Centre of Excellence – Perfume Making Diploma Course


Centre of Excellence – Perfume Making Diploma Course

Centre of Excellence - Perfume Making Diploma Course

What Will You Learn?

An art and a business that crosses continents and cultures, perfume making and the use of fragrance is thousands of years old. Although estimates of the worldwide perfume industry vary, most experts agree that it is worth £20-40 billion annually and it’s expected to grow by 3-5% yearly for the next decade.

From fragrance families to formulation, the Perfume Making Diploma Course will deepen your understanding of fragrance creation and classification, its significance in history and culture, and how to improve your sense of smell and ability to describe scents using appropriate terminology.

Discover the perfume industry’s key concepts, a brief history of perfume from antiquity to the modern day, some of the most important perfumes, and how different cultures approached fragrances throughout time.

Explore the basics of olfaction (the act of smelling), how to develop your sense of smell, and the basic science of perfume making – including a look at distillation and extraction, along with more technical modern methods.

Follow a step-by-step guide covering the basics of how fragrances are made, what a perfume formulation is, how one is produced, and how combining different aromatics creates a perfume blend.

From there, we’ll explore the four fragrance families of the fragrance wheel – floral, oriental, woody, and fresh – and the sub-genres of each.

You’ll learn to identify accords in perfume, practice developing a complete perfume formulation, improve your ability to research and refine perfume formulations, and discover some of the main new trends in perfumery, as well as how to create solid and alcohol-free perfumes.

By studying this course, you will:

  • Become familiar with the history of perfumery and cultural fragrance traditions
  • Understand perfume classification, categorisation, families, and materials
  • Be able to describe perfumes with appropriate terminology
  • Deepen your understanding of the olfactory system and develop your sense of smell
  • Be able to assess how the chemistry involved in perfume-making affects scent
  • Understand the key steps in making perfume from both synthetic and natural materials
  • Become familiar with the four fragrance families and the sub-genres of each
  • Learn the main steps taken in commercial perfume making, from formulation composition to marketing

Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1: Overview and History

8 parts

Module 2: Fragrance Worldwide

8 parts

Module 3: The Sense of Smell

8 parts

Module 4: The Chemistry of Perfume

9 parts

Module 5: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Perfume

10 parts

Module 6: Making Accords

7 parts

Module 7: Floral Fragrances

8 parts

Module 8: Oriental Fragrances

7 parts

Module 9: Woody Fragrances

7 parts

Module 10: Fresh Fragrances and New Trends

10 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Amateur perfumers who want to develop their foundational knowledge and ability will love the course, as will newcomers to the subject, anyone who’d like to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of perfume, and those who craft scented products and would like to gain a better understanding of fragrance composition.

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The Course will deepen your understanding of fragrance creation and classification, its significance in history...

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