Centre of Excellence – Biochemistry Diploma Course


Centre of Excellence – Biochemistry Diploma Course

Centre of Excellence - Biochemistry Diploma Course

What Will You Learn?

Biology is such a huge subject that it would take numerous courses, and a lifetime, to cover. This course is made up of several topics across human, animal and plant biology, to give you a broad insight into all three areas and a good understanding of general biology.

From the course, you’ll learn about energy and metabolism, photosynthesis, plant respiration, the reproduction process of animals and flowering plants, infectious and non-infectious diseases, variation and types of inheritance, DNA and chromosomes, and biomes.

The Biology Diploma Course dives straight in with an exploration of the connection between energy and metabolism, how enzymes work, the factors affecting enzymes and the classification of enzymes.

We’ll examine how photosynthesis works, including the factors affecting the rate at which it happens and the impact of climate. The course also covers the process of respiration in plants, the stages of cellular respiration and how respiration is measured.

The process of animal reproduction is discussed, including the parts of the mammalian reproductive system and how animals grow and develop. You’ll also learn about the structure of a flower, the processes of germination, pollination and fertilisation in plants, as well as concepts of dormancy and seed dispersal.

From there we’ll move into more minuscule realms, exploring bacterial and infectious diseases, including how the immune system works and taking a look at transplants and transfusions. You’ll gain an understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatment of infectious diseases. We’ll also explore the characteristics of inherited diseases, eating disorders and their symptoms, and the effects of drugs on non-infectious diseases.

The course will talk you through the concept of variation, the types of inheritance and how sex determination and sex linkage works. You’ll gain an understanding of the structure of DNA and chromosomes as well as the chemical structure of genes. We’ll also look at the fascinating area of cloning and how DNA replication and profiling work.

The course concludes with a close look at biomes and the biosphere, before covering how ecosystems function and taking a look at the concept of predation.

Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1 – Metabolic Reactions

7 parts

Module 2 – Photosynthesis

6 parts

Module 3 – Respiration

6 parts

Module 4 – Animal Reproduction

7 parts

Module 5 – Reproduction of Flowering Plants

6 parts

Module 6 – Infectious Diseases

7 parts

Module 7 – Non-Infectious Diseases

9 parts

Module 8 – Inheritance

6 parts

Module 9 – Molecular Biology of the Gene

6 parts

Module 10 – Environmental Biology

9 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

If you’re interested in the natural world and the organisms living in it, the Biology Diploma Course opens the door into understanding how it all works. As biology is such an incredibly broad subject, this course will expose you to several generalist areas that will give you great insight into how the world works and provide the foundations from which you can specialise and go even deeper into the area that you find most interesting.

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This course is made up of several topics across human, animal and plant biology, to give you a broad insight into all...

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