 3pm MT w/ a 2hr lunch break
Sunday, May 23, 9am – 3pm MT w/ a 2hr lunch break

May 25-27, 2021

Solidify your Understanding with Guided Practices

During three follow-up guided practice sessions you’ll be able to clear up any lingering questions and solidify what you’ve learned. The very best time to do this is when the lessons from the weekend are still fresh in your body and mind. These sessions will be led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

Guided Practice Schedule:

Tuesday May 25, 10:30am – 11:15am Mountain Time
Wednesday May 26, 10:30am – 11:15am MT
Thursday May 27, 10:30am – 11:15am MT


1.Instant Access to the Workshop Quickstart Session [~2.5 Hours]

You will receive instant access to two introductory courses with Master Frantzis immediately after registration. These lessons will help prepare you for the workshop with instructions and skills to practice right away.

This Quickstart session will contain:

Wood Element course from our Core Five Elements Program for Qigong and Meditation (1.5 hours).
Beng Chuan introduction videos from our Hsing-I Mastery Program (1 hour).

2.Weekend LIVE Training with Bruce Frantzis & Craig Barnes [~10+ Hours]

Receive direct instruction from Master Bruce Frantzis over the course of three consecutive days. Each session will be taught live, and you will also receive downloadable recordings of each class so that you can watch and re-watch at your convenience. Senior Instructor Craig Barnes will support this teaching.
3. LIVE Guided Practice Sessions – Follow Along with Craig Barnes [~2+ Hours]

After the weekend workshop, you will also have access to three guided practice sessions during the week to review and integrate what you have learned. These practices will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings (MST) with Senior Instructor Craig Barnes. You’ll also have the opportunity to clear up any lingering questions during Q&A.
4. Energy Arts Training Forum Access

Get access to the private Energy Arts Training Forum that is only for current students of our programs. Connect with other people on the course and stay in touch with the global Energy Arts community.
5. Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to Videos & Mobile Viewing

Login to a private member area where you can watch and download all the lessons and guided practices from the course. You can also download the mobile app so that you can watch on the go as you travel or practice outdoors.
Here’s a summary of What You’ll Receive:


1) Wood Element course from our Core Five Elements Program for Qigong and Meditation ~1.5 hours (Value $97)

2) Beng Chuan introduction videos from our Hsing-I Mastery Program ~ 1 hour (Value $47)

3) FIVE LIVE Teaching Sessions with Bruce Frantzis & Craig Barnes ~10+ Hours

4) THREE LIVE Guided Practices Sessions with Craig Barnes ~2+ Hours

5) Energy Arts Private Training Forum Access

6) Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to the course and Mobile Viewing

Thanks for attending our Earth Element Workshop! A recording of this Wood Element course is being made available to you with a $100 appreciation credit below…

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Get Bruce Frantzis - Five Elements Virtual Workshop: Wood Element,  These practices will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings (MST) with Senior Instructor Craig Barnes. You’ll also have the opportunity to clear up any lingering questions during Q&A.