Chanti Zak – Lazy Launch Templates


Chanti Zak – Lazy Launch Templates

Chanti Zak - Lazy Launch Templates

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Entrepreneurs who believe marketing, business and life are all interconnected

This is the holistic approach to audience development and automated marketing that you have been searching for.

Get your booty backstage and learn how your brand can achieve superstardom status and attract groupies like there’s no tomorrow.


Connection-Driven quiz funnels that kill apathy


I’m chanti.

Apart from hosting daily living-room dance parties,

I help online business owners take what they want to be known for to the masses using quiz funnels and a little something I call The Interactive Empathy Ecosystem — a 4-Part cyclical and part business development methodology. Each business owner has their own unique framework.

What kind of quiz should I create?

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Take the 45-Take the second quiz to receive your personalized quiz strategy setlist and a backstage pass that allows you to reach more groupies (leads), ticket purchases (conversions), or Rolling Stone covers. (visibility).


“This woman has helped me effortlessly grow my email list by more than 100,000 people in the last year alone.”

“I love Chanti more than Mac ‘n Cheese! This woman has helped me grow my email list by more then 100,000 people in the past year. If what the gurus say is true and every lead should add $1 to your bottom line every month, well DANG — we just hit the jackpot.

Chanti The process was simplified by creating a quiz. “freakishly accurate” It’s like Hogwarts magic! I love sharing the quizzes because it allows me to serve and show up for my people in bigger, better ways while connecting them with the perfect offers they simply can’t deny! Seeing the feedback from my audience makes my heart so happy and I can’t wait to create more quizzes as my company expands!” ~ Jenna Kutcher

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Find out more about this Chanti chick…

 They call me the quiz funnel queen, first of her name, breaker of lames, lady regnant of the funnel kingdoms.I’ve heard enough! Help me rock my business ‘til the break of dawn

Learn how I can help you grow your email list and create a business that loves back.

Quiz Funnel Strategist Copywriter, Consultant


I write persuasive copy for businesses and brands who are driven to create a healthier, more happy world.

Get the inside scoop on what’s working in the world of INTERACTIVE EMPATHY MARKING and LEAD GENERATION.

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